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My own stories about the Caped Crusader and his very special friends and enemies.

The standard disclaimers: I don’t own these characters, I’m not making any money off them, and the stories are NOT for kids.


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Along Came A Spider

A character of my own invention creates a big sticky mess for our heroes.



Wrote this one in the first person, wanting to explore what it would feel like if an everyday tom, dick, or harry crossed paths with a real-life Batman.


Friend or Foe

Another kind of first-person story, in more ways than one.


Meet the Sadist

Another created character, another dire situation for the masked manhunter.




Guess you could call this series of stories my “greatest Hits,” in terms of the responses they’ve gotten. The characters of Marco and The Preacher come directly from my own fantasies. In my imagination, the roles of top and bottom are pretty malleable, and they shift constantly in these three stories.


The Rescuer


The Rescuer II: Return of the Rogue


The Rescuer III: The Reverend’s Revenge




Shot of Love

The Joker gets to live out his ultimate fantasty.


The Steel Cage of the Law

A very dark night for men on all sides of the law.



An early experiment.



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