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The encyclopedia is color coded:

Yellow indicates a person.
Green indicates a weapon or a robot.
Blue indicates a vehicle.
Purple indicates an item, armor, or mech suit.
White indicates a concept, place, or company.

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Air Bike
See "Capsule Bike #67".

Air Car
This air car resembles the air car from Star Wars very strongly. It seats two, has joystick controls, and uses anti-gravity to stay aloft. For a windsheild, it uses half a bubble dome.

Anti-Gravitation Air Craft
See "Capsule Plane #61".

A short girl with purple hair and glasses, Arale is from another one of Toriyama's mangas. She makes a special appearance in a little joke-manga, where she meets Goku.

Owned by Upa (the small Indian American) the battle axe can be thrown as a decently powerful attack against an enemy.

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Babidi's Spaceship
Babidi's spaceship has six different levels. On the first five levels, there are bosses, each more powerful than the last. Babidi and the egg containing Majin Buu are on the bottom level. Babidi also has the ability to teleport his spaceship where ever he wants.

Basho Sen
This device looks a bit like a fan, but has magical powers.

Battle Jacket
A jacket created by Dr. Gero for the Red Ribbon Army. This jacket greatly increases one's strength, and is used almost like a mech suit.

Silver, one of the Red Ribbon bosses, is the only person to posses the bazooka. The bazooka has a sight, and is meant to be held on one's shoulder.

Beam Gun
Freeza's minions posses these guns. A normal, weak fighter, can use these guns to shoot KI blasts, but these blasts are exceedingly weak.

A little cat-bell that Karin possesses. It is of no real use.

Bike | Picture
This one wheel bike has the brand name "Scargo" printed on it. This is undoubtedly a pun on "escargot," because the bike looks a lot like a snail. It is meant to seat only one.
For more bikes, see "capsule bike".

The binoculars are a very commonly used item. From Red Ribbon agents, to police, to the Tenkaichi Budoukai announcer, everyone finds use for these long-distance magnifying devices.

Boat | Picture
A simple motorboat. This boat is used for above-water travel, and cannot be submerged.

The boomerang is used by Tao Pai Pai as a weapon against Goku. It is a rather standard boomerang, and is colored black.

Bunny Suit
When Bulma needs to change clothes while in Oolong's house wagon, all he has is the Playboy-esque bunny suit.

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Camouflaged Spaceship
Bulma, Gohan and Kuririn accidentally fly into the Camouflaged spaceship on their trip to Namek. They are confronted by a race of angry people whose planet was destroyed by Freeza's henchmen, but soon befriend them, and leave in peace.

See Hoi Poi Capsule.

Capsule #9 Bike | Picture
The Capsule #9 bike is what Goku uses to rescue Bulma from the claws of a flying dinosaur early in Dragon Ball. It has two wheels, and a semi-bubble dome for the driver. It can seat two if the second rider sits behind the driver, but it is meant to only seat one.

Capsule #67 Bike | Picture
The Capsule #67 bike uses anti gravity to move. It can seat only one, and has a vent in the front.

Capsule #61 Plane | Picture
The Capsule #61 plane has two round wing-like devices, and a fin extruding from each wing which are slanted outward. It can seat only one, and has two jet boosters, and a glass bubble dome covering the pilot's seat.

Capsule #115 Plane | Picture
The capsule #115 plane has two wings, each with a booster on it. It halso has a tall fin on top, and can seat two. The pilot sits on the right. There are two guns mounted on top of the plane.

Capsule #192 Plane | Picture
The #192 plane is a very peculiar model. It seats up to seven people, and has three anti-gravity boosters to keep it aloft. The pilot sees through a windshield, and there are two windows on each side of the windeshield, and close to the two windows are two vents for temperature control.

Capsule #239 Plane
A Capsule 239 plane has two very long wings, which are almost like sticks. It has two guns mounted, and can seat three (one pilot and two passengers). It also has an antenna, and the pilot's seat is covered by a glass bubble dome.

Capsule #240 Plane
The capsule #240 plane is very similar to the capsule #239 plane. In fact, the only difference is that the capsule #240 plane can seat only one, while the #239 plane can seat three.

Capsule #339 Plane | Picture
The #339 plane is a cargo transportation plane. It has eight wheels, 30 windows, and a large gate which opens, into which one can load cargo.

Capsule #576 Plane | Picture
This capsule #576 plane is like a flying house-van. It can seat two in the pilot's seat, but it has eight wheels, and a space in the back. It has two wings, two boosters, and two antenna.

Capsule #991 Plane | Picture
This plane can seat two, and is able to travel rather quickly. It has two wings from each side, and one fin on top. It has two jet boosters in the back.

Capsule Corporation
The company owned by Bulma's family, Capsule Corp. manufactures the Hoi Poi capsules that Bulma is always using.

Capsule House
See "Hoi Poi Capsule #1".

Capsule Refrigerator
The capsule refrigerator is used by Future Trunks after he kills Freeza. It is the size of a normal computer, is battery powered, and bears the number "2031" on its door.

Capsule Spaceship | Picture
This spaceship is what Goku used to fly to Planet Namek. It is a large spaceship, and the engine was taken from Nappa's old space pod.

Capsule Sword
One of Tao Pai Pai's weapons, the capsule sword is a curved samurai sword, which emerges from a Hoi Poi capsule.

Converted Scouter
Thanks to Bulma, the converted scouter displays numbers, instead of the alien langauge that is their default.

Crystal Ball | Picture
Both Babidi and Urai Baba have crystal balls which they can use to see different places, or use to channel their powers.

Cybernetic Scouting Plane
This is a tiny flying device, which is shaed somewhat like a tadpole, and can be used to, well, scout.

Cyborg Tao Pai Pai
Tao Pai Pai is an assasin who tried to kill Goku. He is also re-made as a cyborg, and tries to exact revenge, but fails.

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One of Cyborg Tao Pai Pai's secret weapons, a dagger can spring forth from his left arm. The dagger is, by estimate, about 14 inches long.

Denshi Jar
This is the container used to seal Piccolo away in Dragon Ball. There are two different versions. One is a jar and the other is a container (much like a milk bottle). They have magical powers to suck in other beings, when the correct attack is used.

Diving Boat | Picture
The diving boat can seat three. It also has three boosters, and a bubble dome to sheild the passengers and pilot.

Dog Food
Fat Buu (after he is turned good) eats this...

Dragon Balls
The Dragon Balls are what the whole plot of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT revolves around. When all seven magical Dragon Balls are collected (there are a certain number of starts in each ball, numbering one through seven), the mighty Dragon Shenron is summoned, who will grant one wish. The Dragon Balls are the creation of the Nameks, who also have their own Dragon God, name Porunga. After being used, the Dragon Ball scatter across the Earth, and cannot be used for another year.

Dragon Radar
The Dragon Radar can be used to find the location of the seven Dragon Balls. It has a single button on top, which is what is used to to turn it on and off. It also shows the motion of the Dragon Balls (if they are moving when the radar is activated).

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Egg Shell
This is a little spikey ball that splits in half when the being inside is ready to hatch. This is what Cell hatched from. Majin Buu is sealed in (and comes out of) a very similar ball, only far bigger.

Emergency Stop Controller
Dr. Gero installed some of his androids with self-destruct devices. The emergency stop controller can be used to activate these.

Energy Extractor
This is used by Babidi's minions to steal energy in order to release Majin Buu from the egg he was sealed into by Bibidi.

Energy Meter
The energy meter is what Babidi and Dabura use to measure the amount of a energy gathered for the release of Majin Buu. There are two versions: one where the needle goes all the way around (like a clock) and one where the needle goes from about 30 degress left, to 45 degrees right (almost like a speedometer).

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Fighting Jacket (Saiya-jin Battle Armor)
There are four models of the fighting jacket. There is the lighter, more advanced model that Vegita wears, which sheilds only one's chest, and not shoulders, thigh, or groin. There is the older and larger model, which shields the chest, shoulders, thigh, and groin. There are also two models worn by the Ginyuu force. The first Ginyuu force model shields the sholders, thighs, and chest, and bears the logo of the Ginyuu force on the left breastplate. The other model of the Ginyuu force sheilds only the chest and shoulders, and has the Ginyuu force logo in the same position.

Four Star Silver Model Car | Picture
This is a rather expensive hovercraft car. It uses anti-gravity to propel itself, and has two headlights, and can seat two. It has vents on either side of the car, for engine cooling.

Freeza's Pod
Freeza uses this little anti-gravity device to float around menacingly. The pod has one anti-gravity device on the bottom, and can seat only one.

Freeza's Spaceship
Freeza's spaceship looks very much like a giant bug. It has three main windsheilds, and 25 auxilary windows, located all around the spaceship. The ship is destroyed on Namek, along with the planet.

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Believe it or not, Mr. Satan owns a Gameboy. I'm speechless...

Gas Chamber
One of Lord Pilaf's failed plots to kill Goku and company, the gas chamber emits poisonous gas to those inside(well, obviously).

Ginyuu Force
The Ginyuu force is composed of five members, each very powerful. Each member of this dangerous quintet has their own special attack and advantages. The leader is Captain Ginyuu, and the group obeys Freeza.

Goku's Family's Car #1 (Son Family Car #1) | Picture
The Son Family car seats three (one driver and two passengers behind the driver), has two vents, two headlights, two wings (one on each side) and bears the Capsule insignia on the front. The windshield is a partial bubble dome, made of glass.

Goku's Family's Car #2 (Son Family Car #2) | Picture
The Son Family's second car is a more down-to-Earth model. It has four headlights, a single antenna on the roof, and two jet boosters in the back. It seats four, and beats the number 43 on the driver's door, and the Capsule Corp. insignia.

Gravity Room
Dr. Briefs creates the gravity room for Vegita to train in. The gravity room can achieve up to 400 times Earth's normal gravity, and uses the same principles as Goku's spaceship.

Gyuu Maou's Car (Ox King's Car) | Picture
This car is a lot like a basic hovercraft, only more advanced. It seats three, and has a singular headlight. On either side of the headlight is a machine gun, mounted and pointed in the direction the car is facing. It has two vents, one on each side, and behind the vents are two boosters.

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Hoi Poi Capsule
The Hoi Poi Capsule is the clever invention of the Capsule Coproration. It is a small capsule (fits in one's palm) that is very lightweight. When the top of the capsule is depressed, and the capsule thrown, it will explode into a structure or vehicle (such as a house, motorcycle, or refrigerator).

Hoi Poi Capsule #1
This is a rather large house that is spawned from a Hoi Poi capsule. It has a door, a chimeny, four windows, and bears the number "1" above the entrance.

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Jet Momonga | Picture
This little jet scooter has two skis on the bottom, one headlight and one gun. It has two repulsors on either side, and a jet booster in the back. The controls are shaped like those of a motor cycle, and it is made to seat only one.

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Kame House
Existing on a remote island in the middle of an ocean, the Kame House is home to Kamesennin (Master Roshi) and Umigame. The Kame House bears the color of bright pink, and above the door is painted in large letters "Kame House".

Kame-sennin's Diving Boat | Picture
Kame-sennin's Diving Boat is a totally standard diving boat. For more information, see "Diving Boat".

Kamesennin's Hover Craft
This is pretty much a standard issue hover craft. It has an inflatable rubber bottom, with a steering wheel up front. It can seat four, in two rows of seats.

Ki is the life energy (often fighting power) possessed by a being. When a character shoots a blast of energy from their hands, they are releasing their "ki." In English, we call ki "chi."

King Cold's Spaceship
King Cold's spaceship is the same model as Freeza's spaceship, made specifically for the 'Cold Family'. It has three main windsheilds, and 25 auxilary windows, located all around the spaceship. This ship is destroyed on while on Earth, and everyone on the ship killed, mainly by Future Trunks.

This is a magical cloud given to Goku by Kamesennin. It flies extremely fast, and only those who are pure of heart are able to ride (others fall through).

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Machine Gun
Lunch (after sneezing) uses an automatic, fully loaded machine gun at some points. What a dangerous girl!

The mafuubaa is the attack used to seal Piccolo and Piccolo Daimaoh in the Denshi Jar. This attack creates a blast of wind, which pushes the desired creature into the jar. However, as a disadvantage, the attack can be countered, giving it the intended affect, but rather than on the recipetent, it lands on the original attacker.

Magic Carpet
Mr. Popo uses the magic carpet to get around. The carpet is a Persian rug, which has the ability to fly and is directed by Mr. Popo.

Medical Machine (Healing Tank)
This is used by beaten warriors to heal, and regain their strength. One stays in a liquid, enclosed in a capsule, with a breathing tube attached to one's mouth, and two patches at the temples. This device allows one of heal much faster than normal.

Medical Stretcher
The stretcher is really more of a bed. It has cushioning around the sides, and allows only the victims' head to show (the rest is underneat a cover). It has an IV feed, and a control panel in the front.

Medicine for Heart Diseases
This medicine comes in a small vile, and when taken, can relieve one of a heart disease. It is invented in Trunks' Future.

Micro Band | Picture
The micro band is merely a wrist watch. Occaisionally, the Great Saiyaman wears this.

Mighty Mouse | Picture
The mighty mouse is Yamcha's original means of transportation. The car has one spare tire, two headlights, and can seat two.

Music Box
This music box is used to seal Tapion in movie #13. Though not even Goku nor Bulma can turn the knob, they manage to get Shelon to open it for them, at which point Tapion (and the monster sealed within Tapion) are released after 1,000 years of slumber.

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Namekian Spaceship
The Namekian spaceship is what Bulma, Gohan and Kuririn use to reach planet Namek. It has four legs and three windsheilds. The ship is extremely fast, but gets destroyed by Freeza's minions on Namek.

The Nyoibo is Goku's extending staff. When Goku commands his staff, it can extend to virtually any length, which is very useful for attacks and rescues.

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Oolong's House Wagon | Picture
Oolong's house wagon is a giant RV. It comes from a hoi poi capsule, and is two stories high, complete with beds, stairs, and the works.

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Passenger Plane (Destination: Papaya Island) | Picture
This plane flies people to and from Papaya Island. It has three propellers, and three wheels (one mounted on the bottom of a back fin). The plane has the standard two wings, with one fin standing vertical in the back.

Pilaf's Flying Base
Pliaf's flying base is a huge plane. It has numerous guns mounted all over, and has several very large rooms. It has two main wings, and a large tail in the back, upon which two jet boosters are mounted.

Pilaf's Plane | Picture
Pilaf has a very small airplane. It has two wings, and three wheels, along with two fins the back, on top of which is mounted another "wing." It has only one propeller, but it has two mounted machine guns, and can seat three.

Pilaf's Robotic Suits
Pilaf has three robotic suits, which operate like battle jackets. Pilaf's suit is the smallest, the medium-sized of his three suits belongs to Shu (one of his assistants), and the largest of the suits belongs to Mai (another assistant). In these suits, one sits in a chair inside the suit, and from there controls the rest of the armor.

Pirate's Diving Boat
The Pirate's diving boat has three fins in the back (one vertical, two horizontal). It has two coolant fans, two headlights, and can seat three. On the front of the diving boat is a skull and crossboans in black, and on the side, it bears the number 19. To prevent the passengers and pilot form getting soaked when it submerges, they are encased in a bubble-dome.

Pirate Robot
This robot is a rather large agent. For one arm, it has a machine gun, and in the other arm it can hold weapons. It's teeth are extremely sharp, and it has a long tail.

Police Computer
The police computer can identify people. Once a person is identified, it displays a picture, the person's name, address, and additional information.

Police Scooter | Picture
The police scooter is a variety of air bike. It seats only one on a round, stool like seat with no back, has one headlight, two side mirrors, and motorcycle-like controls.

Potara Earings | Picture
The potara earings are possessed by the Kaio-shin's. When two people wear a pair of these earings (each person puts an earing on one ear), the two will fuse into a super-powerful combination of each other.

Powered Gun
This gun is a pistol with two barrels, allowing it two shoot two bullets at once.

Punch Machine
The punching machine is used in the Tenkaichi Budoukai to determine the qualifying fighters. The harder one hits the punch machine, the great their score and the better their chance of qualifying.

PP Candy
The PP candy is a special treat that Bulma gives Oolong. After one eats this candy, they will experience severe stomach cramps and diarrhea whenever someone says "Pee Pee" within their earshot.

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Red Ribbon Army Capsule #3 Plane | Picture
This plane is made of steel. It is a Capsule #3 plane that has been taken by the Red Ribbon army. It has two boosters, and can seat two. It is much smaller than most planes, giving it greater manuverability.

Red Ribbon Army Hydroplane | Picture
The Red Ribbon Army hydroplane has two propellers and two wings. Mounted underneath each wing is a waterski, allowing the plane to land on, and take off from the water. This plane can seat two.

Red Ribbon Army Robot
The army robot is a totally mechanical droid (no human inside). It has two antenna (where the ears would be), and has no weapons built in.

Red Ribbon Army Small Diving Boat
This diving boat, unlike others, has a periscope. It can seat three, and has two headlights. In the back, it has a single propeller. It sports the Red Ribbon logo on its hood.

Red Ribbon Army Small Fighter | Picture
The small fighter is much like a jetski. It has one antenna on top, and has two skis below it. It has a single headlight, on either side of which are mounted machine guns. This vehicle has no doors, and can seat only one. It also sports the number 72 on its side.

Red Ribbon Army Submarine | Picture
This aquatic behemoth sports an observation tower. It has a single propeller in the back, and is able to hold close to a hundred people.

Room of Spirit and Time
The Room of Spirit and Time is the ultimate training room. One day in the normal world is a full year when within the Room, which is very useful when the time for training runs out. There is only one building within the whole room, and it is very hot inside. In all directions from the building stretch a vast white expanse of nothingness. It is very easy to go insane while inside.

Round Spaceship
See "Freeza's Spaceship"

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Saibaman (Cultivar)
The saibaman is a little demon-like fighter. On each limb it has three digits. The saibamen have the ability to self-destruct if necessary, and their power level is 1200.

Saibaman Set
The Saibaman set is a little jar, containing several seeds. Almost as soon as they are planted, these saibamen grow into dangerous fighting demons.

Mr. Satan's Car | Picture
Mr. Satan's car is a stretch limo. It has four windows on each side, two fins in the back, and a model of an eagle on the hood. IT also has an antenna extruding from the roof.

Satan City Car | Picture
One of the cars that drives through Satan city, this car is a roadster. It has two aerodynamic fins in the back, along with engine pipes rising from the hoold. It is a two-door vehicle, and bears the number 69 on it's roof and doors.

The scouter is a device worn on one's ear. It has a glass projection piece which displays various information such as speed, distance, time, or fighting power (the latter being the chief use). The scouters also work as speakers.

Scouter Case
Simply put, the scouter case is a carrying case for scouters. It is shaped like a suitcase, and has padding on the inside, so as to keep the scouters in good condition.

Sealable Ball
Majin Buu is encased in a sealable ball by Bibidi (Babidi's father). The ball is the only thing that can contain Majin Buu, and is powered by magic.

Seargent Metallic
Seargent Metallic is a Red Ribbon robot who tries to kill Goku, but is easily bested. He is a tremendous fellow, and can shoot his arms off as rockets if need be.

Senzu Seed
The senzu seeds are little bean-like seeds which one eats. Eating a single senzu seed is equivalent to eating ten days worth of food, giving it has the power to rejuvenate someone from the brink of death to full health instantly.

The shot gun is a totally standard shotgun. It has a sholder rest, and a single barrel.

The shuriken are small Japanese throwing knife-spears. They are about a figher-length long, and are thrown with great speed (and presumeably great accuracy). Lunch (after sneezing) has been known to use these.

Space Suit
Developed by the Capsule Corporation, the space suit allows one to breath in space, and the boots can magnetize, to allow one to walk on the outside of a spaceship. Although the space suit is airtight, it does not prevent one from using ki blasts.

Shu's Robot
Shu's robot is a mech suit. It has a blaster on one arm, andon the other, a powerful claw. It has four legs, and on top it bears an antenna.

Soul Cleanser
The Soul Cleanser machine exists in the limbo-world of King Yema. The shouls file in, and are thoroughly scrubbed of all their evil, while the evil is emptied into a container that is regularly emptied and constantly monitored by a janitor.

Owned by Dabura, the spear is a rather innefective weapon. Dabura throws it through Fat Buu in an attempt to kill him, but it fails miserably.

Super God Water (Choushinsui)
The Super God Water is a dangerous drink. If you are not strong enough to keep it from killing you after you drink it, you will die. However, if you are strong enough, it will make you extremely strong.

Super Holy Water (Chouseisui)
The Super Holy Water has the power to cleanse people of evil (possession, in particular). If someone possessed is splashed with Super Holy Water, they will return to their normal self.

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Tapion's Sword
The sword that Future Trunks is always carrying with him is Tapion's sword. It is giving to Trunks by Tapion, a hero who almost sacrifices himself to save the world from a demon.

Taxi | Picture
This particular taxi operates in the Western Capital. It has four doors, all of which open vertically. The taxi has two seats in the front, and one long seat in the back, allowing it to seat five. The taxi also has no wheels, and moves by anti-gravitation.

Time Bomb
The time bomb is a bomb with a clock mounted on it. It has two buttons on top (presumably activate, and deactivate) and a knob on the side.

Time Machine | Picture
The time machine is what Bulma uses to bring Trunks back in time, and what Dr. Gero uses to bring Cell back in time. Bulma's time machine has four engine thrusters, four legs, and a bubble dome on top. It takes a full six months to charge, and can seat only one.

Toninjinka's Car | Picture
This is the car of the bunny crime-boss who turns people into carrots by touching them. The car is shaped like a bunny, with two ears on the roof, and a tail in the back. The car has a bunny face painted on the front as well. It is a two door car, and is rather small. No weapons are mounted on this car.

Toninjinka's Guns
Toninjinka's followers carry these machine guns. They have a shoulder mount, but can also be handheld, and have a small sight on top of them (not a scope).

Transformation Suit and Band
The transformation suit and band are Gohan's Great Saiyaman suit, and the watch he wears as the great saiyaman. In this outfit, he has a belt, a cape, Saiya-jin boots, and an aesthetically offensive helmet with two antenna pointing of either end.

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Umigame is the turtle that hangs around Mutenroshi. He is extremely slow moving, and his powerlevel is 0.001.

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Weighted Clothing
Both Goku and Piccolo wear weighted clothing under normal circumstances, in order to increase their strength. After taking off their clothing, their power levels jump dramatically, and they become far faster and more agile.

While in heaven, Goku trains with gigantic weights on both his arms and legs. This is more or less equivalent to training under high gravity (like on Kaio-sama's planet).

Who's Who
Who's Who is the name of the book that lies on King Yema's desk. This book describes who is good and pure (going to heaven) and who is evil (going to get their soul cleansed and then go to hell).

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Yajirobe's Car | Picture
Yajirobe own's a Capsule hovercraft. It has two boosters with cooling fans on either site, four headlights (normal lights, plus brights), and can seat two.

Yamcha's Panzer Faust
This was one of Yamcha's weapons, back when he was a desert bandit. It is an anti-tank gun that mounts on one's shoulder and shoots powerful blasts. Its normal use would be to attack panzer tanks.

Yamcha's Plane
This plane looks suspiciously like a bumble bee. It can seat too, has two wings, a thruster on top, and a gigantic booster on the back.

Yellow's Plane | Picture
Yellow, of the Red Ribbon Army owns this plane. It has four machine guns mounted on the front, and the propeller is mounted on the back tail. It has two wings, and three wheels.

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Z Sword
The Z Sword is the sword given to Gohan when he gets the Kaioshin powerup. It is extremely heavy, so heavy in fact, that no Kaioshin can lift it.

Z Team/Z Teamers
This term refers to Earth's warriors. This includes Chaozu, Goku, Tien, Yamcha, Kuririn, Gohan, Goten, Piccolo, and often others.