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~*~*~Cloud 9~*~*~

Hey!!! Tell all your friends about my site kk! I upload my site like every day and im also online everyday.....kk so if u wanna chat im usually on at about 2:30 everyday kk....anywayz.....luv ya lotz! muah! (scroll down to see pics of my life kk!)

My name is Vicky. I am 12 years old in 7th grade and i go to Middle School. Most of u who r reading this probably already know that but oh well. My favorite color is orange and pink, i luv clouds and angels, and i LUV If u ever feed me bacon, u wont get any, trust me.....well, maybe a slice, or a half, but yeah. My best friend is Melissa (her web site address is check it out kk!) im kinda short, but i dont care. I do gymnastics and i can almost do a back handspring. But i can do a front one without a spoter. My favorite song is My Boggie Shoes, which u have not heard of im sure. And thats pretty much about me. :)


This is one of my kittys. Her pretty face is Boomer. She isn't the cuddeliest kitty, but i still luv her very very much! Shes still scared about coming in the house even though we've had her for 13 years! She about 14 though. go down to see more about me and my life.


This is the other kitty Gadget........ya know from inspector gadget. We found him in our backyard when I was not even one yet. He is about 12 years old like me. He is really cuddely and loves to sleep on ppls beds, like in the pic. Gadget and Boomer are our main cats, we have 3 others, but my mom and dad says that there not really ours, we just feed them.

Mountain Retreat

This is a pic of me, my 2 brothers, and my sis. I am the gurl with the blue swimsiut. This pic was taken at our vacation in January. We are in an indoor pool where we spend most of our time. We come here every year and ive come here every year of my life.

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