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::Guitar Anatomy::

Body: The main part of the guitar which connects to the guitar neck. Also where the pickups and bridge is located.

Bridge pin: The bridge assembly, or just "bridge" is an area on the face of the guitar where the string meet or are connected to the face.

Frets: Vertical metal wires which sit vertically on the guitar neck.

Headstock: The area of the guitar at the end of the neck where the strings are tuned.

Neck: The long narrow part of the guitar where notes are fretted. Located between the body and headstock of the guitar.

Nut: The point on the guitar neck where the strings touch the neck and join the headstock.

Tuning Pegs: The pegs located at the headstock which are used to tune the guitar. the Machine Heads have gears, which when turned, can tighten or loosen the string.

Everything else is self explanatory but if you still have questions email me