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Pee Wee's Play House is making its way back on the air!!! Cartoon Network has Bought 45 original episodes and will be airing them as part of Cartoon Networks Adult Swim line up starting July 10... make shure to support Paul Reubens and watch that shit.. i know i prob. will be as Adult Swim is the only thing i really watch. I finally downloaded the Super Columbine Massacre RPG. It reminds me of Segaís Final Fantasy, but itís not the graphics or the shitty fighting that makes the game great, itís the idea that you get to go around the school and kill students. I recommend killing all the students in the school before you kill yourself. Once you get in hell youíre going to need some help at first. After awhile its mass murder on some demons. Oh ya and Satan is the Satan off of South ParkÖ

Marijuana is proven not to cause lung cancer, the more you research it the more you find out it doesnít make sense to be illegal. New Aqua Teen Hunger Force due out this fall followed by the movie. Iím never going to leave the house again once that movie comes out on DVD. Worried that you might not have a job in 20 years??? Here is some information I picked up...

10 Jobs That Wonít Change in 20 YearsÖ

10. Soldier (It pays)
9. Religious Leaders (Want to touch little boys?)
8. Artists (Only the good ones)
7. Barber (Unless we all join the military)
6. Tax Collector (You probably know someone getting audited)
5. Parents (This job pays no cash, make them babies)
4. Morticians (People will always be dieing)
3. Politicians (God damn it!!!)
2. Criminals (Stealing will always be the same)
1. Prostitutes (I canít believe that this was actually put)

Donít these sound like great career opportunities? Well shit, they left out Drug DealersÖ does that mean that drugs wonít be around in 20 years? Or will they be legal?