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Blondie žite

My favorite things about Blondies

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Blondie žite


This site was created on December 11,2001 by Melinda, Katrina, and Kaitlyn. If you need some information, have ideas, or have comments please e-mail PLEASE DO NOT COPY!

This site is meant to show you the real importance and intelligence of the Blondies in this world!!!

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Legally Blonde

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Cameron Diaz

Christina Aguilera

Emma Bunton

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Meg Ryan


Gwen Stefani

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Blondie of the Month

The blondie of this month is _________. Her age is __ and her b-day is __ __ __. If you would like to be the next blondie of the month then e-mail your name and why you or some one you know should be the next blondie of the month to



Blondie Facts

In movies, (and real life!) the popular people are always blondes.

More people dye their hair blonde than dying it brown!

Blondes have more fun!

You are 70% more likely to get asked out by your crush if you are blonde!

Blondes are known for their attitude.

Blondes have a 60% better chance for getting chosen for the cheerleading squad then brunettes! Plus blondes are more often pictured as cheerleaders!

Blonde people actually have a higher percentage of intallectual people then brunettes and red heads put together.

More celebrities are blonde than brunettes and redheads put together!



Question 1: Some months have 30 days, some months have 31. How many have 28?


Explanation:All months have at least 28 days in them!!!

Question 2: Does England have a fourth of July?


Explanation: There is a fourth of July everywhere even if you don't celebrate it!

Question 3: If a tree has 3 apples and you take 2 away, how many do you have?


Explanation: This is not a math problem! I'm just asking you how many apples you end up with!!!

Question 4: How many species did Moses take on his ark?


Explantation: Moses didn't have an ark, Noah did!! Haha kinda silly!

Question 5: A farmer has 27 sheep, all but 9 die. How many sheep does the farmer have?


Explanation: I didn't say 9 of them died, I said all but 9 died!!

You are a...

0-1 right- dumb brunette!

2-3 right- brunette.

4-5 right- BLONDIE.