An Introduction ~ Properties of the 'Balls' ~ Wishes ~ Rules

Note: This section does not cover Dragonball GT.

Everyone Has a Different Set of 'Balls...
Kami's Shenlon Dende's Shenlon Saichourou's Polunga Muri's Polunga
Home Planet
Earth Namek New Namek
Created By
Kami-sama Dende Saichourou Saichourou
(Modified by Muri)
Creation Story
Wanting to give the humans something to work towards, the benevolent Kami-sama bestowed Shenlon upon the people of Earth. Unfortunately, people often misused the dragon god. After it was killed by Piccolo Diamaiou, Kami-sama only revives Shenlon for the sake of people like Goku. After becoming god of the Earth, Dende is asked to revive, and add power to, Shenlon (he was destroyed when Kami-sama merged with Piccolo during the Cell saga). After the Cell Saga, Dende takes the time to further power up Earth's Dragonballs. Polunga was originaly formed from the dreams of Saichourou, the father of all Nameks. Little else is known about Polunga's origins. After Saichourou's death, control of Namek's Dragonballs was transferred to Muri. Once he mastered their power, Muri supercharged the Dragonballs, making them even more powerful than the Dai-Kaioshin himself. Needless to say, the Dai-Kaioshin wasn't too pleased to learn this.
Physical Size of the 'Balls
Being generally more powerful than Earth's Dragonballs, Namek's Dragonballs are four times larger!
Physical Size of the Dragons
We can get some sense of the two dragons' great difference in size because both were summoned in close proximity to Capsule Corp.'s main building.