Verse 1:
My mind's boggled and in a twist,
Can't see the path in this thick mist.
The directions and choices all seem so blurry,
It's like being lost in a snowstorm flurry.
Faced with options, decisions and choices,
Advice is offered by so many alternate voices.
Memories repetitively come back to haunt,
But I don't even know what the fuck I WANT!

The disillusion, of the abusion, from the constatution, leads to the conclusion,
That all I know, about this life, is it's full of, much KONFUSION!
The conclusion, of that contribution, and your abusion, brought an illusion,
OF KONFUSION, Yea it's all KONFUSION, Can't see past the KONFUSION,

Verse 2:
So many ways that this can be taken,
I was hurt because your love was faken.
Last time the paranoia had sunken in,
I can't survive for if it were to flunk again.
We shouldn't jump ahead and fall to lust,
And we both must learn that we have to trust.
Talking and being together will let us know,
In which direction we should both go, so.... (CHORUS)

Verse 3:
Before I underwent open-heart disection,
And one year later, I'm stuck at an intersection.
I could turn left, right or go straight,
I wish I could reverse but it's too late.
I fucked up too, cuz too oftenly I had lied,
But the past is set in stone, the future's open wide.
It's a new chance and a brand new day,
Hopefully this time it'll go the right way... (CHORUS)

Verse 4:
I just hope that there's no misunderstandings,
Cuz my heart can't take any repeated-reprimandings.
After the last break, I was extremely distraught,
I thought it was my fault every time we fought.
I was looking at it wrong, my camera was angled,
But now I'm lost, my thoughts are all tangeld.
I'm slowly figuring it out, piece by damn piece,
But when will this bombardment of advice cease?(CHORUS)

Verse 5:
So now I'm standing on this border-line,
But it's all crooked like an Estacy-spine.
I refuse to fall victim, so you can not seduce,
Me, because I just can't put up with mis-use.
That's one of my fears cuz I will not be whipped,
I'm a fly like a bird, ain't gettin' my wings clipped.
There's may directions, three-hundred and 60 ways,
But we'll just have to wait, till the end of our days...(CHORUS)

Verse 6:
So as I begin Konfusion's final verse,
My heart returns to life, back from the herse.
But it can't help, for it's still in a bind,
Cuz so many damned thoughts envoke my mind.
I want everything to become very easy and simple,
Then I can handle it, like a white-headed pimple.
So I still know people, who my patience they taunt,
But still to this day, I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK I WANT! (CHORUS)

*bass tablature produced, song written on March 6, 7, 8 and 9 of 2001.*