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Assignment #1

Getting to Know the Web

1. What is an ISP? Give 3 existing examples.

Isp is short for INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER. Three examples are

- Netzero

- Netscape


2. What are 3 different ways a computer can connect itself to the Internet?

Dial up, Cable Modem/DSL, LAN, Network cable, wireless connection

3. Which is the fastest and which is the slowest of the three in your answer to number 2.

Dial up is the slowest and cable is the fastest.

4. What is a baud rate?

A measure of the rate at which a modem can transmit data.

5. What unit of measurement is associated with a baud rate?

units of bits per second (bps)

6. If you have a 56K modem, what is the quickest time a 1 megabyte file can be transferred?

40 kb per sec

7. Define what a web page is.

A document written in HTML that can be accessed on the Internet. Every Web page has a unique address called a URL. Web pages can contain text, graphics, and hyperlinks to other web pages and files.

8. What is the World Wide Web?

A system of Internet servers that uses HTTP to transfer specially formatted documents. The documents are formatted in a language called HTML (HyperText Mark-up Language) that supports links to other documents, as well as graphics, audio, and video files. One can jump from one document to another simply by clicking on hyperlinks. Not all Internet servers are part of the World Wide Web.

9. What is a browser? Give 3 examples of browsers that exist.

A client software program used for searching and viewing various kinds of Internet resources such as information on a web site.

Three examples are Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and mozilla

10. What are some programs on the computer here at Jefferson (e-Macs) that allow you to create a web page besides Dreamweaver? (You must find at least 3 programs that do)

- Text edit

- Appleworks

- Mic. words

11. What is the difference between HTMLand XHTML?

XHTML is the next generation of HTML

XHTML Picky computer language.

12. How many files would you need in your homepage folder if you had a webpage that had some text, three pictures and a movie clip all showing all in one page.

5 files