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Tags to Remember Definitions
<html> … </html> It is always at the begning and the end of an HTML document. It encloses an entire HTML document.
<head> … </head>

 It encloeses the head of the document. Its the top bar of the window.

<title> … </title>  Title is always found in the head.
<body> … </body>  Encloeses the body of the document. or Everything that shows up on the page. Comes after the head.
<p> … </p>  Mark the begining and end of a paragraph. and they also insert extra blankline.
<br />  Line break. It's like hitting the return key.
<hr />  Horional rule line. used to break up a document.
<h1> … </h1>  Head lines. 1 biggest. 1st level heading
<h2> … </h2> 2nd level heading
<h3> … </h3> 3rd  level heading
<h4> … </h4>  4th level heading
<h5> … </h5>  5th level heading
<h6> … </h6>  6th level heading

 anchor tag. <a href="webpage URL">Titleof page</a> ABSOLUTE TAG

RELATIVE <a> href="assignment1.html">title</a>

OPEN IN SEPERATE WINDOW <a href="webpage URL" TARGET = "_BLANK">Titleof page</a>