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Wicca For All People

The time has come for me to leave, and pass the torch onto another. That's right, I am giving away this website. If you think you are worthy of this gift, email me at and tell me why I should give it to you. Peace. Welcome to the Wicca For All People website! In our quest to make this the single most informative Wiccan directory on the Internet, this site is and always will be under construction. We have started small, and will continue to build up, but we need your help! Is there any information that you would like to see posted right away? Anything that you request to be on the site, as long as it pertains to Wicca, will be posted in a matter of days. Send all your inqueries to the website founder, whose email address is located on the bottom of this page. If you would like, you can become a member of the Wicca For All People online club, and remain in close contact with the creators of this site, as well as submit some of your own work. Email the founder with anything you would like to see posted, such as some original poetry, or a spell that you particularly like and would like to share with the world. Blessed Be!

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