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My name is Colby Grace Smith and I am from Tunica, Mississippi. I am 17 years old and my B-day is June 25th. I am single and looking. Yes guys I know your wondering how a girl like myself could be single. Dont worry, It leaves even me wondering. (Just Kiding)!!! But anyway, I go to church at Community Full Gospel Assembly in Charleston Mississippi. We are really growing we went from 25 to 30 every sunday morning to anywhere from 85 to 105. I call that God working overtime. Well anyways, I am a Senior In Highschool. Im a a homeschooler. Homeschool is kinda boaring but I like it. I am planning on going to college in the fall. I hope to go to OleMiss (GO REBELS) LOL I had to put that in there!!! Well thats about all there is to know about me for now.