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The Crab with the Golden Claws Scenery

Hi. I'm so sorry that this page has had so many problems in the past. But now you'll finally get to view it since I've redone it. Blistering barnacles! All's well that ends well. Anyway, this page has a record of all the back ground scenery that is in The Crab with the Golden Claws.

Street 1-2 (the page numbers) Restaurant 2-3 Street 3 Inside the Thompson's home: messy papers and book all over a table 3-4 Stairs 4 Hallway 4-5 Street 5-6 Stairs 5 (Tintin's just going back and forth isn't he?) Inside Tintin's home 6-8 Stairs 8 (again with the stairs!) Landlady's place 8 Stairs 8 (Jeez!) Inside Tintin's home 8-9 Inside the Thompsons' home 8 At ship docks: ships, people, seagulls, water 9-10 Inside the 'Karaboudjan' ship 9-18 While inside the ship: hallways, doorways 10 Table and chairs 11 Hallway 11 The hold 11-13 Cargo hold 13-14 (Tintin and Snowy go from one hold to another) In Captain Haddock's cabin 14 (the first time we lay eyes on Captain!) Side of ship 14-15 In Haddock's cabin 15-17 Hallway 17 Cargo hold 17-18 Hall 18 Haddock's cabin 18 The ocean 18-24 (the spend a long time floating in a boat) Inside an airplane 24-26 (Tintin pilots) Thunderstorm clouds 24-26 (Thundering typhoons, turbulence!) Sand dunes 26 Burning plane and sand dunes 26-27 (oops, Tintin crashed the plane) Sand dunes 27 (obviously they crashed in the desert) Sand dunes and a camel skeleton 27 (ew!) Desert (sand dunes) 28-32 Tintin's dream 32 In some sort of a building 33-34 Sand dunes (desert) 34 (what an eye sore) In a building 34-35 Desert 35-39 The city 39 Crowded street/market place 39-41 Restaurant 41-42 Ship docks 42 Street 43-45 Taxi 45 Street 45-46 Inside a shop 46-48 Street 48-50 (there's too many street scenes in this book) Inside of a shop 51 Street 51 Inside a shop again 51 Cellar 51-52 Secret passage 52-53 (tight!) Secret underground pace 54 Wine cellar 54-55 Secret underground place 55-56 Ben Salaad's house 56-57 Street 58 (not again) Secret underground place 58 Street 58-59 (I give up.) Boat and water 59-60 Street 60-61 (nooo!) Tintin's apartment 61-62 Radio studio 61-62
Well, there you have it, all of the scenery from Golden Claws Tintin book. So many streets scenes! It was bugging me. LOL.

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