Official BWB Awards!!

FINELY!!! Here at last are the awesome BWB Award winners of 2003! This rules! These winners have been handpicked by a pannel of genious experts and scientistses and doctors and inventers and other experts! These are the most important and powerfull and respected and best Awards in the whole wide world! So anyone who wins a BWB award RULES and is a great and awesome WINNER!

Here are the awesome winners!

Best websight of all of the internet in 2003! The big award goes AGAIN to Bandwagon Boy!!!! Yesssss! Unreal how he keeps winning and is the only one to EVER win this perstegeous Award! It is unbeliefable how does he do it! Congradulation to you AGAIN Bandwagon Boy you websight is the best of all times!!! This year Bandwagon Boy got named Hansomest Man of All Times by a big websight and was interviwed by other great people and started up a balog which is a websight that all the cool people do know where they type up they feeling and idears so everone can find out how awesome they are! Bandwagon Boy got even more famouser this year and so he oviously wins again and the big pannell of famous experts who are real and dont even know Bandwagon Boy personely all vote to give him this awesome Award AGAIN!!!! YEssss!!!!!

Best CHAMPION team of 2003! This of course has to go to the Super Bowel CHAMPION New England Patriats they RULE and are the best and everone who isent a looser LOVES them! Congradulations Patriats yet another big Award for the CHAMPS!!!!,p>

Next Award is for Best COach of 2003 this has to go to the Great Bill Bellyshack who is a CHAMPION again! He beat out some awesome other people like the Great COach Kay who's team was robbed and cheated in the NCA torneymint last year in a big ripoff but who will get back to the Finale Four FINELY this year and will kick ass except for Standford and Sant Joeseph who will allso be awesome!! So there you can see why Bill Bellyshack is the BEST coach and desserves it so bad! Cram it Joe Torry you CHOKER I hope you get FIRED!!

Next big Award goes to Best Movie of the year and of course it goes to the Hobit movie "Lord of the Rings III The KING returns!" This movie kicked butt and ruledand was very populer and had dragons and gools and magick people and gollems and bad guys in black and elfs and dworfs and sword fights and all kind of other awesome tricks that made it the best movie of all times!!! I an going to go and see it real soon and I cant wait for the sequelle to come out it is going to rule and I bet Froddoe gets his ring back and makes hisself King of the World and bosses the rest of them around and makes Lev Tieler and the other hot chick come over and knock boots with him and he puts them elfs in they place! Anyways you can see it was the best fillm of the year!

Next is the BWB Award for MVP of 2003! This is a very perstegeous award that manny famous people would die to get well too bad for you it is only going to one person and that is of course SHACK! Shack kicked all kind of butt again and would of won the CHAMPIONSHIP again if Cobey would of stayed out of prisson for rapping all kind of girls! But even though the reffs cheated him Shack was still awesome and overcomed all the ods against him and shut up the playa hatas and the others who trashtalk him behind his back by being the biggest and baddest and awesomest playa in the league again!! Alright SHACK!!

Next of course is the BWB Award for Best President of 2003 and that one goes to the great George "W" Bush! He went and kicked Sadamn Husanes ass right out of Iraqu and into jail where he bellongs and he allso did many other awesome things to shut up the liberals! He fixed the constatuition so that the gays cant get marryed and saved weddings for regular people! Which is great if you think about it me and my commonlaw ball and chain might even get marryed now! No way Hosea just kidding no woman can tie me down I am a playa and I play the field and my girlfriend and my babaymamma can tell you that just one girl isent enough for a man like me! So you can see why "W" Bush kicked all they liberals butts and won again!! "W" bush is the only other one to repete from last year with a BWB Award besides for the great Champion Bandwagon Boy!! Congradulation "W" Bush you are in great company!!

Next goes the Award for the BEst Rapping and Singing guy of the Year and of course that is the awesome Fitty Cent! Fitty Cent is a rebell and a badass like me and had a awesome song about being in da club and drinkin bud with shorties! He is just like me axcept he got shot like 20 times and lived! He is so badass! Did you ever get shot 20 times and then go and make a awesome wrapping song!! No! So shut up!!

So there you go the CHAMPIONS and winners of the great BWB Awards of 2003! Congradulation to you all you all RULE exspecially Bandwagon Boy who wins all the time in ever year because his websight is the BEST in the world!!! If you are jealous why dont you go and CRAM IT!!!

These awesome awards go to real CHAMPIONS!

This is the page of the OFFICIAL BWB Awards which are REAL awards that us famous Scientests and Experts and Superstars and brainiacs get together and use computers to scienteffically pick out the awesomest and best and NUMBER ONE people and things of all times!

The famous BWB Awards are picked out by our pannel of famous people who are big Experts and scientists and who look at everyone in the world and pick out the best to give out awards to!

These are REAL awards and not just fake or made up! Trust me! They are the most famous and perstegiouis and important and awesome awards of all times and everone wants one! But only the BEST get them! The winners get big awesome trophys and gold metals and certefficates and placks and announcements on the internet to show all they freinds and famlies and allso smartmouth loosers who say they never won a award!! Well they did and here is the proof so cram it you jealous jerks!!

Best of all times!

Here are the 2002 BWB Awards! Wow they are great and they all RULE!!

The perstegeous BW Award for Best Internet Web sight of 2002 goes to the great and famous Bandwagon Boy! Congradulations to you Bandwagon Boy for being NUMBER #1 and the best of all times! You beat out all other INternet Websights because you are the best and we are very lucky and proud and honnored to give this award to you again! Everone give some props to the great Bandwagon Boy! He = Number #1!!!!!

Here are the other awesome winners! Congradulation to you if you are one of them! If you are not one of them then cram it looser!

The BWB Award for the Best President of 2002 :

George "W" Bush!

Most Awesome Rebel Rap Guy and Actor of 2002:


Best Baseball Champions of 2002:

California Angels!

Most Awesomest Foot ball teams of 2002!

Ohia State Bucks and Tampa Bucks!! Champs!!

Plus a bunch of egghead Poindexters won for things like best Scientist and Best Perfessor and a bunch of other stuff that no one cares about!

It is importent for everone to remeber that the ONLY person in the whole Universe to REPEAT and win the BWB Award for both 2001 AND 2002 is the great Bandwagon Boy! Wow!

So congradulation again to all the famous awesome winners of the 2002 BWB Awards the best and most importent awards EVER!

Best of all times!

2001 BWB AWARDS!!!!

Here are the official 2001 BWB Awards!

It is the end of another year! 2001! So now it is time for the First Anual BWB Awards which I will be announcing right here right now! As everone knows the BWB Awards are picked by a a pannel of smart famous people who research everthing and are unbias and fair! They are admire by everone and are the most prestigioust awards anyone can win! The famous and admired BWB awards are for the Best in the World! And they are for importent catagories like Best Player Best Coach best Team Best Websight etsetera! The pannel what picks them use this great web page to announce the BWB Awards for them to get the most publisity! So now the world will find out who the Best really are! I am proud to announce this years winners for the 2001 First Anual BW awards! The envelope please! (I dont really have a envelope that is just what we always say at award shows!) Here they are!

2001 BW AWARDS!!!!

BEST PLAYER: SHANE BATTIER!!! Shane was awesome and lead the great Duke to the World Championship! He scored about a million three pointers and Drew the Charge many times and was the best defensive player ever to play basketball plus he is a genious student and a Leader! And he had to over come a lot of bad luck and refs bias against him and stupid jealous fans making fun of his head and he lead his team to victory what more do you want come on! So the Best Player Award goes to SHANE BATTIER!!!

BEST COACH: The Great COACH KAY!!!! Can there be any dout NO!! The Great Coach Kay is the greatest coach in any sport ever of all times there is no arguing that fact! He added another world championship this year which gives him I think 7 or 8 which is the most EVER! And he is a class act all the way! He is a gentelman and a true sports man and a role model and a American Hero! So there you have it the Award goes to the Great Coach KAY!!!

BEST TEAM: This was a hard catagory because there were so many awesome teams this year and all of my faverite teams won it all! 2001 will always go down in history as the year of the Champions because there were so many great champions! So the Award is a tie! It goes to Duke (BASKETBALL) Arizona Dimondbacks World Series CHAMPS babay! the LAKERS who are so awesome lead by the great SHACK and COBEY plus of course the awesome BALTMORE RAVINS who I loved last year but I dont like them to much ever sense they got rid of Trent Dilfert who is kind of a looser but he was a Clutch Man last year who won it all so that is all that matters they never should of gotten shed of him I told them but they wouldn't listen to bad for them now they can cram it I love the Rams anyways! So the award goes to a TIE! Unreal!

BEST WEB SIGHT: There are mnay great websights out in the inter net between the and the and the pages of the lakers and Hurrcanes and Duke and Yankees and Dimondbacks! Plus race car pages and wrestling pages! It is hard to keep up with them all! Which is why this award goes to the websight that combines them all and has the best coverage of the best teams and gives you all knowledge and incite that none others have and is new but already has over 10,000 HITS and is loved by people all around the whole world! And that web sight is this one the awesome BANDWAGON BOY PAGE!!! The 2001 BW Award for BEST WEBSIGHT OF THE WHOLE ENTIRE EARTH goes to the Bandwagon Boy page! I rule babay Nuber #1!!!!!!

So there you have it! Everone congratulate the Champion Award winners of the 2001 BW Awards because they are awesome and the best and desserve it!!