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1. Other writers’ fanfic & batslash

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1. Other writers’ fanfic & batslash

Batfiction from

From G-rated to R-rated tales (over 1000 of them) including parodies, crossover fiction, straight-on adventures, you name it.

Batman Comics (DCM)

Serial tales of the masked manhunter and guests.

Batman FanFics

Links to several authors’ stories (Not all slash).

Batslash archives

Extensive list of stories by several authors.

The Batslash list

Yahoo group devoted to Bat-stories.


Catwoman-centric slash, with special guest Two-Face.

The Complete Kingdom of Slash

Extensive collection of stories about all sorts of characters and shows, including Batman and many, many more. (Goofus and Gallant, anyone? Come on, anyone?)

Dannell Lites’ Batman and Nightwing fiction

Bat-stories, G and NC-17 alike.

Detective Comics (DCM)

More serial tales of the masked manhunter and guests.

Earth-One After the Crisis tales

G and PG-rated tales tied to one of those confusing DC revamps.

Eilonwy’s Writings

Bat Tales and “Filk” (Song Parodies), among many other items.

The Family Archives

Interesting-looking collection of various Fanfic sites.

funkydoodleicious fanfics

Annotated list of links to Batfics.

Gotham City: The Batman Chronicles

Series of stories involving the extended bat-family.

“Holy Bat-Deception!”

Very sexy movie-Robin-vs.-Riddler photo story. A free offering at Eye of the Cyclone; Additional illustrated stories are available to paying subscribers.

Hot Hero Lust Forums

Bat-slash in message-board form.

Lady Cyrrh’s Neterotica Links

Tantalizing list of story sites and so much more, including mucho info on bondage, slash, and other delights. Hours could be spent here.

The Late, Great Heroes

A fan envisions the deaths of Batman and Nightwing, with promises of other offed heroes in the … offing. (Wish he’d kill off the distracting pop-up ads while he’s at it.)

Men on the Net Erotic Stories

See “Superheroes.” Or any of Dozens of other subjects. 12,014 stories and counting.

The Perils of Batman

I posted all my early stories here in serial form, and there are many excellent writers onboard. Check the messages section for dozens of hot tales, homo and hetero alike.

PolarManX’s “Photo-Cartoons”: Fan-fiction section

Lots of stories about lots of superheroes.

Robin-Man’s stories

Very interesting collection of inter-connected stories in which Batman and Robin interact with some original characters.

Another voluminous list of fandoms. The Batslash (including “The Game We Play,” an epic hook-up between batman and the joker) is HERE.

Stephen Gray

Multi-chapter hetero porn tale, featuring guest appearances by Batman, Superman, Batgirl, and lots of cops.

Superstories: Batman

Big collection of stories.

The Yat Cave

Michka’s classic Bat-stories & Art, presented with a sense of humor and a new orleans accent.


2. Yahoo Groups (Batman & other superheroes)

The Batslash list

Yahoo group devoted to Bat-stories.

Cloaked Male Pride

All about capes’n’cloaks and the men (including Bats, Zorro, and more) who wear them.

Gay Batman Movie Fans

Specifically devoted to the movie version of BM. So far, mostly photos.

Gay Bondage Lycra Superhero Pics

Just what the name suggests.

Gay Spiderman Fans

Mostly photos; excellent links.

Gay Superfriends

Mostly fiction.

Gay Superhero Fantasies

Lotsa photos (including Bats), a few stories.

Gay Superheroes

Many original characters & photo manipulations.

The Perils of Batman

This was the first Yahoo Group I ever joined and in its heyday it was the best: great photos, stories, links, you name it. Then a bunch of homophobes, robin-lovers, and other folks moved in and spoiled all the original fun. No longer accepts new content, and now there’s a followup group, but the thrill is gone.



3. Costume tips, Suppliers, & photos

Caboots Superhero Boots

Pricey, but lord, do they look good! (For more Boot options, see the “Boots” section of my coplinks page.)


Chivalry Sports Renaissance store

The aesthetic doesn’t do much for me, but you might want to check out the boots and gauntlets.

The DK NET costume page

Great chronology of the caped crusader’s ever-changing look throughout the years, with links and photos galore.


New York Dancewear Company

I bought two bodysuits from these guys a few years ago and probably will order from them again someday soon. Extensive catalog, decent prices, great service.

Original Batman TV Show Props & Costumes

Choice pix from a collector’s archives.

The Return of the Dark Knight

Photos galore of various versions of the movie suit.

Ripoffs Holsters

in case you want to stock your utility belt with some more functional pouches… shopping site

I love wetsuits!


Phenomenal-looking site; check out both the superhero and fantasy unitards. (I love the model, the outfits, the prices, you name it.)


ToughGloves Gauntlet Page

Gauntlets are not so easy to find. I like several of these, and was very happy with this company’s service. (For more gauntlet options, see the “Gloves” section of my coplinks page.)

4. Food For Thought

Batman in the closet

Academic reading of an urban legend involving our hero; interesting analysis taking race, gender, and homosexuality into account.


Batman’s Crotch

A classic essay about our hero’s midsection and the real reason for those briefs on top of the tights.


Cheeks the Toy Wonder’s DC comics essays

Detailed, lavishly illustrated histories of Batman and other DC characters, including a terrific two-parter on the notorious 1966 trading cards and an amusing “hall of shame.”


Dressed for Success

. . . or, 10 compelling reasons why retiring the capes, codpieces, and cowls of our costumed combatants at this point in time is a really, really  bad idea, all things considered.” From a cool “Comics of the 80s” site.


The Golden Age Gallery

Character interpretations by online roleplayers.


Memories to a Prelude

“LthrEdge”’s memoirs of bondage in his childhood. Every bat-fetishist will be able to identify.


Present at the Creation: Batman

NPR piece on the history of the bat, plus lotsa links.

The Super Queers

AlterNEt essay on Gay people and comics.


5. Vanilla Batstuff

Millionaire Playboy

Toys to help baby boomers recapture their lost youth.


Walt's Batman page

Insanely detailed guide to the '66 TV show and accompanying movie, listing clues, gizmos, Robin's "holy" expressions, trivia, and so much more for every single episode.


6. Other Superheroes

Eye of the Cyclone

Superhero showdowns, wrestling matches, and other Sexy photo-stories. I tend to visit a lot less often now that it’s a pay site, but some sections are still free, and I’m mighty tempted to shell out for more.