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::Reading Guitar Tabs::

Its not hard to read guitar tabs once you understand the set up of the strings and frets. Once you've learne them tabs should be as easy as 123.

Tabs are written sometimes in different ways but basiclly with the same set up. A Tab is short for Tabulature, which is the way of writting music for the guitar with out using musical notation.

This is an example of a tab from the beginning of the song Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) by Green Day(most of the time you will only see it with 5 lines becuase the 1st string isnt used, but Ive included it for easier understanding)::


The lines::----- represent the strings and the numbers are which fret is played. You read tabs left to right, just like a book, so for the above example, you would play it(pick in the case of this song) like this::
6th string 3rd fret two times, 3rd string 3rd fret, pick the 4th string open(dont press down anywhere), and the do it over again.

Tabs don't tell you everything about the song, so you have to listen to the song its self on the c.d. or radio or wherever to know wether its picked, how fast to strum or when to pause and such.

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