Years ago, Freeza took over the Saiyan planet and used its inhabitants, the Saiyans, to act as mecenaries to destroy other planets. On one battle, Bardock is with his teammates and wipes out another planet. But, Tooro, a surviving member of the dying planet, curses Bardock with the ability to see his cursed future. Tooro is killed and Bardock recovers back in the Saiyan planet.

A little later Bardock's son, Kakarot, is born. In addition, Freeza begins to grow tired of seeing the Saiyans as one of his henchmen avises that the Saiyans can become a threat when banded together. At this time, Vegeta is a kid and has a high energy level for his age. He asks Freeza to send him to another planet to destroy and leaves with Nappa.

As Bardock recovered, his teammates leave to destroy another planet without him. After regaining consciousness, Bardock learns what has happened and leaves to join his teammates. At the planet, all goes normal until Bardock sees his teammates dead. A dying Saiyan is found by Bardock. From him, Bardock learns of Freeza's plot to destroy the Saiyan planet. Next, Bardock encounters some of Freeza's henchmen and fights. But, Bardock sees his son growing up in his head and loses concentration. Despite the headache, Bardock manages to defeat all the henchmen except for Dodoria. Dodoria blows a single fireball and defeats Bardock. Meanwhile, Kakarot is sent to the planet Earth to destroy it when he grows up.

Bardock survives, but is severely injured. Despite this, he travels back to the planet Vegeta to warn the other Saiyans of Freeza's plot. Bardock finds and tells his comrades, but the Saiyans think of the plot as a joke and mock Bardock. Bardock is angry and decides that he must change the future... alone. Freeza's spaceship approaches and Bardock flies toward it in rage. (Meanwhile, Coola's ship flies away on the other side.)Hundreds of Freeza's henchmen are despatched from his ship and attack Bardock. Bardock defeats those who fly at him. Freeza exits his ship and laughes at Bardock. Bardock does his final fireball in an attempt to destroy Freeza and alter the fate of his planet. Freeza laughes some more and easily creates a super fireball. His fireball overwhelms Bardock's fireball and continues flying towards the Saiyan planet. Bardock, the planet Vegeta, and all in its path (including Freeza's henchmen who were sent to destroy Bardock) are destroyed. Bardock sees the future one last time before he dies. He sees his planet get destroyed.. He sees his son growing up... And he sees a grown up Kakarot encounter Freeza... And dies a happy death...

Vegeta and Nappa were at another planet at the time, so they survive. They are told that their planet was hit by a meteor and destroyed, but Vegeta gives no signs of concern. Kakarot's two other brother (Rabitz and Taurus) were also elsewhere and survive. As for Kakarot, he lands on planet Earth and is found by Son Gohan. Gohan adopts Kakarot and names his new grandson Gokou.

Thus, begins the magnificient story of Dragonball...