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Hurt Records

Dear awaiting Tintin fans... here is another album's hurt records! Check and see how and how many times Tintin, Captain and the Thompsons got hurt.

BOOK: The Red Sea Sharks

ON THE COVER: Tintin, Captain Haddock, Scut and Snowy floating on a raft in the Red Sea.



TINTIN 1. Abdullah sprays him (what a brat!) 2. Gets in a plane crash 3. Is knocked down by the blast of the plane explosion 4. He trips 5. Runs into Captain Haddock (hey, Captain gets hurt in this one too) 6. Falls, thanks to Professor Calculus (not to be pointing fingers) TOTAL MISHAPS: 6, only! That maybe Tintin's all time lowest record!

CAPTAIN HADDOCK 1.Bumps into General Alcazar (I'm sure he really appreciated that) 2. Bucket of water falls on him (Abdullah's prank) 3. Falls down stairs (thanks to Abdullah hugging him) 4. Coo-coo clock squirts him (Abdullah's fault again) 5. Sprays himself in the bath tub 6. Firework explodes under his chair (Abdullah again) 7. His pipe blows up in his face (Abdullah's prank) 8. Luggage falls on his head (plane turbulence) 9. Falls into the luggage hold 10. Gets punched (by some panicking guy when their plane was going down) 11. Gets in a plane crash 12. Gets prayed by Tintin 13. His beard catches on fire! (what a jinx) 14. Someone throws stuff at him (I think it was food going bad) 15. Is hit on the back of the head 16. Bangs his nose 17. Lifejacket blows up on him (it was Skut's) 18. Falls in the water 19. Opening door hits him (just his luck) 20. Falls off bunk 21. Chest drops on his foot (actually Tintin drops it on his foot) 22. Hose sprays him 23. Wave sweeps over him (he sure is getting wet) 24. Gets attacked by a crowd of Africans 25. Flying fish hit his face (things like that only happen to Captain...) 26. Runs into Tintin 27. Falls (simple as that) 28. Hurts himself 29. Hurts his foot 30 Falls, thanks to Professor Calculus (again not pointing any fingers...) 31. Chair he sits on explodes (that would be Abdullah's doings again) TOTAL MISHAPS: 32, he's the one who gets hurt the most in this book, by far!
The Thompsons 1. Captain hose them down TOTAL MISHAPS: 1, only!!! Even thought the two clumsy twins were not in this book a lot it's still surprising.
Here's a bonus hurt record... Professor Calculus 1. Falls on chair 2. Crashes into the table 3. Spins uncontrollably on his skates 4. Slams through Tintin and Captain 5. Crashes NOTE: All Calculus's mishaps were because of his roller skates! He was on them because he was trying to invent a new kind.

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