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Review Questions

Make your answers in BLUE


1) What tag do you want to use to center text on an entire document?

<div align = "center"> </div>

2) What are the three different kinds of lists? Define each kind

Ordered List:When things are listed in order with numbers.

Unordred List: When things are listed in an unordered way with bullets

Definition:Use a line and then it indents all the other lines under it.

3) What attribute name is needed to make a list count by Roman Numberals?

<ol type = "i"> <li></li> </ol>

4) What is the attribute name associated with changing the font style?

<Font face = "times roman"></font>

5) Inside what open tag or tags would you place a command to change the color and size of a font?

<font size = "4" color = "#FF0099" size= "4"></font>