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BOOK: The Seven Crystal Balls

ON THE COVER: Tintin, Snowy, Captain, Calculus & Professor Tarragon



1. Trips and falls

2. Professor Tarragon crushes his hand when shaking it

3. Soot falls all over him (he was looking up a chimney 

TOTAL MISHAPS: 3 - Wow, he got lucky in this book! Is this his lowest number?

The Thomsons You're not going to believe this, but the Thomsons don't get hurt at all in this book! And they're in it for a bunch of pages. How is it possible? This is definitely a record!
Captain Haddock 1. Falls off a horse 2. Runs into a wall 3. A scenery wall falls on him (it was his own fault for kicking it) 4. He rips his head through paper (same wall scenery) 5. Falls (also thanks to some scenery) 6. A costume cow head falls on his head 7. Trips (on some ropes backstage) 8. Falls on some musicians (thanks to the cow head) 9. His hand gets crushed when Professor Tarragon is shaking it 10. A window shutter hits his face (to be precise: his nose) 11. Falls of his bed (how old is he?.. too old for that!) 12. Professor Calculus runs into him 13. Falls down stairs (after tripping on a rug - poor guy!) 14. Flower pot hits his head (and it breaks too) 15. A branch falls on him (he can thank Tintin for that) 16. Gets hit in the face 17. Kicks a brick hurting his foot TOTAL MISHAPS: 17

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