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YESSS! I win AGAIN!! I won ANOTHER BWB Award which is like the biggest Award of all times! No fake I really won go and check out the official page it is right here no fake homes! The Awesome BWB Awards page!

So you can see how I RULE and how I won again this is awesome dawg!! YESSSSSSS!!!!!

Febuary 8! Yo what is up with the NBA allstars team where the HELL is LeBaron James!! Unreal they dident put him on there or even Carmello Anthoney neither! What is going on what a jip it is so unfair!!! LeBaron has never got any hype or love or props or attention or fame and it stinks and sucks and it is a ripoff!!! I am so mad!! This is going to RUIN the allstars game mark my words the loosers who get to play in the game wont even try hard and hardly no one will even watch the game because no one cares because the allstars game just wont be the same without LeBaron James! Unreal what a ripoff how typecal!!!! Jerks! I am so sick of this crap! Is this what our tax dollers are going for unreal it is such a ripoff this allstars game is a JOKE no wander everone hates the goverment! Well I am not going to TAKE it anymore!! I am boycodding the first five minutes of the NBA allstars game to show those fatcats in Washington that they cant get away with this crap!! Who is with me! Lets all do this to show them that they cant get away with this I am a VOTER and I voted for LeBaron James and Carmella Anthoney where are they!!No where thats where! I allso voted for Shack and instead they put in the Communist Chinamen Yowming instead what is this I blame the Democrats and its time we all stood up and told the Liberal Media that we arent going to TAKE this anymore!!! So everone who is a REAL American is with me so we are going to BOYCOT the first five minutes ofthe NBA allstars game untell the goverment puts LeBAron James in his rightfull spot and apalogizes to me and him for this DESGRACE!! Why dont one of you out there help me out and start up one of them patetion things to make everone sign how we are going to BOYCOT the first five minutes untell justice is done! I would do it myself but I already spent all this time comming up with the idear and pro gramming it into my web sight so someone else pitch in and make the patition and get it all spread around would it kill you to do a little HELP once in a while for all I do for you! Cripes I'm not made of partitions I cant do everthing around here so get to it and we will show the Liberals that they are pinko jerks who wont get away with this RIPOFF and JIPP!! Do it now!!!

Feburary 6! Yo what is up with Jannette Jacksons booby! I cant belief she whipped it out like that she did it on purpise I can tell she aught to be locked up for doing that doesent she even know about how there were CHILDRIN watching the Super Bowel! Unreal she is a bimboe and desgusting even though she has a nice rack! I am so mad and angary and offenseded by this I am going to call up the newspaper and tell them a peace of my mind! Good thing I have this on tape so I can watch it again and again to stay mad so when I call up the paper I will still be mad and offenseded! It is a desgrace I am going to go watch that tape again and pause it on a freeze frame where you can see her booby right there in plain sight in front of everone!! Wow!! Anyways it isent fair she should not be allowed to whip it out like that if some people who just shoot the moon at the JERK who passed me onthe hiway gets arrested for undescent exposure when it turn out to be a cop then she needs to get arrested too unreal it isent fair how typecal! I am so mad I am going to go watch that tape again right now!!

YES YES YES!!! NATIONAL CHAMPIONS AGAIN WE RULE MY PATRIATS KICKED ASS AGAIN HAWHAWHAW IN YOU FACES I CALLED IT ALL YOU COCKY BRAGGERS WHO SAID CAROLINA COULD STAY WITH MY PATRIATS ARE FULL OF IT I WAS RIGHT AND YOU WERE WRONG MY TEAM WINS IT ALL AGAIN!!!!! I am so pshyched up I have been waiting so long for my Patriets to FINELY win it all again and now we did it is the best feeling in the world to be a champion like me and to be a part of a Super Bowel champ team!! Unreal this is the best day ever I am going out to light up some trash cans on fire and flip over some cars because that is how we partay when our PATRIATS win it all we are hardcore and we partay hardcore and smash windows and flip over cars and start fires because our team WON and is CHAMPS and yours is not this is the BEST and RULEZ!! I knew Vinnyterry wouldent CHOKE again and would stop being looser and I knew Braddy would be Mister MVP again and I called it how Bellycheck would tell his team to go and get some more points and win the game!! And they did! It was awesome holmes did you see how my team won the big game!! YESSSSS!!!!! Allso the halvetime show was the best of all times when Justin Timberland ripped the cloths right of of Jannette Jackson I saw it myself dawg she got naked and nude right on TV it was the awesomest thing I ever sawe in my life! You could see her knocker right there right on TV no fake I swear it is true!!!! Unreal that was so awesome and the best part of the best game EVER!! Allso Eminam came out and sang his song "I'm A Cowboy Baybay" which rocked and kicked ASS and wow what a awesome day this is the greatest thing that ever happened I RULE!!!!

Yo checck it out dawgs I just did another interview with another famouse web sight!!!! The Duke baskeball Raport wanted MY expert opinion on manny things and so I gave them a great interview and helped them out and was kind enough to give my valuable time to help them out because I like to help out the kids just starting out in the bizness it is my dutey as a bigtime sport journelst to help out these new kids who are trying to make it big someday and so I did!

For more details go and check out my balog!!!

To see the awesome interview go to The Truth About Duke Baskeball Raport it is here: The Truth About Duke Baskeball Raport! So go to that page! It rules!

Januery 28! Yo check out my new pole it rules it is about who should make the very exclusive list of biggest superstar athaletes of the last 25 years!

So vote today! The winner will get to see they choice make the list! Unless you all pick some looser then tough luck!

Janruary 26! Yo what is up dawgs! Anyways the point is the other awesomest athalets on the list of all times are George Stinebrender, JayJay Reddick, Pete Rose, that old times foot ball qaterback, Trippel H, Daunte Jones from Duke and thats about it! Now that that is settled it is time to get to the point which is it is SUPER BOWEL time! The Super Bowel is my faverite holyday of the whole winter time and it is the day when all americans give thanks and act nice because of the big football game! And this year my faverite team my AWESOME PATRIATS are going to win again! Patriats are one of the awesomest teams of all times in any sports but they dont get enough hype and love what is up with that! unreal the medias are all just BIASS against them what a jipp that happens to all my teams like Duke and USSC too! So anyways my plan is to get my Patriats some more hype from the medias! And so they need to do like my awesome Bears did and make a wrapping video! That is a great idear remeber you heard it here FIRST it is my idear and if you steal it I will SUE you!! So all they need to do is get together and get a camcorder and they can all dance around and sing wraps about how they RULE and it wil be nuber #1 just like my Bears when they sang "The Super Bowel Shovel!" Remeber that that was AWESOME dawg! So Tom Braddy could dance around and wrap like this "I am Tom Braddy and I kick all you asses in you face you jealous JERKS cram it! We are going to win the Super Bowel and this is my song about it! Patriats are doing the Super Bowel dance" And then he would wrap something else that rimes with "cram it!" and it would ROCK!! And then Bellycheck could dance out and sing like this "I am the Coach named Bellycheck and so Patriats will give them heck and I am so smart I am the KING and so we will win the Super Bowel thing!" And then Tyler Millaw and Seymore Richards and all the other superstars of PATRIATS could wrap like this "You dont have to take a chance because we are doing the Super Bowel dance!" Yo that rocks I made it up mysself do not steal it and put it on a wrap alblum! And then they would all wrap even more like this "Patriats RULE we wear gray pants and we are doing the Super Bowel dance! You better know that we will be CHAMPS because we do our Super Bowel dance!!" And then they could all like breakdance around and wear lots of furcoats and bling with they uniforms and have all they hoes come out and dance with them and wear skampy cloths and they could show the Patriats drving around they badass cars and hummers and suvs and cranking up the music so loud they cars bounce up and down like in the cool videos! It would kick ass homes! Why dont they do this if you are reading this Bellycheck then make you team do it now dont you want to win the big game then you better have a video with wrapping on it! I cant wait to watch this awesome video and buy a tape of it and to get some money from Patriats when they make this video and it sells a million copys wow I am going to be RICH this RULEZ!!! This is the best Super Bowel of all times!!!!!

Janury 21! Yo my peeps what is up did you see my Patriats KICKASS against Colts the other day!! Wow it RULED and we dominatted them in you face Payton Manneng!!! I called it!! I cant wait for the Super Bowel when we win it all again but now we have the Bi Week where the players all set around together and do Bi Week stuff! So I will continue with my Awesome list of the Awesomest Athaletes of the last 50 years!!

Next on the list is the great LeBaron James! He is the best baskeball player EVER except for Shack and Jorden! He can dunk and has awesome tennyshoes that are very expansive and he is on TV and everone is talking about him what more do you want!! And plus allso he is just a freshmen in the NBA so wait untell he gets old and learns all of the tricks and secrets and gets even better!! Wow it is going to RULE I cant wait untell he gets traded to Lakers and can FINELY win it all I have been a big fan of his forever and I cant wait to see him win at the NBA like he has won at ever other level!!

Next is the Great Coach Kay who is the Coach of NUMBER #1 DUKE!!! Coach Kay is a very awesome coach but you might say how can he be on this list it is not for awesome coaches it is for Athaletes! Well duh! All coaches use to play beffore they got old and lame and so did Coach Kay! He played in the olden days beffore they had TV or movies or ESPNN or dunking or anything so no one saw him play but I bet he RULED!! He knows how to tell everone to make they shots instead of missing them and he gets all the good players to come and play for Duke which is post to be some kind of poindexter college so you know he got all kind of mad skills and game! Maybe if a bunch of Duke players get hurt or fould out or ejected or supsended Coach Kay will play some hoops this year for Duke he would kick ass you know it homes! I bet he does in practice how else could he show them how to dunk and shoot and trash talk and all of that!! So you know the Great Coach Kay RULEZ as a playa too and not just a Coach!!!

Then comes Tom Braddy! PATRIATS RULE what more do you need to know! Braddy is the MAN and play qaterback and he is very handsome and they girls all love how he wear tight uniforms and looks all hot and sexie and they wish they could all get with him and kiss him and see him naked because he probaly is real hot naked and is all musclly and wirey and attractive to females just like me! I had a dream the other day about how all the girls love TOm Braddy and he was getting with all of them just like I do! Wow I am not going to talk about that secret dream anymore! The point is that Braddy RULEZ so never mind we are talking about FOOT BALL a MAN sport with hitting and tackeling and punching and kicking so that's what I am talking about!!

The next awesome athalete is the great Seedbizkit! Seedbiskit is a racehorse who runs very fast I saw his movie and then just rented out his DVVD and he RULEZ!!! He was a looser horse who wasent any good and everone hated him untell he met Spiderman who taught him to run fast! And so he won all they races and all the Kentuckie Derbys and National Championships of horse running and won a lot of money for the guy who invented cars! Because it was olden days! I cant wait for Seedbizkit II when he comes out of retiremint to race again I bet he wins the Kentuckie Derby AGAIN this year even though he is pretty old he's probaly 35 by now but lots of CHAMPIONS still win it all when they are even as old as that! So face facts Seedbizkit RULES so quit being jealous of him!!

So there you have the next bunch of CHAMPIONS tune in next time for more of the awesome list I know you cant wait!!

Janury 16! Yo while we wait to see my awesome Patriats win the NATIONAL CHAMPSIONSHIP AGAIN it is allso time to llok back at the Best 25 athaletes of the last 25 years! It has been 25 years sense the ESPNN started showing sports on TV and it has RULED! How else would anyone know what happen in the games if not for ESPNN but now we have it which is awesome! So today I will name the first 5 of the Best 25 athaletes of all times!

Number #1 oviously is SHACK!! Shack is big and strong and famous and CHAMPION and he is in movies and TV shows and does wrapping! So you can see there is no one who can match him EVER and he could dunk on annyone bring them on I garantee Shack would dunk in they faces face it its a fact! And so SHACK wins this very importent and impressive award just like he always wins everthing!! Congradulation SHACK!!!

Number #2 is the Great Derrick Jeeter! Derrick is the awesomest base ball player of all times oviously but sense base ball is a looser sport and sense Derrick dident win the national championship this time but Shack did then Derrick gets stuck into number #2! Otherwise he is perfect and a Hero and a champion and if you dont like him then it prooves that you are just a jealous looser! I call Derrick "Jetes" because that is a cool nickname and so Congradulations Jetes you are awesome again!!

Number #3 on the list of the awesomest athaletes of all times is Tiger Wood! Tiger Wood is a golffer and I know what you are saying golf is a stupid looser snob sport where they dont even fight or even push each other and it is lame! Well that is true but Tiger Wood is so awesome at it and such a amazeing CHAMPION that he makes up for it! He is the first black dude to ever golf and since he is so good you will probaly see a lot more of them try it I bet Shack would be a awesome golf player no way could anyone tee the ball as far as him! So untell that happens then Tigger Wood is the nuber #3 man because he wins all the time!!

Next is the awesome man called Micheal Jordan! Everone has forgot all about Micheal Jordan because he got old and retire and came back and was junky and terrable! But back in the olden days he was the awesomest and most populer and famousest player EVER! HE could dunk better then anyone and had his own MOVIE and everone wore all his tennieshoes with his name all over them!! So come on what do you want he was da MAN!!!

So there you have the first awesomest player sof all times tune back in next week and you will see who else made the list trust me there are TONS of superstars still to come who are awesome and they are dying to find out if they won or not so check it out dawg!!

Janruay 8! Yo you know who is looser is people that care about stupid Fantassy foot ball! Unreal what a bunch of dork idiot GEEKES and loosers! They set they computer and push buttons and act like geekes! Wow that is looser! Why dont they watch foot ball on TV like a REAL man! I feel sorry for these geekes so I made up a fantassy foot ball league and I had pitty for Billy Ray and so I made sure that he would win on account of how he is so jealous and looser! And he had to CHEAT and hacker into my computer to win!! Unreal!! What a jealous geeke JERK that guy is! Belief me Bucko if I would of wanted to win that stupid geeek pertend league I would of! But he CHEATED and that is bad I am so mad I aught to slash his tires that would teach him that JERK!!!! Who cares anyways I wasent even trying and it is for loosers!! That foole is in for it now I am going to call up his house and aks him if his fridgerater is running and tell him to let it out!! Hawhawhaw I can just see his stupid face when he hears that it will teach him a lesson and he will learn not to mess with me I am CHAMP and the man and the KING of whatever I want which is not fantassy foot ball which is for LOOSERS!!!!!!

Decmber 31! Yo I am a CELBRETY I told you all I was famous and now i won ANOTHER famous Award and it is so awesome all of you that douted me can CRAM it how do you like me NOW suckas!!!!! This very perstegeous web site called Hansomest Web Page and it is naming ME as Handsomest Man of the Year!!!! It is unreal how cool this is I knew it would happen and it did I told you all in you faces!!!! Go and read about my famous Award and my exclusive interview on that websight it is awesome! Right now they typed it all in there all sidewards so it is hard to read but when they fix it you will be abel to read easier and you will see how I am Hansomest Man of the YEar hawhaw cram that one Tina who looks like a looser chump who you wouldent go out with NOW!!!! I AM HANSOME!!!!!!!! Like I always told you!!!! So go and read that websight it is Hansomest Web Page this is the best thing that ever happened to anyone it is so great to be a celbrety I wander if I aught to quit my job and just be a celbrety all the time now I will probaly get a gold tooth and be on Hollywood Squares and Entertainmint Tonight and Saturday Night Alive now and i will be too buszy to work with a bunch of loosers like Billy Ray and LaShaniquia and Peewee and the rest of them! Haw this is so great!!! I love being famous!!! YESSSSS I always win!!!!! Now that I won this great award I bet I will probaly be in Peoples magazine for Sexyest People and win for Sexyest Sportwritter or Sexyest Internet Guy!! Or probaly both!!!! YESSSS!!!!


This is the amazing feature of my web sight called Ask Bandwagon Boy where you write me in a question and I answer it!

Like this: "Dear Bandwagon Boy you are smart about sports and know everthing so I was wondering if you could help me out. I want to start liking college basketball but I never went to college so I need a team to root for. Who should I pick? Signed, Undecided"

And then I will answer the question like this:
"dear Undecided the answer for you is DUKE!! Duke is number one and Awesome and the NAtional CHAMPS!! What more do you want? Plus Coach Kay is the man and will keep us there foreverandever!!! If anyone tells you they don't like Duke they are probably just jealous loosers so ignore them! Your pal, Bandwagon Boy!" See it is easy so send me one today!

Here is the latest letter it comes in from a big fan of mine called Bill and he writtes this "You have a photograph of a girl holding a sign on your web site.  The reference page/link is

I am the owner of this copyrighted photograph and it is being used without permission.  Please respect my ownership and copyright and remove this photograph as soon as possible. Thank you for your prompt action.

Bill Straus "

So I wroted back like this "Your welcome! I make you stupid pitcher all famous around the world and this is the thanks I get! Unreal! Well dont worry I took it down and you can FORGET EVER getting another of you pitchers up on my famouse award winning websight! Forget it! Beside I never put that pitcher up in the first place go and look its not even there! I bet you cant even proof that it was ever there! Beside that is a GIRL in that pitcher she is hot she isent some guy name Bill! So there! I am so sick and tired of being hastled by the man all the time! Why do playa hatas always have to be so mean I HATE them!!!

So there

Here comes the new letter it comes from some jive turkey named Proud Uncel!

It goes "Dear Bandwagon Boy, I know that you having nothing to do with the BW awards, but I would like to know how to go about making a nomination for sportsman of the year. 

No, it's not Shaq, Tom Brady, or any of the big time athletes who already get a disproportionate amount of attention and certainly don't need another pat on the back.  It's my nephew, Clarence.

"Prithee, come again?" I'm sure you're saying to yourself, being unfamiliar with any such athlete.  But hear me out.  My nephew is a junior in high school who began wrestling in the eighth grade.  He did not bring a wealth of natural ability to the table, but his enthusiasm was never flagging.  He was undaunted by low placement on his teams and frequent losses in tournaments-- he showed up at every practice with a good attitude.

This year all his hard work has really paid off, and he's improved by leaps and bounds.  He's vaulted from the sixth best wrestler on the team's 145-pound weight class to the fourth best.  I think his stellar example of making the most of one's abilities should serve as an inspiration to us all, and as such would love to see him win the BW award for sportsman of the year.  What do you think?

Sincerely, A Proud Uncle"

Proud Uncle what is wrong with you! The famous BWB awards go to FAMOUS SUPERSTARS not to loosers in high school! Geez you looser nephew sounds like a loussy wrassler anyways he cant even win haw why dont he quit and give it up trust me I can tell this kid is never going to amount to anything as a wrassler! And you want to give him a award! Haw! You aught to tell him to wake up and face the facts that he's waisting his time and he needs to face it he's a looser! Why does he loose all the time he aught to start useng forein objects in his fights and smashing people over they head with chairs that always worked for Rick Flair and Hulk Hogen and all the other great wrasslers of olden days! If you want to be a CHAMP you have to so whatever it takes to beat the other guy and you have to break the rules and fight dirty and stick it to him beffore he sticks it to you! Why dont you teach this looser kid how to do that and if he ever stops being a looser and gets good enough to turn pro and ever gets on TV then let me know! But he wont! Haw! Award! Haw!

Famous NBA man the awesome Cobey Bryan says whenever I am in town I read Bandwagon Boys aweomse web sight it is the best in the world and it is not full of LIES and nonsince and all that crap like all them looser web sites that are just jealous like espn and cnnsi and all them others! So go and read his web site today or I will break out of prison and PUNK you ass beyotch!!!

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This stupid guy PAYS me money to put his link to his stupid web sight on my page! It is dumb and full of college people looser jokes and nonsince dont go there! Ha! What a looser! Thanks for the money you sucker!
This is the websight of our Great President George
Official Web sight of the very AWESOME and perstegioust and famous BWB Awards! You wish you could get one!!