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I was born in Portland, Oregon, on May 11, 1961, and grew up in the small town of Monmouth about 80 miles south of there. In 1985, I married Colleen Riley, and we moved another 20 miles south to Corvallis, where I had my job at the time. (Our positions have since reversed; she's now working, while I'm unemployed and trying to get my start as a writer, though I'm certainly still accepting interview for other jobs in the meantime.) We attend LifeSpring Foursquare Church here in Corvallis.

Me and my wife, ColleenThe photo at left shows me and Colleen at Bonneville Dam, during our June 1997 vacation which took us along the southern Oregon coast and the Columbia Gorge. (I may someday post additional photos from that vacation.) Colleen is the short one (4'8").

Writing Credits to Date: I have had two gaming credits to my name: in CityBook II: Port O'Call from Flying Buffalo, I wrote Jensen's Exhange, and in CityBook VI: Uptown! I contributed Ironshield Financial Services. I'm currently on the contributor list for future CityBook projects, if there are any. (CityBook is part of the Catalyst series, Flying Buffalo Inc.'s line of generic aids for fantasy role-playing games.) I've finished work on The Ultimate Vehicle for Hero Plus, and I have several other Hero Plus books in the planning stages (to list the ones I've formally taken in planned chronological order: VOICE 2000, The Ultimate Gadgeteer, and Cascade Champions, though I may cancel on that last one). I've also completed some work for Gold Rush Games, specifically Denizens of San Angelo (as of this writing, only recently released; I provided "Additional Material"), a section of the San Angelo International Sourcebook (working title), Arroyo Verde: High Tech San Angelo, and San Angelo Support Services (again, a working title).

I also now have a page featuring my own musical compositions. Since I have no musical instruments to speak of right now (a tenor saxophone and concert flute were stolen by burglars several years ago), I'm left with using my computer as a manually-sequenced synthesizer via a handful of shareware and freeware programs. Considering that the music is manually sequenced rather than played live, I'd say that the result is pretty satisfactory -- and listeners are agreeing. You can get to the page by clicking on the banner below.

A physical description: I stand 6' tall, and weigh 240 pounds (about 40 of which I'm trying to get rid of). My hair is brown, almost gone on top, and just curly enough that it looks like a mess if I don't keep it well cut! My eyes are hazel and need glasses for nearsightedness and ever-so-slight astigmatism. I also have worn a moustache and sideburns since my junior year in high school, with other facial hair (including muttonchops and the style of van dyke beard commonly but mistakenly called a goatee) intermittently.

Since this place is very much under construction (and probably will never not be), I'm open to suggestions, advice, spelling corrections, and any other constructive comments you may wish to make. For that matter, if you know of a website that you think I should have a link to, tell me about it! I probably will soon divide this page up, so that my personal information and my links are on two separate pages (with a "short form" of the links page also available); this will also free me up to put other pages in place. (It'll be a while before I'm ready to do Framing a la Netscape, though.) Just send me e-mail via the link below if you want to tell or ask me anything.

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