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Me You WWW


A kind of winter themed div layers design. It's best viewed in a resolution of 1024x768 or bigger. The text on the left: me, you, www are used for navigation. But that speaks for itself. ;) The image is from and it's edited in photoshop7. The layout is coded by me in notepad. Please let me know when you're using my layout by signing my guestbook at =D

How to use

Download the layout and unzip the files into a new folder. Open index2.html and edit the links and the content. Upload everything to your site and you're done! Not too hard, huh? =)


Yups, I've made 2 avatars and a button. =)


Leave the text at the bottem of this page on every page. Do not delete it. Also leave my site url on the pic. ;)

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