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ok these are funny things; once at camp me and my freind adam went into this counselors room and he yelled "WHAT KIND OF A GAY PLACE IS THIS!"---once my he and i were walking down the hall at church and we saw his mom and this lady sarah huddled to the side, and i said they were smoking marajuana, so he ran up to them and said "steven said yall are smoking pot" but much to my horror they were PRAYING! i felt very dumb.---oh one time hannah and i were looking at this scary woman at a resturant and we were looking at her for a while thru a window into a differnt section of the place, and i was wondering why she dint look back at us, but then we saw a waiter next to the "window" and we figured out it was a mirror, and the woman was actuall at a table pretty close to us.--oh once in the seventh grade at gym some kid took my pant out of my locker, i had my gym clothes on, so had to go the rest of the day with this button up shirt on and these red shorts that looked like underwear---oh one time me and adam, my older bro roy, and adam's older bro andrew, were driving, and these girls pulled up next us and were waving and they kept slowing down and speeding up and andrew just thought they were just retard idiots, and he SLAMMED on his horn [which was a queer kind of toot sound], it was so funny, he scared them away---once emily campbell was volenteering at a nursing home and this old woman kept saying "touch me" and em at first went over and poked her, then the woman said "kiss me" haha emily didnt kiss her though [i think]--recently at a youth movie night we were watching "space balls" and on the movie this guy shoots laser at this other guys crotch, and shy lil amber yelled out "whats he doing,?? shrinking it?" haha---once at the starcenter this girl was trying to flirt with andrew, so her friend went up and told him "my friend thinks she knows you from somewhere" and andrew just bluntly said "no, i dont know her" and walked off--my great grandmother has this stuff to kill ants at her garden and its a white powder and now she is scared of it cuz she thinks it is the same thing as anthrax--once at chaps i saw this freakishly small woman, she wasnt a migit she looked like a regular lady but at scale model size, i couldnt stop laughing---once i acidentally stabbed my hand and i fraked out like i was gonna die, and then i calmed down but i didnt want to tell anybody, so i went to adam's house the next day [sunday] and i was going to church with him, and i showed him and he got really grossed out, cuz it was open and he said it was open like it was talking to him--once was just playing around and i was just gonna spray this fire extinguisher a little bit, but it sprayed REALLY HARD , and filled the room with a yellow cloud, and my uncle tim got mad hahah---there is this one girl named fetus haha---