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Weavies and Tri-Looms (together at last)

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There are people everywhere who love weavies and weaving. If you are looking for others to learn and share with, here are some places you may want to start. If you have other suggestions on sites, please let me know.   

Buxton Brook Looms
Weave in the palm of your hand … with Weavette® Looms.

Buxton Brook Looms & Design is the premier source for the Weavette® looms, identically manufactured from the historic Weave-It® looms and compatible with the original Loomette, Jiffy-Loom, and Magic-Loom from the 1940s.   This portable handheld loom system (crafted in hardwood with stainless steel spacing pins) weaves textured motifs in various shapes and sizes.  Thread the loom with yarn, cord, ribbon or wire for limitless modular design possibilities. Embellish with beads, feathers, or embroidery as you weave.  Combine with knitting or crocheting.  Assemble woven pieces together for fashion, jewelry, decor, scrapbooks or miniatures.  Weavette® Looms provide an intergenerational & educational connection to a traditional craft, whether you’re a novice or an expert weaver.  (Wholesale accounts available.  Call 800-358-2782 for complete product and marketing information.)
Inherit Tradition   *   Nurture Talent   *   Spark Creativity

Big Ideas from Little Looms - A site by Jana Trent - explores the many types of little looms, with notes about their use, history, plus tips, tricks, ideas, weaving and assembly. This is a site written with panache and great love for these tiny looms. Jana shows a number of her own fabulous projects.  Do check out the Gallery with copies of many of the original small loom project books. These show clothing for babies and adults made with Weave-it squares, several books for Loomette, Bucilla Magic Squares and Jiffy Loom plus four books of weaving patterns for small looms. The clothing styles are definitely dated but the techniques work just as well as they did in 1938. 
VIP Fibers
This site is devoted to spinning yarn from pet fiber. Victoria pointed out that she loves Weavies One because it offers great ideas for the use of small amounts of yarn. Go to Project Ideas and Pictures and slide waaaay down. You'll find a great picture of a Weavie Mouse made out of spun cat hair. Which may be a perfect example of irony.
Tornadowood Looms
Specializing in small looms for the handweaver, Tornadowood is a small, family owned business located in rural North Central Texas. They make each of the items by hand in their own shop. See this site for handmade Paperback Looms, Weaving Sticks and a variety of Inkle Looms.
Cotton Clouds, Inc.
Mail Order Cotton Yarns. Can't find a yarn? They'll help you find it or help you substitute a Cotton Clouds yarn in your pattern. They've been shipping 100% cotton and cotton blend yarns all over the world for over 15 years.
Hazel Rose Looms
Looking for looms? Here are eight inch and twelve inch bias looms - they are warped and woven like triangle looms plus they have matching triangle looms. It open incredible possibilities for design. Great prices, beautiful looms.
Fancy Fibers
Beginner be inspired. Explore the world of fiber art with a fellow explorer who finds joy and satisfaction in even the humblest projects. Check out the Gallery, Studio, Books and Tips at this lovely site.
Triangular Frame Loom Site by Linda L. Smith
Linda has put together a clear, creative approach to building and using a triangular loom. When I visited the site there appeared to be some construction difficulties, if you can't get to it, here is Linda Smith's e-mail
Small Looms Site
This is the sign up spot for a super small looms e-mail list run by Webmaster Phil Costa. Great people-- they are open and supportive "for those of you with Weavettes, Weave-Its, rigid heddles, table looms, and all sorts of handheld looms." Read digests from the Small Looms mailing list, check out the weaving exchange and educational opportunities!
E-mail Addresses of people who are doing great things but do not have a website:

Small Looms In Action -- a great new book on a variety of small looms, including variations of the weave-it, by Elizabeth Jensen. Email the author for a brochure or to order.

"Soul Mate Dolls: Dollmaking as a Healing Art" by Noreen Crone-Findlay uses a variety of small looms. There are patterns for 40 dolls or so, many of whom (The Forgiveness Fairy, the Recovery Doll, The Mermaid are either totally woven, or partially woven. Lots of woven doll clothes, and nifty doll chairs shaped like cat, rabbit and flowers with woven seats. It's available from Krause at 1-800-258-0929 or from or, hopefully soon, your local bookseller. ISBN: 0-87341-806-9. $21.95

The Weave-It, produced over the years in both wood and plastic.


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