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I am the source of PAIN, I make blood flow like RAIN,
I am the main-man INSANE, I will MAKE YOU BE SLAIN!

Yeaaaa, do you like objectiles of which are sharp?
That I could use to gut you like a carp.
Would you pefer the feal of rope burn on your neck?
Or a final fealing of a vulture's flesh-eating peck?
How about I dump you in the piranna tank?
Or feed you to sharks pirate-style, walkin' the plank?
Consider the option to be buried alive,
Or do ya wanna wear concrete shoes, takin' a dive?
Maybe you'd enjoy a lion or tiger maul,
Or a barrell ride over the great Niagara Fall.
Do you just want to be pumped full of hot lead?
But I'd shoot you one hundred times before you were dead! (chorus)

Verse 2:
First I'd break your fuckin' knees,
Then listen to you beg, "No, no, please".
After that I'd break every single finger,
Just to let the painful torture linger.
Piece by piece, I'd take your intestines,
And hear your weeping, crying and whines.
Next your nose would be smashed and cut off,
While the blood causes you to gargle and cough.
One by one, your teeth would be shattered,
Then the limbs detached, seperated and scattered.
So you're left, only torso and deformed head,
So I'll feed you vital organs, until you are dead!(chorus)

-Feb 21, 2000