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Letters & Telegrams

Welcome to this page. Here are the records of the letters and telegrams in the Tintin books. Each letter (or telegram) is under the person who sent it and the people's names are in alfabetical order. I'm still missing letters and telegrams from a few of the Tintin books, but I'll be adding more over time, so don't forget to check back! NOTE: Only letters and telegrams that are shown, read or told are listen on this page.

On page 6 from The Red Sea Sharks Captain Haddock gets a letter from Abdullah reading,

"My dear Blistering Barnacles,
I have been very good. I haven’t played any jokes.
Papa wrote to me. I must go home. That’s sad,
because it is fun at Marlinspike.
With love from Abdullah”


Allan's unknown boss
Captain’s crook enemy Allan received these two following unsigned letters in Cigars of the Pharaoh.

From page 10:
“Three coffins shipped by mistake.
They contain prisoners. Guard strictly
Pending fresh orders.
Important. Repeat important.

The second (from page 12):
“Secure your prisoner. I if storm prevents
further search abandon two other coffins
and proceed to Rendezvous three.”


Bab El Ehr
On page 37 of The Land of Black Gold Emir Ben Kalish gets a ransom letter in Arabic and translates it to Tintin,

“To Mohammed Ben Kalish Ezab ... If you want to see your son again,
throw Arabex out of Khemed.”
It’s signed: "Bab El Ehr.”

Bianca Castafiore
On page 6 of The Castafiore Emerald Bianca sends a letter that Captain reads,

My dear Tintin, it is so long since... blablabla ...
two recitals in your country... blablabla ... May
your simple and unaffected friend
(not half!) invite
herself to Marlinspike Hall?
...blablabla... I shall
arrive on the 17th ... Kindest regards to Captain Bartok.

Then Tintin and Captain received telegram from Castafiore reading,
“Sincere regrets. Stop. Cannot come 17th. Stop.
Arriving 16th. Stop. Regards, Bianca.”


Tintin finds this letter with a knife stuck in it holding it onto a chair.

"If you want to see your dog again, alive,
the price is $50,000.
If you agree, put a white handkerchief
in your window. Otherwise...."


Captain Chester
When Paris Flash mistakenly announced that Bianca Castafiore and Captain Haddock were getting married an old friend of Captain’s sent him a telegram saying,

“Heartiest congratulations. Captain Chester.”

Captain Haddock
In Tintin and the Picaros Captain sends General Tapioca three telegrams after being accused of being part of a conspiracy. The first one (on page 9) reads,

“General Tapioca, Tapiocapolis, San Theodoros.
Profoundly shocked by false accusations made against
us. Stop. We register formal and absolute denial. Stop.
No regards."
Signed: “Haddock, Tintin and Calculus.”

The second one says (on page 9),
“General Tapioca, Tapiocapolis. Downright lies. Stop. Will make you swallow false allegations one day. Stop. You will end up hanging from yardarm. Stop.”

And the last one is on page 10. It reads,

“Send sage conducts. Stop. Arriving by return of post.” Signed: “Haddock.”

In the Blue Lotus the Thompsons arrest Tintin and this is what they handed in --their authorisation to operate in Chinese territory -- but the superintendent started laughing. When Tintin is let go afterward he finds out from Chang that he had switched the letter with one he wrote after he found the real letter on the ground. Here’s what Chang wrote.

"In case you haven’t noticed, we are lunatics and this proves it."

On page 4 of Tintin in Tibet Tintin gets a letter from his Chang and reads it to Captain,
“The brother of my most venerable adoptive father is living in London, where he has an antique shop. He has generously invited me to stay with him. Although unworthy of such an invitation I have accepted. Tomorrow I leave Hong Kong by air. I am filled with great pleasure that I shall see your noble face once again. I fly to Calcutta, then on to Nepal. My venerable adoptive father wishes me to pay my respects to his honorable cousin who has many children, and to take them presents.”

Page 5 of The Castafiore Emerald: “A letter from Chang in London: he’s fine, and sends you his regards.” says Tintin to Captain Haddock.

Cuthbert Calculus
On page 61 on Land of the Black Gold Professor Calculus sends a letter to Tintin and Captain in Khemed reading,

“My friends, I have immediately analyzed the tablets you sent.
I have discovered that if you add only a minute part to petrol it’s
explosive qualities are increased to an alarming degree.
By trial and error I have concluded that on single tablet dissolved
in a tank holding 5,000 gallons of petrol would be enough to cause”
(No more of the letter is shown.) Then Tintin reads the rest,
“... The research was exceedingly difficult. I enclose a photograph
of Marlinspike after my first experiments. Anyway, they were
successful: that’s all that matters. As for the phenomena in the
capillary systems of the Thompsons, these will soon cease with
the aid of the powders I have prepared and sent to you separately.
The other substance I have sent is for use with petrol, and will
entirely neutralize the effects of the compound Formula Fourteen.”

And Poor Captain is horrified to see the photo of his beautiful house now very damaged!

Cutts the butcher

“Good wishes, Cutts the butcher.” says a telegram for Captain (about him getting “married” to Bianca in The Castafiore Emerald, page 28).

Dr. Finney
In Cigars of the Pharaoh (on page 44) Dr. Finney writes a letter for Tintin to give to the superintendent of a special hospital (in other words, a nut house) telling about the two crazy men he was bringing in. But it seems like the fakir switched the letter and so it says, read by the doctor,

“He will give you this letter himself. He will tell you it concerns his
two companions. He is extremely dangerous. You should trick him
into entering a cell, rather than force him. He will keep on insisting
that he is absolutely sane.”
(Talking about Tintin.)

Doctor Leech
Here is the only letter in Red Rackham’s Treasure. It’s to Captain Haddock from his doctor.

Dear Captain,
I have considered your case, and conclude that your illness
is due to poor liver condition.
You must therefore undergo the following treatment:
All acoholic beverages (wine, beer, cider, spirits, cocktails,"

That’s all that is shown of the letter. What a nightmare for Captain!

Dr. Patella
Captain gets this telegram in page 28 of The Castafiore Emerald after it’s wrongly announced that he’s marrying Bianca.

“Sincere greetings, Doctor Patella.”

Emir Ben Kalish
On page 6 of The Red Sea Sharks a letter to Tintin from Emir Ben Kalish says,

“Most esteemed and well beloved
friend, I entrust to you my son
Abdullah, to improve his English.
Here the situation is serious.
Should any misfortune befall me
I count on you, my friend, to care
for Abdullah.
Emir Ben Kalish Ezab


General Alcazar
On page 3 is a letter to Alcazar that is read by Tintin and Captain says,

Dear Sir,
Please Telephone
PIC 8524 between 10.0
and 12.0 p.m.
Ask for Mr. Debrett

(This letter isn't from Alcazar, but is to him -- it's the only case that is like this.)

On page 53 of Tintin and the Picaros General Alcazar leaves his wife a letter saying (in bad spelling),
“My dove,
Ive gon to start the revolushun against the vial
Tapioca. Wen its over you will have the pallis
witch Ive promist you.
Much luv from your
Ive borrowd the Jolyfoliz buss and have left
sum Picaros to look after you.

Hey, is Zazar Alcazar’s first name?

Tintin gets this invitation in Tintin in America on page 53.

The directors of GRYNDE
Have pleasure in inviting
Mr. Tintin to visit their new


J.M. Dawson
This is a letter Mitsuhirato had from Dawson (The Blue Lotus) .

"I, J.M. Dawson, Chief of Police of the International Settlement,
owe the sum of 10,700 dollars to Mr Mitsuhirato.
J.M. Dawson
18. X . 31

And here’s a letter of safe-conduct given to the two Thompsons from Dawson in The Blue Lotus again. "
All Chinese authorities are hereby directed to render
whatever assistance may be required by the bearer
of this pass.
This letter was also writen in Chinese.

Here’s a third letter from Dawson to Mitsuhirato that was sent to him on a bird. (The Blue Lotus )
" Arrest failed. Tintin free. Instructions awaited."

Leader of the Central Commitee of the Distressed Gangsters Association
In Tintin in America on page 59 after he thinks he’s murdered Tintin he says,

“And finish my report to our Associations memberes:
I certify that in my presence Tintin the reporter was
thrown into Lake Michigan with four hundred pounds
weight on his feet...OK...Roll off ten thousand copies!”


Lieutenant Delcourt
Here's a wireless message that's actually for Delcourt, not from him. But since it doesn't say who it's from, the message is under the Lieutenant's name.

T.O.1026 S.C.
Twenty Arab raiders reported near Tinmin proceeding to Wells of Kefheir. Stop. Dispatch patrol."


In the The broken Ear Tintin finds this torned up part of a letter on Alonso.

I am dying
Walker expedition
the diamond
in the fetish
the broken ear


Here’s a telegram Tintn recieved (The Blue Lotus) from the Maharaja in India -- or so it seems. It actually turns out that the telegram is false, actually sent by the crooks.

"Origin: Gaipajama 0130
Please come urgently stop My
son and I in great danger

Minister of Justice
Here’s the letter Tintin got aboard his ship in The Broken Ear

"Republic of San Theodoros Ministry of Justice Los Dopicos

The Minister presents his compliments to Mr. Tintin and
requests his presence ashore to assist in the interrogation of
two suspects. Mr. Tintin is further invited to bring with him
the stolen fetish. An officer will meet Mr. Tintin on shore and
put himself at his disposal.”


Here’s a letter Tintin Mitsuhirato in The Blue Lotus.

"Mr Tintin,
the news of you arrival fills me with joy.
I cannot convey my happiness at the prospect
of gazing upon your noble and virtuous features.
May I humbly beg the privilege of calling upon
you at 3 o’clock this afternoon? My servant will
await your gracious replay.
Street of Tranquillity

This is a letter about Tintin Mitsuhirato sent to Dawson replying one he had just sent (from The Blue Lotus too).
"I want his finished! Desperate cases call for desperate
remedies! ‘Liquidate!’ One word, that’s enough!

Mr. Al Capone
Tintin found this letter on the table when he went into his hotel room in Tintin in America on page 44.

I’m warning you one last time. There’s a
train to New York in the morning at 11:55.
Be on it. Then take a boat to Europe.
Quit Chicago by noon tomorrow, or your
life won’t be worth a plug nickel...


Mr. and Mrs. Bolt
Here’s one of the many telegrams Captain gets when everyone thinks he’s getting married to Bianca in The Castafiore Emerald.

“Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Bolt.”

Oliveira da Figueira
Captain gets this telegram from his and Tintin’s friend in Khemed after he heard that Captain was marrying Bianca (a lie!),

“My most delighted good wishes, Oliveira da Figueira.”

Omar Ben Salaad
Allan gets this radio message from 'the boss' who turns out to be Omar, not Rastapopoulos for once. (Pg. 12 of The Crab With The Golden Claws)

'Send T to the bottom'
(Talking about Tintin)

Tintin gets this letter from Pablo tied to a string tied to an arrow when he was in jail. (From The Broken Ear)

“Pull up the string: a rope is attached to it. Tie the rope firmly
to the bars. When you’re ready, wave your handkerchief. As soon
as the bars have gone, jump out of the window.”


Professor Fang Hsiying
In The Blue Lotus this letter is recieved after a professor Tintin is looking for is kinapped.

"Dear Chen,
I have been seized by Chinese gangsters demanding a ransom of
50,000 dollars.
It is essential the police do not look for them. If they are alarmed
they will kill me.
The ransom is to be left, within a fortnight, at an hour’s journey
from Hukow on the right bank of the Yangtze Kiang. As I do not
possess sufficcient money
And that’s all it shows.

Ramon and Alonso
The police captain in Los Dopicos gets this fake letter about Tintin in The Broken Ear.

(Parts of this letter aren’t shown)
“tell h
you will find
in harbour. He has with him a small white dog. If you
don’t believe this letter, open his case...

Ramon and Alonso also write this letter to the captain of “Ville de Lyon” pretending that it’s from Tintin.
“Las Dopicos
Dear Captain,
As you know, I planned to continue my trip with you. However,
something new has come up concerning the theft of the fetish,
forcing me to stay longer in Las Dopicos.
I am extremely sorry if I have incon-”

And that’s all it shows.

Rodrigo Tortilla
Here’s a letter (The Broken Ear) a museum found with a fetish that had been stolen but was now returned. Even though it’s signed “X” it’s from Tortilla.

“Dear Director,
I bet a friend I could pinch something from your museum.
I won by bet, so here’s your fetish back.
Please forgive my foolishness, and any trouble I have caused.
Sincerely, X”


R.W. Trickler
R.W. faked this letter to Tintin and showed it to General Alcazar so he’d think Tintin was a traitor.

“Republic of Nuevo-Rico
War Office
Dear Colonel Tintin,
We have safely recieved the plans of the 75 TRGP which
the government of San Theodoros has just acquired.
As promised, the agreed fee will now be paid to you.


The Cigars of the Pharaoh symbol
There are many mysterious letters in Cigars of the Pharaoh that are just signed with cigar symbol.
Here’s the first one (on page 4), which talks about Tintin and doesn’t show the entire letter.

“papyrus. Watch out! He’s met a young journalist
who could be a nuisance. I want him disposed of
before he gets ashore.”
Signed with the symbol.

And the next one on page 5.
“planting drugs. He gave the police the slip.
Sarcophogus was already ashore: they’ll
probably make for Cairo. You have your
orders: carry them out!”
Signed with the symbol.

The Thompsons get this wireless signal from Tintin in The Crab With The Golden Claws (that title is too long man!).

'Have been imprisoned aboard KARABOUDJAN. Am leaving vessel.
Cargo includes opium. TINTIN'


In Tintn in America Tintin gets two telegrams and says

“These two telegrams are about Bobby Smiles.
They say he’s been seen in Redskin City, a
small place near the Indian Reservations.”

In The Crab with the Golden Claws Snowy gets a package from an unknown sender with a bone in it for him. There's a note in there that says,
"To Snowy, from an admirer"

Wang Chen-yee
In The Blue Lotus Tintin gets this letter and a parcel.

"Mr Tintin.
Come tonight at 10 o’clock to the street called T’ai p’ing lu. There
will be a lantern outside the door. Wear the clothes you will find
in the parcel. It will be easier for you to...
And that’s all of the letter it shows.

On page 55 in Explorers on the Moon Tintin and Captain find a letter left by Wolff saying,

"By the time you read this I shall have left the rocket...
When I am gone, I hope you will have enough oxygen to reach
Earth alive. Perhaps by some miracle I shall escape too.
Forgive me for the harm I have done you --
P.S. To open the outer door without sounding the alarm and
stopping the motors, I had to cut a few wires. You only need
to reconnect them, and everything will work properly again.


Amount of letters and telegrams in each Tintin book
Tintin in America: 5
Cigars of the Pharaoh: 5
The Blue Lotus: 9
Tintin and the Broken Ear: 7
The Black Island: None
King Ottokar’s Sceptre: Not known yet
The Crab with the Golden Claws: 4
The Shooting Star: Not known yet
The Secret of the Unicorn: Not known yet
Red Rackham’s Treasure: 1
The Seven Crystal Balls: None
Prisoners of the Sun: None
Land of Black Gold: 2
Destination Moon: Not known yet
Explorers of the Moon: 1
The Calculus Affair: None
The Red Sea Sharks: 3
Tintin in Tibet: 1
The Castafiore Emerald: 8
Flight 714: None
Tintin and the Picaros: 4


The Blue Lotus

Tintin and Captain sure received a lot of letters and telegrams in this The Castafiore Emerald. I can’t think of any other Tintin book that had so many letters and telegrams in it. So, even though I don’t have the letter and telegram records from all the books yet, I think this book holds the record for the most letters and telegrams---
Hold up!
Now The Castafiore Emerald used to be the book with the most letters and telegrams in it on this page. But now The Blue Lotus holds the record -- just by one letter too! It comes in with 9 letters and telegrams.

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