Travel Time! =)
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Places I would like to Travel to.


Japan would be a nice place to visit because of the atmosphere and the people.
It would be fun to walk around the streets of Japn and just check out all the peoples clothes.
The japanese kids have awesome style.
Another reason for going to Japn is the Sushi.
Sushi's my favorite food so japnan would be an awesome place to go for that.
i also would like to go to some shows too.
I listen to a little bit of J.rock so it would be nice to see some live concerts.


I've Always wanted to take a tour of Europe so a good place to start would be Italy.
When i think of Italy I think of it as a very romantic place and i think it would be fun to go there with Ryan.
Everytime i see movies set in Italy it seems really nice.
Another reason for travaling there is because i really like italian food.


When I was a freshmen, my favorite genre of music was kpop (korean pop).
I wanted to go to korea so bad to go to the concerts and try to meet the singers and actors that i was so in love with.
Now that I've grown out of that phase I would still ike to go to korea just to go becaue I've wanted to for so long.
I think it woud be fun meeting the singers and just going there becaue from what I've heard its a nice plcae.


Australia would be fun because of the nice weather and the atmosphere.
There's also a lot of places to visit.
I think Australia is a fun place with a lot of beaches and Islands to visit.