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Hurt Records

 BOOK: Land of the Black Gold
ON THE COVER: Tintin, Snowy, Thomson, Thompson, and Doctor Muller


TINTIN THOMPSONS CAPTAIN 1. Bitten by a 1.Their car 'booms' 1. Flare shoots rat in thier faces at his face 2. Trips 2.Their cigarette 2. Sand is thrown 'booms' in thier at his face 3. Falls down faces stairs 3. Gets hit on the 3. Have a car nose 4. A brick hits accident hitting his head their car to a 4. Cigar blows up tree in his face 5. Something explodes in his 4. Car tire END face explodes in thier TOTAL MISHAPS: 4 faces Wow, why does he, 6. Falls Captain the clutz, unconscious 5. Gets kicked got hurt so few down stairs times? 7. Gets hit on It's because he the head with a 6. Luggage falls on only showed up at stick and is their heads the end of the knocked out 7. Have another car book. accident by hitting 8. Gets caught another tree in a sand storm 8. Fall on their 9. Gets hit by faces in sand flying cloth 9. Have another car 10. Gets hit on accident (!!!) the face by Snowy driving right into a lake 11. Gets in a car accident 10. Gets caught in sand storm 12. Runs into a pillar 11. Thomson falls face first in sand 13. Gets punched 12. Gets in ANOTHER 14. Falls on car accident (the couch fourth time!) 15. Picture in a 13. Gets kicked frame falls on into jail his head 14. Thomson steps 16. Water squirts off a moving car on his face and falls 17. Slips on a 15.Get headaches skate 16. Get sick from 18. Falls swollowing "Formula Fourteen" 19. Hand gets bitten END TOTAL MISHAPS: 16 20. Trips 21. Falls 22. Falls back- wards 23. Flares go off all around him END TOTAL MISHAPS: 23 ____________________ WOW, Tintin's the one who got hurt the most in this book! Not even the Thompsons or Captain beat him. Tintin got bitten 2 times, fell 5 times, and triped 2 times. A lot of it was Abdulah's fault. The Thompsons had things explode in their faces 3 times, and got into amazingly 4 car wrecks! Thomson got fooled by 3 mirages and Thompson got fooled by 4. Well, thats it for this book!

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