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Standard Conversion Table - English To Metric

Symbol To Convert from Multiply By To determine Symbol


IN INCHES 25.4 millimeters mm
FT feet 0.3048 meters m
YD yards 0.9144 meters m
MI miles 1.609344 kilometers km


SI square inches 645.16 square millimeters mm2
SF square feet 0.09290304 square meters m2
SY square yards 0.83612736 square meters m2
A acres 0.4046856 hectares ha
MI2 square miles 2.59 square kilometers km2


CI cubic inches 16.387064 Cubic Centimeters cm3
CF cubic feet 0.0283168 cubic meters m3
CY cubic yards 0.764555 cubic meters m3
OZ fluid ounces 0.0295735 liters L
MBM thousand feet board 2.35974 cubic meters m3


LB pounds 0.4535924 kilograms kg
TON short ton (2000lbs) 0.9071848 metric ton t