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This is Jude Law. i look up to this guy becasue i think hes an amazing actor.
He's starred in great movies like A.I, Closer, The talented Mr. Ripely, Gattaca,
The Aviator and so much more.
And not to mention...incredibaly hot!.

This is Luke Perry. Famously known for his bad boy role in the hit television series 90210 as Dillan.
I don't really know why i chose him i just needed another person put up for this assignment.
He is my favorite from 90210 through. =)

This is Ryan, my favorite person in the whole wide world.
I look up to this person because hes an amazing person.
You'll propably never meet another person with a heart as big as ryans.
He's such a nice guy and cares a lot about others.
One of my most favoritest thing about Ryan is how he isn't materialistic.

This is Katrina, aka monkey to those who know her.
I look up to this girl because she can always get what she wants.
She's a little gil with a lot of power.
Another thing is she can eat as much as she wants and never gains a pound.
She's very active. She can either make your day or break your day.
Monkey's really smart because she understands everything you say even though she can't speak it so well.