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Here are some pictures of my family and friends! These are the people that I hold most dearly to my heart and I don't know what I would ever do without them.


More Fam.jpg (44528 bytes)

My Family 

My Auntie and I are Gorgeou.jpg (23912 bytes) 

My Auntie and I are Gorgeous

Tara and I are too cute.jpg (30507 bytes)

My Best Friend Tara and I

Odd and Nee.jpg (20776 bytes)

Odyssey and Me

Two Fav Gals.jpg (31887 bytes)

Two of My Fav Friends...Mad and Odd

I love Matt.jpg (27180 bytes)

My Best Guy Friend Matt Martin and Me

Ladies of 1826F.jpg (37721 bytes)

My Roomies and I

Alex Shomik and Aron.jpg (302095 bytes)

Shomik, Alex, and Aron @ Theta Chi's Formal

Nee and Alex.jpg (592543 bytes)

Alex and I @ Formal

Marth Me and Mik.jpg (280110 bytes)

Marth, Shomik, and Me Once Again @ Formal