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Beretta web site
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Thrasher Performance

In march of 99 I got my first car. A 89 Beretta GT. It wasn't much good gas, decent performance for its age. Paint was in great shape, not a scratch or any pealing. Interior was perfect to so it was a pretty good car for me to drive. I didn't really like this car at first, I was always the kid that loved the F-body and vettes. After driveing this car for awhile i notice it was a very sporty ride. Took corners like it was nothing, great resonce from brakes going into corners and pretty good performance coming off,but it wasn't enough. When I turned 17 it was hell with this car all year 3 trannys blew up 2 broke just going from 25-35 mph gently in town.3T40s' SUCK NUTS. When I turned 18 I found a beautifull body kit for the beretta. The preditor GFX kit. So I pulled 600$ out of the bank. started heading to my dads work to order the kit and a half mile away from my house a kid t-bones me while running a red light. well luckly enough i saw him at the last minute and used one of my fun tricks to save my car from being damaged more than it could have been."got to love controled slides. he still did 3000 dollar in damage but not near as bad as it could have been. So I got a new paint job. body kit and rims out of the deal. later in the year guess what happens the tranny blows again. 4 trannys within a year and a half is to much money. So I start looking for a motor and tranny that would make my car crazy like no one has done before.3800SC with a 4T65-E tranny to back it up. Yes i'm not the first to do it but I dont know anyone else using the 4T65-E.??? Couple are using the 4T60-E. To read about the GTX Supercharged project go to GTX Creations paige.