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Master Breeder Award given out during the year of:

Robert "Bob" Nolan - English Trumpeters, Dana Point, CA

Out and About With 
Robert "Bob" Nolan


It was totally random Bob Nolan picking up that American Pigeon Journal with my bird on the cover...

This little black hen is the former "Pageant of Pigeons" Grand Champion

Bred and Owned by Robert "Bob" Nolan

Photo of Bob's loft

A picture of Bob's "Tiger Prince"

This is a very famous E.T that has appeared on the cover of the American Pigeon Journal

This is where the "Master Mind" does his work... the art of breeding champions... and Bob has many.

Note the Black E.T. on the ground... Bob's helper let out a very expensive imported Trumpeter and Bob used that Black E.T. you see in the photo to lure the import back in its cage. Worked like a charm... Right Bob! (Good thing Bob's a former high jumper!)

In the individuals against the wall are Bob's Parlor Rollers

Nice... Nice setup that is! Outside view of Bob's lofts

A few of Bob's 2001 Parlor Rollers

Bob's National Champion

    This black hen rolled a little over 93' at the Great Western 2001 all breed Pigeon show, and was Grand Champion at the Tacoma Washington N.P,A. Grand National 2002.

    Way to Go Bob! At the Nationnal this little hen rolled 50' 9" in high grass and pouring rain! This hen is tough!

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