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Hurt Records

BOOK: The Black Island

ON THE COVER: Tintin and Snowy on a motor boat



1. Gets shot, the bullet grazing his rib 

2. Falls off chair

3. Gets knocked out with a closh hit

4. Trips

5. Gets hit on the head by a bone (how weird)

6. Trips (again)

7. Foot is snapped in a man-trap (ouch!)

8. Gets into a fight with Dr.Muller (a long one)

9. Flips backward

10. Passes out (broken chloroform bottles)

11. Gets caught in Dr. Muller's burning house (they left him to die)

12. Trips over cables 
13. Red beacon and branch falls on him (on the head, he should have 
been knocked out)

14. Rake handle hits him in the face

15. Gets in a caravan accident (it crashes into a tree)

16. Flies out caravan's window 

17. Falls into a brook (after flying out of the caravan)

18. Slams into a man

19. Crashes through waiter 

20. Thomson's cane jerks him by the neck (the Thompsons were trying 
to catch him)

21. Plane drives at him

22. Gets in a plane crash

23. Flies off of plane and lands in thorny brambles

24. Falls (enough said)

25. Crook hurts Tintin's leg (they'll do that)

26. Rock block hits his head knocking him out (his own fault for 
shooting at the ceiling) 

27. Falls (again)

28. Trips and falls down stairs (smooth move)


THE THOMPSONS 1. They slip on a wet floor (and at a hospital too!) 2. Luggage falls on their heads 3. They fall 4. Slam into each other (after Tintin handcuffed them together) 5. Plane dives at them (same as Tintin) 6. Falls off of a flying plane! (the plane was doing a loop-the-loop) 7. Falls into the plane (the plane caught him in midair, the lucky guy!) 8. Gets in a plane crash (the same unlucky plane) 9. Thomson falls off a boat 10. Thompson then also falls off the boat 11. Tintin crashes into them TOTAL MISHAPS: 11, only. Why did Tintin get hurt so much more?

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