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A Little about me

Viki is the type of person you instantly fall in love with. She has a great personally and a warm smile to make you feel comfortable. Viki sticks out like a sore thumb. Her sense of style is unlike any other. She brings class, as well as elegance, to her punk-rock, artistic wardrobe. Her creativity is not only through fashion, but also to her art work. "A Walk Through Life," a color pencil work she created, was recently nominated to enter in the Lake Conference. Although it did not win any ribbons, she was proud to have been nominated.

dearestry: "it sounds like your advertising me"
doodull: "uh huh"
doodull: "is that bad?"
dearestry: "its beautiful"
This was written by my Ryan. Hes the sweetest person in the whole wide world isn't he? lol thanks babe.