My favorite sources for stuff about men in uniforms, Leather lore, and other kinky matters.



(Check back; I’ll be adding more from time to time.)


0. Home

1. Photo Galleries

2. Yahoo Groups

3. other writers’ cop stories

4. Hot Sites

A. Pretend Cops

B. Real Cops

C. TV Cops


A. uniform suppliers & Tips

B. Gloves

C. Boots

6. Odds & Ends

7. Misc. Leather and Kink

A.  Bondage

B.  Textures & Fabrics (rubber, leather, lycra, etc.)

C. Kinky Blogs & Personal Pages

D. Fascinating Fetishes I don’t Necessarily Share


1. Photo Galleries

Balaclavas & Hoods

Men in masks. Expect to deal with age verification if you want the hardcore stuff, but I’m pretty happy with the vanilla pix myself.


Lotsa pix, including the classic “Red Dog Saloon” series & other Jim Wigler images, stills from Academy videos, and much more. The webmaster’s asking for donations, so help him out if you can.

Boots, Butts, and Breeches

Absolutely awesome. This isn’t really the homepage, but it’s a great place to start your exploration of a truly exhaustive collection of Cop Shots.


Definitive subscription site. But take heart: there are many free pix, and this is also a good place to track down used gear.

California Boots & Breeches

I’ll list this organization here because of its nice-looking gallery, but the site contains many other resources, too.

Dan’s Hot Spot on the Web

Once again, this link takes you to one typical page among many fine ones.

DirtyTop’s Galleries

Not all cops, but there are sure are a lot of men here.

Gay Erotic Art of Gengoroh Tagame

Very intense images of hairy cops (and other studly types) undergoing beastly treatment. Check out the animated movie “Captured” (in the “Theater” section).

Japanese cop (& Other hot stuff) site

Gotta love a site whose only english text is the words “Let’s Masturbate.”

M4M PigZone

The cop galleries from a large free photo site.

Men in Uniform Suckin’ Stogies!

Uh, exactly what you think—7 whole galleries’ worth.

A real cop’s real nice photos of himself and his buddies on bikes. Yum!


They want to sell you some books of pictures (which are probably quite lovely), but there are some samples here for free.

Phuryphile’s Photo Gallery

One gigantic collection of pix. Takes a while to load, but you’re bound to find stuff you like (if you like this kind of thing at all—And I assume you do…).

Stargayte 2000

German site featuring not just photos but lots of links, too.


2. Yahoo Groups


Pretty hetero group, but I love the name, and the photo galleries are nice.

Cop Discipline

Photos, Polls, Etc.

Tortured Cops

Now we’re talkin’. Great pix, files, polls.


3. other writers’ cop stories

Boot tales

Big collection of boot-related stories, many involving cops.


Story-writin’ Yahoo Group.

Mac Stevens official story site

Archive of cop tales and other smut.

Men on the Net/Erotic Stories

Over 100 at last count. Varying quality, but surely something to float your police boat. (Follow the links to stories on plenty of other subjects, too.)



4. Hot Sites

4A. Pretend Cops


cute bearish uniform lover/wearer; nice pix and lotsa links.


Yummy British Bear. One page only: give us more more more, daddy!



This guy is incredibly hot, has great taste in men, and his links have taken me to some pretty great places.


Mike Ramrodd

I had some trouble with the links from the homepage last time I checked, but when they do work they’re pretty good as I recall.


Sergeant Coxx

Just a single page, but the pix on it are swell.



Cutie pie with nice galleries of self-portraits and some links.


4B. Real Cops

american police hall of fame & Museum

Plenty of pix and other info.

American self defense links

A little too NRA-ish for my taste, but there seem to be mammoth numbers of resources here.

Clay’s Top 100 Cop Sites

Your one-stop guide to the world of law enforcement.

Golden State Peace Officers Association

Official site of California’s gay cops group.

Houston Police Online

Here’s a link to info on their museum.

Law Enforcement sites on the web

Gigantic collection of links.

New York City Police Museum

Excellent museum, informative site. Check out the online tour!

Voluminous resources for police officers, plus humor, clothing, you name it.

Police Scanners—Live Feeds

Listen in on dispatchers around the world.

State Trooper Home Pages

Dozens of personal pages by troopers (plus links to lots more subject areas, too). Knock yerself out.


4C. TV Cops

I confess I was never that big a fan of the show in its day—but oh, those uniforms…

ChiPS FanFiction

Ponch and John get it on!

Pacific Blue

The title always sounded like a porn tape to me. Plus, what’s not to love about cops in bike shorts?



5A. uniform suppliers & Tips

Quick Pointer: when ordering police clothing and supplies, NEVER attempt to pass yourself off as a cop if you aren’t one. (You can, however, say you’re ordering stuff for theatrical purposes—which is probably not so far from the truth, is it?)


These guys are a little too heavy duty in the gun department for my taste, but they’ve got extensive supplies for duty belts (and it’s always fun to window shop).

BlackHawk Products Group

Free Right-Wing ideology with every purchase! (Politics aside, this stuff is fucking hot.)


Not really a uniform supplier, but they do carry lots of underwear and other clothes with the NYPD logo. A few nice photos, too.

BootsPlus Used Cop Gear

I’ve made a couple of purchases through this site and been very happy with the results.

Cops Plus

Hours of browsing fun. (I haven’t bought from them.)


Love this store, and I’ve ordered plenty from them over the years. Their print catalog is great, too. My fave, hands down.

Madera Uniform

California-based, and divided by department (Highway Patrol, Sheriff’s Dept., etc.). I have a feeling this is a site where you have to produce L.E.O. credentials to order.

Military Outlet

Prices aren’t fantastic, but they’re at least decent. Check the sale section for surprise finds. (Includes police supplies along with military.)

Mounted Police Worldwide

Another place you’re more likely to windowshop, but there’s much to enjoy here.

NYPD-themed souveneir clothing, pins, etc.

Pro-Tuff / Factory 2 U 2nds

Pro-Tuff’s Uniforms are not available online, but you might be able to track down a cheap(er) pair of flawed uniform pants here.


Almost as appealing as Gall’s: extensive selection, photos galore, closeout deals on certain items. And they offer a nice print catalog, too.


You probably won’t be ordering from these guys unless you’re way more hardcore than me, but check out that photo gallery!

Stationhouse Leathers & Gear

At last: A store that sells to both cops and fetishists at the same time! Place your order without the self-consciousness that usually accompanies shopping from most  cop shops.

Ted’s Military Surplus

Prices aren’t great, and a lot of the duty belt stuff is nylon rather than leather, but worth a look.

Tek Marciniak’s Police Motorcycle equipment

Extensive selection, lots of product pix.


5B. Gloves

Adam Leathers

Not just gloves but lots of other hot-looking (in both senses) leather gear, too.

Fits Like a Glove

Terrific service organization; site features photos, event calendar, and more.

Fox Creek Leather

Found these guys when I was shopping for gauntlets once. The “four dirty secrets glove manufacturers don’t want you to know” is a tantalizing extra.

Leather Gloves Online

Prices seem pretty standard, but the site is well organized and there are some clearance items.

One stop Leather Shop

Nice prices. I’ve bought stuff from them myself and been happy with the service.

San Diego Leather Jacket Factory

Great prices, wide selection.


Holy shit, those photos!


“Tough Gloves for tough Men.” Queer-Friendly, and Surprisingly decent prices. (I love the pair of gauntlets I bought from them.) Check out the “Glove Facts” and photo gallery while you’re there.

Warwick Turtleskin Gloves

For professional use, and priced to reflect that. But man, do they look great.


5C. Boots

Big Black Boots

I can never really afford these things, but I love to look…

Boots For Less

I forget where I first heard about this site (and I haven’t bought from them), but here it is.

Caboots Superhero Boots

Pricey, but lord, do they look good!


Your all-purpose fetish site: photos, classifieds, event calendar, links to merchandisers, and so much more.

Open Here Marketplace

Big list of sites that sell boots.


The photos alone are worth a visit.


6. Odds & Ends

Equipment for cops

Detailed text-only description of police gear.

Harley-Davidson Police Motorcycle Division

“there’s something undeniably right about an officer on a harley-Davidson motorcylce,” as the site says.

Lawyer & Cop Jokes

Oh, what the hell? Have a laugh on “Miss P.”

National Night Out

Spend the night with a cop! (Okay, so that’s not really what it means, but the first Tuesday in August is always rich with opportunities for coplovers across the U.S.)

Police Wives

Disturbingly ladies-auxiliary-like site (complete with recipes and advice on “how to write your love story”), but a fascinating glimpse into the subculture.

Santa Clara County Fire Dept. Protective Clothing

Okay, so it’s firemen, not cops (and several of the models are women), but you couldn’t ask for a more thorough illustrated guide to uniform standards.

A tribute to officer obie

Did you know the “Officer Obie” of Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant” is the same hot cop in norman Rockwell’s famous painting? Neither did I!

“War: The last Dance Reinstated”

A friend told me about this truly bizarre (but hilarious and totally sexy) art project. Be sure to click on “images”—there are plenty.


7. Misc. Leather and Kink

7A. Bondage


Extensive (Searchable, and well-organized) Collection of Images of bound men from TV, movies, etc.

BDSM Realm

Extensive collection of articles, advice, events, etc.


Set up by a guy looking for partners, this has some very interesting features, my favorite of which is his 12 answers to the question “Why do we like bondage?”

Bound & Gagged

The classic magazine’s subscription-based online equivalent; among the free features are a few samples from “Roger Roper”’s great column listing bondage scenes in mainstream movies.

Mainstream Films featuring BDSM Practices

Voluminous list, mostly of the hetero variety.


You’ll have to subscribe to get the best stuff from this ongoing online zine, but the previews are pretty tantalizing.

The Rubber Mummy


Self Bondage links

Hasn’t been updated lately, but there’s a lot of writing here about cool ways to tie yourself up.

Subterranean Homesick Heroes

Annotated guide to images from pop culture of men getting captured and “compromised.”


7B. Textures & Fabrics (Leather, Lycra, Rubber, etc.)

The Rubber Fetish Site

A pay site with many free previews.


7C. Kinky Blogs & Personal Pages

Brianspage e-zine

Bondage-related zine. Devoted to tied-up women in mainstream culture, but some of the writing is of interest to those of us who prefer our victims male, too.

Dr. Fetish

Really nice, heartfelt site in which one kinky Dutch man shares his fantasies, his thoughts on fetishism, and his photo collection.


outstanding writing, helpful tips, & much more. He’s discontinuing it soon (boo hoo!), so check it ASAP.


7D. Fascinating Fetishes I don’t Necessarily Share

I’ve been collecting these for a while. Maybe they’ll float your boat, and even if they don’t, they’re at least a good reminder that somewhere out there, even as we speak, someone is getting off on something incredibly specific (which means you’re not the only one).

0 Holds Barred

From spitting to sports to guys in gorilla masks, it’s all here in photo and story form. (Don’t miss the “What the fuck?” section.)

ClosetMonster’s Corner

Devoted to images of women in masks (though male homos like me can find a few things of interest here & there).

Different Loving

I’ll list this here because it doesn’t fit anywhere else. Nice site to accompany a scholarly book (written by practitioners) about dominance & submission and all sorts of fetishes. Excellent resource!

Fur On Film: Your guide to hairy chested actors

I am totally into this one myself, so I’m digging the photo galleries, dvd recommendations, and other resources.

Gay Male Hanging

Getting into some exotic stuff here, and I don’t recommend this. (Note that the page begins with cautions aplenty.) Still, it’s intriguing to think that the fetish is out there.

James Bond’s Divers & Dungeons

More divers than dungeons if you ask me: pix galore of guys in all manner of diving suits and relatd paraphernalia.

The Land of Nod

a site devoted entirely to images of characters (Batman and Jim West included) who have been chloroformed or gassed by members of the opposite sex. Hasn't been updated since 1999, but if you go for this sort of thing, you probably won't leave disappointed.

Male Sock Fetish

An impressively long list of sock-themed scenes in mainstream movies.

Swimming fully clothed

Actually, I do find this pretty hot, though it helps if the wet clothes are on a cop or superhero.

Tickling Frenzy

This one’s mostly designed to sell videos, but the specificity is pretty impressive.

WetSailor’s Home Page

Ask and you shall receive: wet guys in uniform.