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Journal #1

1. Why did you sign up for this class?

I signed up for this class because I'm interested in learning more about HTML. Another reason or taking this class is because I took Computer Software 1 and I thought it was fun so i figured this class would also be fun. =)

2. Do you have any special nicknames? How did you get them?

I don't really have any special nick names. I just go by Viki because it's a lot easier to say then Nguyet. I picked the name Viki when i was in going into the 5th grade.

3. Tell me something that would help me to get to know you better.

Well, everyone who knows me knows that I like art, design and music. I love photography and I secretly want to be a rock star =P

4. Share with me an unfilled dream that you have.

Some dreams that i have yet to fulfill:

- becoming an art diretor

- finish school (college and everything)

- being rich enough

- getting married to Ryan

- creating/finishing a really good project in honors art this term

- win a prize for my art =P

- making a good webpage! =)

- be a part time hair stylist

5. What is one lesson you've learned the hard way.

On new years eve of 2002, i was out with some friends driving around. My mom called and told me to stay at someones house or come home because theres a lot of cops around on new years eve. But instead of listening to her i continued to drive around. At around 3 am the cops found us and i ended up getting a crufew ticket. My mom wasn't t to happy about that.

6. What is one (or more) things that you are good at?

I think im pretty good at painting with watercolors, drawing, photography, and doing hair.

7. What is your email address?

My email addy is

8. How familiar are you withWeb Page Design?

Im okay at it. All the stuff we're learing right now is new to me though. I'm more familiar with HTML codes.