Akane Kimidori

This is one of the main characters from Dr. Slump. She's one of Arale chan's best friends, and she's a bit of a tomboy. Her older sister is Aoi.

Akira Toriyama

Toriyama shows up in Dragon Ball (drawn in his robot form) from time to time as a joke. He was born in 1955 and worked on Dragon Ball from 1984 to 1995.

Akuman "Devil Man"

One of Uranai Baba's nastiest fighters. He gave Gokou a run for his money and tried to explode his heart by expanding the evil inside it, but unfortunately for him, he didn't know that Gokou had a pure heart.

Amondo "Almond"*

That big sucker that looks like an Indian in DBZ Movie 3, "The Ultimate Decisive Battle for Earth". Or, in America, Tree of Might. He's killed by Gokou.

Annai Oni "Ogre Intern"

The effeminate Ogre who escorts Gokou to the Serpent Path.


The female guardian of the Furnace of Eight Divinations at a border between the world and the after-life.

Annoyoichi Budoukai Anaunsa "After-Life Martial Arts Tournament Announcer"*

The announcer for the Annoyoichi Budoukai. He has a mushroom for a head.


A pretty-boy villain from DBZ Movie 4, "Super Saiya-jin Son Gokou". He was almost certainly modeled after Zarbon in his mannerisms. He looks like a Greek God with horns sticking out of his head. He's killed by getting his head blown off. He swallows his own ki attack when Gokou deflects it back at him.

Aoi Kimidori

This is Akane's older sister. She runs the Coffee Pot cafe in Penguin Village.

Apuuru "Apple"

One of Freeza's henchmen on Nameck. His life is extinguished by Vegita when he escapes from the healing tank.


A strange little competitor in the Annoyoichi Budoukai. He resembles a man crossed with a fish, and while he's a terrible fighter on land, even Gokou isn't much of a match for him underwater.

Aruhua Sei-jin "People of the planet Aruhua"*

A civilization wiped out by Buu 5 million of years ago.

Atora "Atla"*

Atla is Lemlia's husband and was imprisoned by the cruel King Moai. Atla is released from prison by Nappa and Vegita, (well, actually, Nappa and Vegita just escape and Atla follows them). He is reunited with his wife at the end of the episodes, and then blown to bits when Vegita destroys their planet from outer space.



Baata is the tall blue member of the Ginyu Tokusentai who posseses incredible speed. He's very confident in the ability of himself and The Ginyu Tokusentai until Gokou shows up and makes a mockery of Baata's speed. Baata is KO'ed by Gokou and later killed by Vegita.

Baatenda B "Bartender B"*

A young peppy bartender who serves Ranchi when she's depressed over Tenshinhan's death.


Babidi is the son of the evil magician Bibidi who created the monster known as Majin Buu millions of years before Dragon Ball began. (Catching the pattern? Bibidi, Babidi Buu). In order to ressurect Buu, he needed to gather a large amount of Battle Damage Energy. He thought that it would take thousands of years to accumulate the energy he was searching for, but when he discovers Gokou and gang, his process is sped-up quite a bit. He's able to control people with evil in their hearts. And takes advantage of the King of Evil, (Darbura) and two humans with his method, not to mention countless aliens and soldiers which inhabit his underground ship. After finally gathering all of the neccessary energy, he resurrects Buu, and declares himself Buu's master (see also: Ruler of the Universe). Buu ignores Babidi at first, but then Babidi threatens to seal Buu away again. Not wanting to spend the next couple million years sealed away again, Buu concedes and does Babidi's bidding. However, much later after Gokou finishes his SSJ3 fight with Fat Buu, he asks Buu why he's obeying Babidi when he could easily kill him. Buu think about it for a minute and gets an evil grin. Babidi threatens to seal Buu away again, but it's too late. Buu rears back and punches Babidi's head off. That's the end of that scum.

Babidi no Buka "Babidi's Subordinate Staff"*

A bunch of weak low-level soldiers who are killed instantly by Gohan when he descends to the bottom of Babidi's ship with Kaioushin.

Baburusu "Bubbles"

Kaiou samma's pet monkey who serves as a training excercise. The excercise is to catch Bubbles. It seems easy, but the gravity on Kaiou's planet in 10x earth's gravity and Bubbles is perfectly used to it. It takes Gokou 11 days to catch Bubbles.

Baio Burori "Bio Brolly"

Bio Brolly wins my vote for the lamest movie villain ever in DBZ Movie 11. He looks EXACTLY like the Swamp Thing with pieces of corn sticking out of his head. Which is really ashame considering the animators could have made him look really cool. Anyway, let me explain why he looks so wierd. Jyaga made a clone of Brolly, WHICH LOOKED PERFECTLY FINE, but when Bio Brolly awakens, the scientists try to contain him with a type of flesh-eating sludge. Well, it turns out, the stuff has absolutely no effect on Brolly. It just melts his skin, and turns green when it solidifies on him, making him look retarded. So anyway Goten, Trunks, Number 18 and Kuririn fight him for a bit, and the movie could have been saved if he had a cool death....but of course he didn't. He's stopped by.....rain. Which to everyone's surprise magically solidifies the sludge. Sigh. That's what happens when people try to milk something for too long. The Brolly movies should have ended with DBZ Movie 10.

Baio Man "Bio Man"*

You've heard of Saibai Man? Well this is the Bio Man. The Bio Men are little copies off of Saibai Men who appear in DBZ Movie 2, "The World's Strongest Man". They're pretty weak by themselves, but when they attack in groups, they can overcome someone easily.

Baio Senshi tachi "Bio Warriors"*

A group of odd looking biological warriors in DBZ Movie 11 created by Jyaga's scientists. The Bio Warriors are strong by human standards, but nothging compared to Number 18, Trunks and Goten. They're all beaten effortlessly.

Baioreto Taisa "Violet Taisa"

The only female high ranking officer in the Red Ribbon Army. She's only seen briefly, and simply gives Red Sousei the 5 Star Dragon Ball which her team located.


Bardock is Gokou's father and the only Saiya-jin who knew what was going to become of his planet, and people. He was cursed with the ability to see the future, and saw glimpses of his planet being destroyed, as well as images of his son's life on Earth. He makes a last stand against Freeza and tries to kill him, but of course his attempt is fruitless and he's killed by the biggest Death Ball Freeza ever created. But as he's dying he finally realizes that it's not him who was destined to defeat Freeza, it was his son. He talks to his son from the after-life while little Kakarotto is on his way to Earth and charges him with the task of killing Freeza to avenge his father, and the Saiya-jin.

Bari Kaan "Barry Kahn"

A handsome teen super star who Buu tries to impersonate, (in order to make a girl not repulsed by him), by reshaping his rubbery face.

Basu Jyakuhan "Bus hijackers"*

A group of three criminals who hijack a Satan City Bus filled with seniors. The Great Saiyaman and Videl work together to arrest the criminals and then stop the bus from falling off a cliff.


Bee is the little dog who Buu finds and befriends along with Mr. Satan. The dog is an important part of Buu's reformation, (and the creation of Old Buu). Buu bonds with the puppy and is playing catch with him, when the dog is shot by two sick humans who are going around hunting people. Buu heals the puppy, but he's enraged by the event, and of course the morons go and shoot Mr. Satan which causes him to flip and create Old Buu. The dog stays with Mr. Satan during the entire Buu fight and even saves Gohan at one point in the anime. Bee lives with Mr. Satan and Buu after the Buu Saga.

Bejiita "Vegita"

Vegita is the Prince of the former Saiya-jin race. He was born in 732 AD and was destined for greatest when as a child, his power level exceeded that of even his father's. Vegita comes to Earth, with his former bodyguard Nappa, searching for Dragon Balls so that he can become immortal. However, as we all know, his plan is foiled when Gokou shows starts to show up, but he comes to the realization that the Planet Nameck must have Dragon Balls as well, so he loses interest in the ones on Earth and after getting rejuvinated from his fight with Gokou, he heads over to Nameck where he eventually meets up with his old adversaries and is forced to team up with them. After the Freeza saga, Vegita is basically stuck on Earth, (although in the anime he flies around the Universe searching for Gokou), so he learns to live with it. He really doesn't care about the Earth, and he probablly would destroy it, if he didn't feel the need to defend his pride and become stronger so that he can face off against Gokou again and beat him. Vegita is pulled into the fights against the Androids, Cell and the like because he feels the need to establish his superiority, not because he has any regard for Earth. However, eventually he reforms himself and fights for the sake of the Earth when he envokes his suicidal attack to kill Buu. He later admits his faults, including the fact that Gokou has always been stronger than him, and is ressurected when all the GOOD people who died since Buu arrived are brought back to life. Vegita does marry Buruma, although the exact date is unknown. It can be assumed that it was sometime between the end of the Cell Saga, and before the Buu Saga. He has two children, Trunks and Bra.

Bejitto "Vegitto"

Vegitto is a result of the fusion caused by the Potara earings between Gokou and Vegita. Vegitto is extraordinarily powerful, however, like all Fusion characters, he's also extremely cocky and thus plays with Buu, rather than getting right to the point and killing him. In the anime, Vegitto ia around for quite a few episodes, but his role in the manga is short lived. Fusion by the Potara earings is supposed to be forever, however, Buu absorbs Vegitto and in order to break down his components so that he can actually gain power from him, Buu's enzymes break down Vegitto into Gokou and Vegita again.

Bekou "Vekou"*

Vekou is the character who is a result of the failed Fusion of Gokou and Vegita in DBZ Movie 12 due to the fact that Vegita didn't extend his index finger. He's fat and pretty disgusting. His only attack appears to be a barrage of farts which seem to slip out whenever he's punched. Vekou is only around for 30 minutes because that's the length of Fusion, but his actions are hysterical. He wobbles like a punching bag when Janenba whallops him, and when he trips, in one scene, he skids for about 100 feet. Vekou "de-Fuses" just in the nick of time before getting speared by Janenba.


Bibidi is Babidi's father and the person who created the great magical device of destruction known as Majin Buu. Millions of years before Dragon Ball began, Bibidi lead Buu on a rampage which extended even as far as the holy planet Kaioushin Kai. However, Buu eventually became too threatening and Bibidi decided to seal his creation in a sphere. He hid it so that no one would be able to discover it. Hikui Tori "Hikui Bird"*- A rare near-extinct bird that dwells in volcanos,whose feathers must be used to create a Basho Sen.

Bideru "Videl"

Mr. Satan's daughter and the strongest non-Z Soldier human. Videl was born in 756 AD and grew up for the most part with just her dad. She becomes suspicious of Gohan when he shows up suddenly at Orange Star High School, and shadows him for a short time to find out more about him. Eventually she discovers his secret identity as the Great Saiyaman and forces Gohan to teach her how to fly. Eventually she learns how to fly under and starts to develop a liking to him. Over the course of time, Videl learns everything about Gohan and his family and friends, (such as the fact that it was Gohan who defeated Cell and her father is actually a weakling compared to all of them). Videl and Gohan get married sometime after the Cell Saga and have a daughter named Pan. You'll notice that Videl's name is a pun along the line of her father's name. When you rearrange the letters it spells "devil".

Bideru no mama "Videl's mom"

Not much is known about Videl's mom. However, she did die of complications of some sort a while after Videl was born.


A tall muscular crony of Bojack from DBZ Movie 9. He looks like a rip-off of Android 13 from DBZ Movie 7 with facial hair.

Bigu Gete Suta "Big Ghetti Star"*

A planet sized space ship which is actually a planet-devouring mass of intelligent machinery from DBZ Movie 6. At the core of the Big Ghetti Star is Koola's brain which survived his trip through the sun. Koola basically has complete control of the ship and can make thousands upon thousands of mechanical replicas of himself. The Big Ghetti Star gets blown up due to Koola's stupidity. He captures Gokou and Vegita and starts to drain their energy to power the Big Ghetti Star. Being polite, Gokou and Vegita decide to turn SSJ and give him all the energy he wants. The Big Ghetti Star becomes over-loaded with their energy and explodes.

Binega "Vinegar"*

The largest of the minions Garlic Jr. brings with him when he returns in the anime. Vinegar is one of the last minions to be killed.

Bojyakku "Bojack"

The main villain from DBZ Movie 9. I think he's pretty lame because there's barely any plot development for the guy at all, and I think he has like 5 lines in the whole movie. He looks like a giant blue pirate. Gohan kills him and his minions by becoming Super Saiya-jin 2.

Bokujyou no Oyaji "Stock Farmer"

The cigarette smoking farmer seen in the first couple minutes of the first episode of Dragon Ball Z. He's killed by Raditzu in the manga,. but in the anime, he can be seen from time to time.


The massive Terminator-esque membe of Gurumesu's army in Dragon Ball Movie 1. He can smash through brick walls without feeling a thing, and will do whatever his king tells him to do, no matter how horrible or difficult it is. Gokou KO's him in a final battle with him in Gurumesu's castle after an exciting aerial battle.


The powerful Indian who lives at the base of Karin Tower with his son Upa. Bora is just like his name sounds. He's muscular, tall and a man of few words. He fends off Yellow Taisa's men by himself, but he's later speared by Tao Pai Pai and killed. When Shenron is sumoned next, Gokou's wish is that Bora be brought back to life. Bora is seen with his son in the last couple episodes of Dragon Ball Z when he gives energy to Gokou for his Genki Dama. Bora is also in the third Dragon Ball Movie.

Budouji no Kanchyou "Tournament Chairman"

The orgnizer of the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai who is actually a dog.

Budouji no Soryo Dai Hyou "Tournament Priest Charter"

The old priest who lists the competitors on the main board and charts their progression.


The leader of the ship Gohan, Kuririn and Buruma stumble upon on their trip to Nameck. His parents were killed in front of his eyes by Kiwi.

Bura "Bra"

Bra is Vegita and Buruma's second child. She's born in 778 AD. Unlike Pan who seems tom-boyish, Bra seems pretty feminine and sticks around her mom. She doesn't appear to be forced to fight by her father, but she apparently loves him a lot and has a lot of pride in him.

Buraku Hosa "Black Hosa"

Black Hosa is Red Sousei's servant. He obeys just about everything he's told to do, until he finds out Red's true ambition, at which point he shoots Red and takes over the Red Ribbon Army. He finds himself in a battle against Gokou in the RR's top secret weapon, the Battle Jacket. Gokou kills Black by propelling himself straight through the robotic armor, causing it to explode.

Buriifu Hakase "Dr. Briefs"

Born sometime around the year 700 AD, Dr. Briefs is the founder of the Capsule Corporation. As it's founder, he first invented the Hoi Poi Capsule which allows fast and easy transportation of anything from magazines to entire houses. The Capsule Corporation then delved into the vehicle industry and entered the world market of auto industry in 750 AD. at which time it held a whopping 40% of the market. It's main competitor was the Red Ribbon Army which held 16% of the market, but in 778 AD, the Capsule Corp. dominated with 48% of the market to itself. Although he's a genius, Dr. Briefs is a bit ecentric, and a bit of a pervert, (some of his personal capsules are filled with nothing but porn). Some of his best used inventions were Gokou's modified space ship and Vegita's 300+g gravity ship.

Burori "Brolly"

Brolly, in my opinion, is God of the movie villains. He is, without a doubt, the baddest MFer of all time. Brolly is the Legendary Super Saiya-jin in the movie story-line only. On the day of his birth he had a power level of 10,000, and his power would only increase with age. He is killed by order of King Vegita as he would be a threat to the King's power, not to mention the fact that he would outshine Prince Vegita. But before Brolly is killed, he undergoes a traumatic experience. In the crib next to him is another Saiya-jin born on the same day as him. The baby is a low-level warrior with a pathetic power level, however, the baby has a strong will and begins to cry and thrash about in his crib. His tantrum is so violent that it frightens Brolly and he cries in fear. When two Saiya-jin are born on the same day, and one dominates the other, it's said that the baby forced to cry will harbor an immense hatred towards the baby who scared it. For Brolly, the child who made him cry was named Kakarotto. Brolly is the main villain in DBZ Movies 8, 10 and 11, (but 11's so horrible I don't even count it). In the movie story-line, Brolly is the strongest Saiya-jin of all time. It's next to impossible to beat him one on one. In my personal opinion, only someone as powerful as Super Vegitto would have been able to take Brolly on by theirself, and that's saying a lot. Brolly is capable of being controlled by his father's mind-altering device, but when he sees Gokou, a huge rage overcomes Brolly and he breaks free of his father's device. His ultimate purpose is simply to kill Gokou. His insane rage eventually only enables him to say, "Kakarotto", in Movie 10. In Movie 8 he seems to be at least somewhat in control of his actions and he comes out with some REALLY cool lines. For instance, Gokou fires a huge Kame Hame Ha at Brolly from point blank range, (literally a foot from him). When the blast clears, Brolly is still standing un-phased, he laughs and says, "What the Hell was that supposed to be?". In Movie 8, Brolly is killed by Gokou after he absorbs all of the energy from Piccolo, Trunks, Gohan and Vegita. In Movie 10, it takes the Perfect Kame Hame Ha to beat him, (which is Goten, Gohan and Gokou all performing a Kame Hame Ha at once), including help from Trunks. In Movie 11 he uh.......gets solidfied by rain........

Buruberi "Blueberry"*

One of Freeza's scouts who finds Buruma. She tells him about the Dragon Balls and what they can do, which intrigues him, so he follows Buruma into the sea searching for them, but she traps him, and he's eaten by a giant crab along with his companion.

Buruma "Bulma"

A teenager who is the first person from outside Mount Paozu to meet Gokou. She befriends Gokou and has him tag along as a bodyguard. She's the daughter of Dr. Briefs and is a genius. She invents the Dragon Radar, the Micro Band, and Fighting Jackets, just to name a few things. In Dragon Ball and the first half of DBZ, she's smitten by Yamucha, but she eventually loses interest in him because he's too fickle. She actually falls in love with Vegita because she notices that he's a very lonely man that needs someone. She has two children, Trunks and Bra. She was born in the year 733 AD and her home address at the Capsule Corp. is WST3338926K. Her ID number is SSC41453. Her bust size is 85cm.

Buruma no mama "Bulma's mom"

Buruma's mom is a certified ditz. She is always interested in flirting with Gokou and Vegita. In the anime she even suggests that she'd like to go on a date with Vegita. Not much is known about her, but in the anime she's characterised as the steriotypical blonde air-head who loves shopping and eating expensive cakes.

Butsumetsu no Youna Gyaru "Large Complaining Girl"

A girl who Gokou tries to bring to Muten Roshi to be his "pretty house maid" but she's actually VERY large, ugly and irritable.


The turban wearing midget member of Bojack's team in DBZ Movie 9. Even though he's small compared to his buddies, he's surprsingly strong and has incredible phsycic powers.


The guardian of the fifth floor of Muscle Tower. Buyon is a blubbery creature who can repel attacks by bouncing them back at his opponent. In order to destroy him, Gokou punches a hole in the wall which lets in freezing cold air from outside that freezes Buyon solid.



Cell is one of the "major" villains of DBZ. Others being Vegita, Nappa, Freeza and Buu. All other villains are indeed vile etc. but DBZ is generally divided into sagas named after the largest villain of the period. Cell is no exception. If you were to describe his personality, he has the manners of Freeza and the temper of Vegita, (which makes sense since those are two people he's made up of). The general concept of Cell was brought forth by Dr. Gero, however, Dr. Gero's computer is what really "makes" him. Dr. Gero combined blood samples of Piccolo, Gokou, Vegita, Freeza and King Kold, (which were collected by a robot drone disguised as a bee), and created a small life form which would one day become become Cell. Unfortunately, the amount of work needed to input data into the being and make it intelligent takes a ridiculously long amount of time, so Gero sealed the larva Cell in his secret lab and let his computer tinker away at creating the creature for 24 years. After 24 years, voila! Instant killing machine! However, when Cell emerges as an intelligent being, he's far from being what Dr. Gero dreamed that he would one day become. He basically resembles a walking cockroach. In order to reach perfection, Dr. Gero created two components for Cell to absorb, and once he absorbed the components, he would then become "Perfect" and have no equal in strength. Those two components were of course, Androids 17 and 18. Now here's the tricky part. The Cell that you all know is NOT from the normal time-line. He comes from a third time-line, and was born in the year 762. In this time-line, Trunks had defeated Androids 17 and 18, unfortunately for Cell, that meant he could not absorb them and become "Perfect". In the year 786, he emerges from Dr. Gero's lab in his first form and begins to absorb the people of Earth to gain power. In the same year, ( after absorbing enough people to increase his power beyond Trunks' ), he siezes his chance to accomplish his dream. He sneaks up on Trunks, just as he's about to make a departure in his Time Machine to help Gokou and the rest with their fight against the Androids, however, he doesn't get very far. Before he leaves, Cell kills Trunks and steals his Time Machine. In order to fit in the Time Machine, he reverts to an egg state and launches the Time Machine. He ends up in the normal time-line sometime in the year 764. After his arrival, he hatches from his egg and at this point resembles a giant cicada. He crawls several yards away from the Time Machine and burrows down into the Earth to enter his pupa state which he needs to stay in for three years to absorb the neccessary nutrients to reach his first form again. In the year 767 her makes his grand appearance and the Cell Saga begins. Cell is a unique being. Since he is composed of several different species, he has many diverse abilities and fighting techniques. In the anime he can use just about anyone's techniques, but in the manga, he sticks to the techniques that his "genetic parents" could perform. For example, he can regenerate any limb or appendage from any cell in his body. However, his main core is a nerve in his brain. Even if every part of him is destroyed except that nerve, he can still regenerate. He can utilize Kame Hame Ha, and just about any move Gokou can do, the only catch is, he was created from Gokou's cells before he knew certain moves, so Cell needs to see the moves that Gokou learned after his cells were taken in order to perform the specific move, like Shinkan Idou for example. When Gokou's cells were taken, he didn't know the move yet, so Cell wasn't aware that he could perform it, but after he sees Gokou use it, he gains the ability to teleport. Cell is finally killed on May 26th, 767 AD by Gohan with help from the Z Soldiers. Cell Junior- Another one of the traits Cell picks up from his Nameckian blood is the ability to asexually reproduce. He can shoot out little copies of himself called Cell Juniors from a tube in his back, (which was once the end of his tail). The cell Juniors are fiesty little guys who seem to have about as much brains as Saibai Men, the only difference here is, these suckers are STRONG. They're nearly as strong as Cell and prove it by beating the snot out of the likes of Vegita and even Gokou. Cell created seven of them, one for each Z Soldier, to beat them up and to make Gohan angry. Unfortunately, it doesn't work, but Cell doesn't care, he just enjoys seeing everyone get maimed by them. Each is eventually killed violently by Son Gohan when he reaches SSJ2.


Chaozu is Tenshinhan's pint-sized telepathic pal. Tenshinhan and Chaozus past is never completely revealed but it's known for sure that Tenshinhan will protect Chaozu no matter what. Chaozu is classified as being an Earthling, so if he belongs to some different race, it isn't known. He stands 4' 5" tall and weighs 73 lbs. Chaozu can fight very well, but most of his special abilities revolve around telepathy. He can cease a person's movement if he's able to keep his concentration and can talk to Tenshihan by telepathy.


A short drunkard in the bar where Ranchi makes her first appearance in the anime.

Chibi Trunks "Little Trunks"

I've been waiting to do this one, because I want to kill a myth which seems to be spreading. A lot of people say that Trunks is "spoiled and a complete brat". They say he's a complete contrast to Future Trunks, yadda yadda yadda. That's not true. Trunks is simply like any normal eight year old. Although Future Trunks is very polite and acts very different from an eight year old, (which would seem obvious since he's a young adult), Chibi Trunks can be seen developing into the same type of person that Future Trunks was during the end of DBZ, and through DBGT (If you count GT that is). However, there is a BIG difference between the two which no one ever seems to touch upon. Chibi Trunks is filled with pride much like his father. He has little faith in Son Gokou when he arrives, and doesn't believe that he's any stronger than his father. (Until he feels Gokou's ki when he turns SSJ3 of course). Trunks also defends his father valiantly when Buu attacks him, and is angered by the fact that someone like his dad could be beat up on so easily. Chibi Trunks is also very adventurous and is always looking to fight strong opponents. Another myth is that Goten is hesistant to embark on adventures with Trunks. Goten and Trunks both go nuts when they hear about Majin Buu and can't wait to see him, (and fight him). Trunks was born in the year 766 AD. and was eighteen years old when DBZ ended. Like Goten, he had the ability to turn Super Saiya-jin from an early age.


Gokou's wife and task-master extrordinaire. She is the daughter of Gyuu Maou who promised his daughter's hand in marriage to Gokou when they were just children. Chichi later meets up with Gokou at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai and loses to him. After their match she reminds him who she is, and asks him if he wants to marry her. Gokou says, "Sure", (but unfortunately he has no idea what marriage is). Chichi is known for being very hard on her son's academic life, and although it doesn't play upon it quite as much in the manga, in the anime, she goes ballistic at some points over her son's study habits, (or lack there-of), and Gokou's influence on him. Although it's not always shown, she REALLY does love her husband a LOT and in the anime there are some sweet scenes between the two.

Chindai Ken*

Chindai is the owner of a martial arts school in a rural village. He is a master of the Seikyokuryuken fighting style, but unforunately, he suffers from a debilitating disease that tires him quickly.

Chinpira A and B "Troublemaker A and B"*

Two rowdy guys who try to make everyone in Chazke Village move into a Shelter Dome.

Chinshyou Ken*

Chinshyou is the son of the martial arts teacher, Chindai. He's very proud of his power, and doesn't have much faith in Gokou's strength. He tries to prevent Gokou from participating in a martial arts tournament by putting a laxative in Gokou's Miso soup.

Choukyoushi "Circus Trainer"*

A cruel ringmaster who ceaslessly whips the baby Pteradon Chibi and forces him to perform for on-lookers.

Chourou "Great Elder"*

A village elder of a small town holding a festival in honor of their Mountain God. Kuririn,Tenshinhan, Chaozu and Yamucha stumble upon his village and rescue it from a volcanic eruption.


A little girl Gokou meets during his trip around the world in the anime. She's saved by Gokou in the mountains near her village and she begs him to help save her village from Ginkaku and Kinkaku.

Chyapa Ou "King Chyapa"

A competitor in the Tenkaichi Budoukai, famous for his strength, who loses to Gokou twice in the preliminary rounds of the 21st and 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai's. he's 6' tall and weighs 182 lbs. His home address is SSR249905C.

Chyapu Chyai*

A midget competitor in the Annoyoichi Budoukai who is able to overcome his opponents by making many duplicates of himself and overwhelm his competitors.


A little girl Gokou meets in the Goro Goro mountains while performing his training for Kami. He helps her find her pet bird Pi Pi.


Boy do I wish I knew who this was. There isn't even a picture of them, so I'm assuming they were a character who was only mentioned in the anime.

Chyuri no haha "Chyuri's Mama"*

The mother of a little girl who lives in the in the Goro Goro Mountains.

CQV no Repota "CQV Reporter"

A reporter for station CQV who covers the crisis in Ginger Town where people are mysteriously dissapearing.


Dai Gyo "Huge Fish"

The huge fish which Gokou kills in the first Dragon Ball comic. The same type of fish shows up throughout Dragon Ball/Z in the anime and movies.

Dai Kaiou "Great Kaiou"

I assume you all know who Kaiou samma is right? He's one of Gokou's trainers, he rules over the northern galaxy. Well, there are Four Kaiou's (one for each direction), and above them is the Great Kaiou, (like the God of Gods). He's never seen in the manga, but in the anime he's portrayed as a punkish old geezer. He wears jeans and a jean jacket, while listening to rock music on his boom box. He's much stronger than the other Kaiou's, but although he never admits it, Gokou is far stronger than he is.

Dai Kaioushin

Okay, you know how Dai Kaiou is the God of the Kaiou's? Well above the Kaiou's are the Kaioushin's and their leader is Dai Kaioushin. Dai Kaioushin is the highest known deity in Dragon Ball Z, and is above all other gods. He was never seen in the manga, only mentioned, however, the anime brings up an interesting episode with him. He was absorbed by Majin Buu millions of years ago. Now, what's interesting about the anime is that it suggests that Fat Buu looks the way he does, because that's what Dai Kaioushin looked like. Let me explain. When Buu absorbs certain characters, his physical appearance changes and he looks similar in one way or another to the character(s) he absorbs. Now, the original Kid Buu looked nothing like Fat Buu does, so the anime suggests that when Kid Buu absorbed Dai Kaioushin, that's how he obtained his fat, cutsey faced appearance since Dai Kaioushin looked that way. It's an interesting theory, and whether Toriyama intended it to be that way or not is unknown, but for once, the anime actually comes up with a logical explanation.

Daigorou Kurigashisa

One of the inhabitants of Penguin Village who pops up during the cross-over series. I don't know much about Dr. Slump so I don't have any background information on him.

Daizu "Soybean"*

The short-haired necklace-wearing minion of Taurus in DBZ Movie 3. He's killed by Gokou.


The King of Darkness. He's the ruler of an alternate dark dimension. Babidi locates him and posseses him, making him his servant. He's quite powerful, and is right on par with Gohan when he battles him. His ability to conjure weapons, and turn people to stone with his spit make him a dangerous adversary. When he outlives his usefullness, his eyes are gouged out by Buu and later turned into a cookie which Buu devours.


A fat drunk in a western bar where Ranchi makes her first appearance in the anime.


Dende is the Saichourou's 108th child. He is a Dragon Type Nameckian who is rescued by Gohan and Kuririn early in the Freeza saga. At first he is very quiet and reserved, but later he becomes one of Gohan's best friends. After the fight on Nameck is finished, Dende eventually leaves the Earth and goes to New Nameck. Several years later, Gokou comes to New Nameck looking for a new Kami. Muuri suggests that Dende would be a great choice, so Gokou takes Dende to Earth to become to new Kami. Dende powers up the Dragon Balls after he arrives and allows three wishes to be made at one time.

Doberuman "Dobermen"*

Shuu's squad of attack dogs who are sent to stop Yamucha, Gokou and the others from escaping Emperor Pilaf's palace.


One of Freeza's top soldiers. He doesn't appear to be powerful, (since he's a fat pink blob with spiky bones stretching his skin), but for his size, he's remarkably fast and powerful. He's ruthless and is willing to do any evil task for Freeza. Dodoria is killed by a ki blast from Vegita. His power level was approximately 22,000.

Dokutaa "Doctor"

The head doctor on Freeza Planet Number 79. He takes charge of tending Vegita's wounds when he returns from Earth.

Dokuta Koochin "Dr. Koochin"*

Dr. Willow's android assistant who gathers the Dragon Balls and frees Dr. Willow from his laboratory. He is well equiped for fighting even though he appears old and harmless. His hand can transform into a chain gun and his staff can hurl energy blasts.

Dokuta Raichi "Dr. Raichi"*

I dunno why they included this guy in the Daizenshyu, but oh well. Dr. Raichi was a villain who appeared in two Dragon Ball Z home videos which were actually animated guides to two video games for a video game system that never even came out in America called the Playdia. The two games were pretty terrible, (as most DB related video games are), but the cool part were the two home movies that played out as a normal story of DBZ, but actually were guiding you through the game. Anyway, Dr. Raichi is the villain of the game. He was formerly a member of the Tsufuru-jin race which the Saiya-jin wiped out, but he returns to get revenge on the Saiya-jin. He's defeated easily by Gokou and gang since the only thing he has going for him is a force-field which Gokou and the others figure out how to get around, (by shooting a blast into the forcefield with him). But his ultimate creation is really cool. I don't believe it was given a name, but he's a big red sucker with blue orbs on his body. He's very strong, (and cool).

Dokuta Uiro "Dr. Willow"*

The main villain in DBZ Movie 2, "The World's Strongest Man". He was a scientist who worked on evil experiments with his assistant/creation Dr. Koochin. However, 50 years before the start of Dragon Ball, horrible weather said to be sent from the gods sealed him in his laboratory in the Tsurumaitsuburi Mountains. However, his brain was transplanted into a large mechnical device that would keep him alive until the day when he could find the world's strongest man and take control of their body. Gokou takes him out with the Genki Dama.

Dorakyu Man "Dracula Man"

One of Uranai Baba's ghostly fighters. He fights using typical vampire techniques (like sucking blood out of his opponents). He beats Kuririn, but he loses against Puuaru and Upa. They use a combination of Garlic Breath and Puuaru's changing ability beat him.

Doramu "Drum"

The last and shortest lived of Piccolo Daimaou's evil spawn. Daimaou spits him out when Tenshinhan arrives to try and seal Daimaou in he Denshi Jar. Drum beats the heck out of Tenshinhan, but when Gokou arrives on the scene, he knocks Drum's eyes out with a single kick.


A fat flying villain from DBZ Movie 4, "Super Saiya-jin Son Gokou". His design and personality was definately inspired by Dodoria. He's killed by Piccolo. (He blasts his head off).


Earobi no Onna no Hito "Aerobics Woman"

This is the woman who teaches the aerobics classes on TV that Kame Sennin always drools over.

Eigo no Sensei "English Teacher"*

Gohan's English teacher at Orange Star High School, (English as in the language, not literature).

Eihei Taichyou "Head Guard"

The King's personal bodyguard. Piccolo Daimaou kills him dropping him out of the King's private escape jet.

Eme "Amy"*

An adolecent orphan who Gohan meets when he escapes from his training.

Emi "Amy"*

One of the children aboard the ship of orphans that Kuririn, Gohan and Buruma become trapped in, on their way to Nameck. (She's the one who kicks Kuririn in the shin).

Enjiira "Angela"*

The girl who develops a quick, but fickle crush on Gohan. She goes on one date with him. Enma Daiou "Great Demon King"- The giant god of the ogres who decides if people go to Heaven or Hell when they die. He grants Gokou permission to trabel on the Serpent Path to try and reach Kaiou's planet.


Freeza no Tei "Freeza's Scouts"

Two of Freeza's unlucky scouts who happen upon Gohan and Kuririn. There power levels are both a mere 1,500. I don't think there's any need to say that they die quickly.

Fuku Ya no Oyaji "Clothing Store Man"

The owner of a clothing store who is gets clothes stolen from him by Number 18 right before his eyes. He notifies the police, and two patrol-car men are dispatched to intercept her.

Furappe Hakase "Dr. Frappe"*

Plot hole city! In the anime, Dr, Frappe was said to be the creator of Artificial Human 8. Of course as we all know it was Dr. Gero, but Toriyama was still years and years away from that point in the storyline, so the animators took it upon themselves to create Dr. Frappe. Frappe is a brilliant scientist who is forced to work for the RR Army to create Artificial Human 8. In the anime, Murasaki holds him hostage and threatens to kill him for making Artificial Human 8 a failure, but of course, Gokou rescues the day and saves Frappe, Snow and Artificial Human 8. After that experience, Frappe removes the bomb from Artificial Human 8's body, allowing him to safely live with the townspeople of Jingle Village.

Furiiza "Freeza"

C'mon, if you don't know who this guy is and you're a Dragon Ball fan, you should probablly crawl out from under the rock you've been hiding beneath. Freeza is of course the biggest scumbag to walk the face of the Universe. He's basically the head of a HUGE "company" that goes around purging planets of life, and then selling them to the highest bidder. Or, if he's so inclined and in the right mood, he may just wipe out a planet for fun. Freeza sees himself as the most powerful being in the Universe, with no equal. However, Freeza's greatest fear was the legendary Super Saiya-jin, and by wiping out all but 3 Saiya-jin, he figured that he would have been safe. Well, yeah, he might have, unfortunately, he missed one. Son Gokou. Freeza has the ability to upgrade his power 3 different times, and each time he upgrades, his body actually changes to become suitable for his power. Once he powers up a third time, he has the ability to charge up to 100% energy which doesn't really change him, it just buffs him out. Freeza is supposedly killed by Son Gokou on Nameck, however, he's found and rebuilt by his father, King Kold. He goes to Earth to seek revenge, and there he's sliced and diced by Trunks and goes to Hell.

Fuuragu "Frog"*

A humanoid frog who competes in the Annoyoichi Budoukai. He's not very strong, but he has a technique to expand his body to huge proportions, thus forcing his opponent out of the ring. Fuku Ya no Oyaji "Clothing Store Man"- The owner of a clothing store who is gets clothes stolen from him by Number 18 right before his eyes. He notifies the police, and two patrol-car men are dispatched to intercept her.


Gaikotsu Eihei "Skeleton Guard"

A decayed soldier that keeps a silent vigil at Uranai Baba's battle grounds.

Gajira Norimaki AKA Gatcchan

A pair of flying angels who speak a strange language that only Arale understands. They're just as silly as Arale, and because of that, they're probablly Arale's best friends.

Gariku "Garlic"*

The father of Garlic Jr., born in the year 300 AD. He competed with the original Piccolo for the seat of Kami, but was not able to ascend to the throne because the previous Kami saw his evil ambitions. He revolted, but was sealed away in an negative space.

Gariku Jyuniya "Garlic Junior"*

Garlic's son born to complete his father's dream and take vengeance. He was the main villain in DBZ Movie 1, "Return My Gohan!". At the end of the movie he was sealed in the Dead Zone, but he later reappeared in the anime after the Freeza saga with some more evil compadres, but was sealed away in the Dead Zone again.

Gashyu "Cashew"*

One of Garlic Junior's cronies when he returns in the anime. This dude is pretty tough and he's one of the last guys to die. Like Garlic Jr. he receives more power when the Makyo-sei nears Earth.

Gasuteru "Ghastel"*

A giant cloud-riding, ribbon attacking red demon from DB Movie 2 "The Dreaming Princess in Devil's Castle".

Genki Dama ni Kyouryoku Shytotsuru Otoko "First normal man to give his power to the Genki Dama"

What a mouthful. While Gokou is gathering energy for his Ultimate Genki Dama, Vegita pleads with the people of Earth to give their raise their hands and offer thier energy. VERY few people do it because they think it's another mind trick of Buu's, but one man in an artic environment gives up his energy. He's the first person outside of the small group of people who actually knew it was Vegita's voice that gave his energy to Gokou.


Ginkaku is Kinkaku's smaller brother. He and his brother are beaten by Gokou and forced to work for the people of the village.


Leader of the Ginyu Tokusentai, Freeza's elite squad of five fantastic fighters. Ginyu possesses the strongest power of any of the Ginyu Tokusentai (120,000) but even more devastating than his power, is his ability to change bodies with a victim. Ginyu is the only member of the Ginyu Touksentai to live through the encounter on Nameck. His body is switched with a frog and in the manga, his story ends there. But in the anime, he switches bodies with Buruma and goes through some antics before getting switched back into the frog's body and he even shows up on Earth from time to time in his frog body.


A huge Pteradon monster who competes against Gokou in the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai and forfeits the match. He's very powerful, and has many techniques, but Gokou counters all of them eventually. In the anime, his character is built up a lot more with a bar-fight scene. (Some drunks make fun of him for ordering milk so he beats the hell out of them). He was born in the year 717 AD. He stands 6' 4" tall and weighs 466 lbs. His home address is XBC44735BB.

Giran Ichizoku "Giran's Townspeople"*

In the anime, Gokou visits Giran's village and meets a bunch of Pteradon creatures like him.


The washboard stomached result of Fusion by Gokou and Vegita. Gojita only appears in DBZ Movie 12, "Rebirth of Fusion! Gokou and Vegita!!", and in Dragon Ball GT. Gojita is fantastically powerful and takes out Janenba effortlessly in Movie 12, and would probablly have done the same thing to Ii Shenron if he weren't so cocky, (a side-effect of Fusion).


The machine gun/sword wielding villain from Movie 9, who is taken out by his own boss Bojack.


A tall ogre who gaurds the entrance to the Underworld with Mera.


I have no clue who this is, but they only appear in the anime, and they're probablly a character in Dragon Ball, which I haven't seen all of yet. Ko Gamera "Kid Gamera"- If you fall into one of two categories, then you'll get this joke. Either A. A MST3K freak or B. A Japanese monster movie freak. Gamera is a giant turtle from outerspace with two rockets coming out of his butt that he uses to fly around with. Think Godzilla with a shell. Obviously, Akira Toriyama is a bit of a fan. Since Muten Roshi doesn't fly, lost the Kintoun to Gokou, (which he couldn't ride anyway) and sometimes needs to get places fast, he calls in Kid Gamera. It's a little mini version of Gamera that Muten Roshi can fly around on. Now, the thing about Gamera is that when he flies, he spins around in circles, so does kid Gamera. So when Muten Roshi utilizes this mode of transportation, whenever he gets off, he immeditaly vomits. Obviously, it's not a very popular way of getting around.

Gosoushya no Otoko Tachi "Men from the Orphanage"

A group of men who try to take the orphans, living in their old town destroyed by a tidal wave, to an orphanage. Every day, the orphans deter them by tiring them out, or hurling rocks at them.


The mini-washboard stomached result of Fusion between Trunks and Goten. Gotenks looks small, but he's a powerhouse. He battles against Majin Buu on two seperate occasions. The first time is when he first successfully becomes Gotenks, (Goten and Trunks previous attempts were VERY unsuccessful), and he loses pitifully. In the manga the fight isn't shown, but it is in the anime. The second occasion is the famous battle in The Room of Spirit and Time between him and Super Buu. The battle later expands to Kami's Palace, (which gets completely destroyed), and even further along, down it concludes on Earth. During the fight, Toriyama returns to his gag style of animation and writing. This is evident through the attacks which he makes up for Gotenks, such as Miracle Super Punch, Great Kick Special and Galactica Donut. While many of his attacks are just a waste of time, he's the only other Saiya-jin besides Gokou who attains Super Saiya-jin 3, which is a valuable assest in his battle against Buu. Unfortunately, he toys with Buu because of the cockiness that results from Fusion, and defuses before he can destroy Buu.


The big blue ogre in Hell who sumo-wrestles with Gokou.

Guregori "Gregory"*

This is Kaiou's motor-mouth pupil, a little flying cricket named Gregory. He only shows up in the anime and in a couple movies. He's very respectful of his master and always speaks highly of him, but he'll talk trash to anyone he doesn't believe is better than him.

Gureto Saiyaman "Great Saiyaman"

Gohan's "alter-ego" during his high-school life. He dons a helmet, a green suit and white mantle, and special watch invented by Buruma which helps him change his outfit from normal to super-hero. Later on, he replaces the helmet with a bandana and sun-glasses so that he can legally participate in the Tenkaichi Budoukai, (wearing and type of armor is a no-no). In the manga he performs a couple good deeds, but in the anime he's elevated to Super Man status and does all sorts of wonderful things for Satan City. A movie is even made about him. Aside from being a hero, he's also famous for his "cool" poses which is a direct blow to Sailor Moon. He makes a series of ridiculous movements while spouting off phrases like, "Wherever evil lurks and destroys the hopes of good people, the Great Saiyaman will be there for protection!".

Gureto Saiyaman 2 Gou "Great Saiyaman Number 2"*

In the anime and DBZ Movie 13, "Dragon Fist Assault!! If Gokou Can't do it, Who Can??", Videl teams up with Gohan on his crusade of justice. She wears an outfit similar to his, but it's definately got a woman's touch. She's barely in the anime at all, so it's a wonder that she plays a pretty large role in Movie 13 as her "alter-ego".


The smallest and least powerful member of the Ginyu Tokusentai. Gurudo is a squat green alien with four eyes. While he may be weak, he posseses some fantastic abilities. He can freeze time for as long as he can hold his breath, and his ultimate move is his ability to telepathically freeze his opponents in place. He is decapitated by Vegita.

Gurumesu Ou "King Gurumesu"*

The unwilling villain from Dragon Ball Movie 1, "The Legend of Shenron". He is a normal person who became corrupt when he discovered special rubies that made him have a ceasless hunger.

Gyosan Mane "Gyosan Money"*

A very rich individual who schedules the Martial Arts Tournament in DBZ Movie 9, "The Galaxy's in Danger!! The Super Awesome Guy!", as a birthday present for his son, Dollar.


A little alien scientist that works for Slug in DBZ Movie 4, "Super Saiya-jin Son Gokou". He's killed when he tells Slug it will take ten days to re-align the Earth's orbit. As you can guess, Slug is pretty impatient.

Gyuu Maou "Ox Demon King"

Despite his threatening sounding name, Gyuu Maou is really quite harmless and fun loving. He was slightly peeved when his castle became engulfed in flames on Mount Frypan and wreaked havoc through the village at the foot of the mountain, but hey, whaddya gonna do? He's Chichi's father and thus Gokou's father-in-law. He's very strong And trained along-side Gohan under Muten Roshi's tutillage. As the series he becomes less and less of an important character, and eventually just fades into being background filler. In the anime, he has a few large roles though from time to time.