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The Sexton Pets

abbey This is Abbey Allison dog who lives with us. she is a toy poodle. She only weighs about 5 pounds. She is very hyper dog. She never lays down, nor leaves you alone . She always wants to be right next to you. But she is she ok sometimes.

ellie This is Ellie she is about three years old and only weighs 75 pounds. I have had her for about two years. Some mam that lives by my moms cabin gave my mom Ellie and my mom gave her to me because i have always wanted a dog. She was already potty trained, well controled and everything all she needed was a place to live and that is what I gave her. She use to love being outdoors since that where she lived but now that she lives with me any chance she gets to stay inside buddy believe me that is where she is. She is the greatest dog that anyone could ask for. She very friendly, loves to play, and loves people. She the best dog.

erma This is Erma is another rottweiler that use to live with us but since Paula married Karl they moved out but she is still considered a Sexton pet. Erma weighs about 120 pounds and is about four years old. She looks really mean but is nothing like that. She is really lazy really. She’ll play ball and play with Ellie on occasion but when it comes to anything else she don’t care. Well except food that is. This dog can eat and eat and eat. But hey she makes a great pillow.

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