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Who IS Tintin?!



Tintin is the main character in a book series called The Adventures of Tintin by Herge. He's the 'hero' of the books. Tintin is, if you think about it, a pretty mysterious character. In the begining there is not much you know about him. And how old is he? Of what age? Some times it seems he is a kid. His age is never told. My estimate is 21. But there is no sure way of knowing.
But there are some unfair things said about him, even by fans. Like that he is characterless. I do not agree. How can he be characterless? You can't make him do or say anything. He has his own way. His own characteristics. So much so that Herge made it clear that after he dies no one should continiue writing Tintin books because if he didn't write it, " just wouldn't be Tintin." But I think this is getting ahead of it's self. Here is Tintin's bio like he is in the books.

Tintin is a boy reporter of around the age of 21. He lives in Marlinspike. In the begining, he lived on a flat at 26 Labrador Road. Then sometime between Land of Black Gold and The Calculus Affair Tintin moved into Marlinspike Hall. The mansion is owned by his close friend, Captain Haddock. So Tintin lives with the Captain and Professor Calculus at Marlinspike Hall. Captain has a butler who lives there too. His name is Nestor.
But perhaps Tintin's dearest friend is Chang, a boy from China that he met even before the Captain. Tintin would do anything for Chang, demonstrated in Tintin in Tibet.
Tintin has a thirst for adventure. When ever he comes apon something mysterious, he gets involved and ends up having an adventure. His detective friends, Thompson and Thomson, get him started on many of his adventures by introducimg their latest cases to him.
Snowy is Tintin's faithful pet dog. He always brings Snowy along with him everywhere. And Snowy does earn his keep. He's chewed through ropes tying Tintin and has gotten Tintin out of a lot of tough spots.
Tintin is witty and a quick thinker. This explains why he is still alive. Sometimes he only survives by pure luck. He is very lucky.
Tintin is a very good person. He is kind and sensetive. He doesn't have an easy temper or get upset over nothing. And he is very, very patient.
But mind you - Tintin is only human. He gets hurt like everyone else. He doesn't always do the right thing (the right thing as in not always doing something that makes things better, like when sneaking around making a wrong decision). Of couse he is sometimes clumsy. And his patience does have an end.
But it's nice to think of him as able to do anything. I mean, what can't he drive? You name it, he drives it. Cars, tanks, motorcycles, bikes, planes, helicopters. He's driven all of those!
And Tintin is quite famous too. Mainly for going to the moon. But also for cracking the thoughest cases around the world. And that's why we like Tintin and love his books. Because we want to have adventures. We want to travel around the world. We want to be like him. We want to be Tintin. We want to be in his place. And we all know Tintin is very, very cool.


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