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I am the one in the pink there ---> =DD
Don't I look sooooooo HAWT?!? haha
(p.s. that is NOT me, I was jk, so... please don't take that seriously.. LOL)

Hiiii.. my name is Nadia, but majority of my friends like to call me Loni instead, which is pronounced "Law-Knee", thank you very much (along with other GAY nicknames ==") I was born on May 20th, so remember to get me a present that day! lol jk.. Being born in Calgary, would make me a CBC =) I am currently getting educated at Churchill, with only one more year left there, and then, I don't really know where I'll be heading =S blehh. I am not going out with anyone at the moment, or anytime soon. Uhhh....... I'm not very good at writing these paragraphs. =/ so yeahh. haha.. all this up there are just the basic infos, but to know me really well, well I guess you gotta talk to me. heh. anything else, msg me =)

Thanks to Azn_aHLai for the pretty banner and team_endlesz_r for uploading all my songs.

Likes: eating. music. shopping. gum. candy. chocolate. stalking LJ's. my few TRUE friends. good grades. Andy Hui. Edison Chen. ѕ. badminton. paul frank. BRIGHT colors. taking pictures. sleeping. cp. ranting. getting paid. my chinese series =D. my spare, hehe. getting text-msgs. landing on interesting pages with worth-reading contents. outgoing people who at the same time aren't creepy.

Dislikes: smokers. druggies. alcoholics. fakers. posers. cocky bastards. jerks. unit tests. show-offs (espeically those who have nothing to show off about). bugs, insects, bees. horror movies. people who call early in the morning when I'm still asleep. calgary transit. skanks. hardcore wannabe tweens. cheap people who don't use their own money, and take advantage of other people's money instead. physics. immature people (there's a fine line between being immature and being a kid at heart). rude peoples. people who don't have their own style and copy everyone else instead. people who add swears inbetween every other word ==" #$@!%#!. people who block on msn, if you do that, you might as well delete them. people who say they'll call, but never do in the end >:@.



Oct8th'04 I could care less right now. I just simply don't care anymore. What I think is what I think, and should not concern you in the least bit. I do what I want to do. I say what I want to say. I shouldn't be worrying about what you think about me, otherwise I'd be upset all the time. Time to be myself =) You may think of me as someone really important in your life, but to me, you could be the last person I think of all the time, or vice versa. I'll treat you the way I feel you should be treated by me, and how you treat me, should not interfere with that. Hmm.. does that make sense? Oh wells, all I know is that I feel so much more happier thinking things this way. You can think what you want about me, say what you think to others, but this is me, and you can either accept it, or just go away. =) Never do I want to be sad again about something someone has said about me behind my back, or a certain way they have treated me. Let's try to stay a little positive now, shall we? =)

taking my sweeeet time to resave. =]