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Soul Quest 2: Omega's Past Characters



Omega is Laro's brother. He was kidnapped by the Mayden Corporation when he was very young and raised as a Grad, a personal soldier to Mayden. He is a quiet person, a little confused, having never had or remembered a real childhood. All he knows is he must do as he's told, and doesn't know why he has to do it. Becuase of this, Mayden sometimes questions his loyalty, especially for someone as skilled and dangerous as Omega is.


Sachan is the instructor to Omega's squad. He takes care of his students and treats them like his own children. He is extremely loyal to Mayden, and like all others who are, Omega doesn't know why. Even though he looks out for his students, he would lead them and himself to death at the drop of a hat upon orders from Mayden.


A member of Omega's squad, he is a good friend to Omega, and while a skilled Grad, he is still a teenager at heart. He is fun loving and tries to be cool, somehow maintaining your average teenage spirit despite never given the chance to be one.


The last member of Omega's squad, she has always been drawn to Omega. Although she does worry for his safety, she maintains her professionalism. Her and Omega, despite having feelings for one another, would never get in a relationship. Maybe it's something so profound that they are never destined to be something, maybe they are far too busy with their missions, or maybe I don't like those cheesy RPG romances and think they're really dumb and I don't bother with them. Take your pick.


A member of the Espon vigilate group, he notices Omega's uncertainty toward the intentions of the Espon, he chooses Omega to be captured and shown the true intentions of Mayden's plans. He is compassionate to his people and the safety of innocent people, and is patient with the Grads trying to destroy him, knowing that they don't know Mayden's sinister intentions, but he is losing his patience and can't watch his fellow Espon members die needlessly in Grad attacks much longer...

Sheen: (name pending)

A slime who saves the lives of Omega and his squad. Once a boy, he agrees to help Omega's cause in return that he changes him back to a human again.


Mayden is a mysterious businessman with an unknown past. He founded the Mayden Corporation, an orphanage that in reality is merely a method of finding kids to make into Grads. He and his teachers teach his Grads to hate and destroy the Espon, the only people who know and pose a threat to Mayden's plans. He also uses his Grads to carry out his personal agenda, involving an underexplained mission that is the birthright of the Grads, "Operation Final Cleansing"

Ray and Zack:

Ray and Zack are two bumbling thieves Omega and his companions encounter during the second demo. Although they aren't the brightest people in the world, they are accomplished and dangerous thieves. They target small groups of travellers, and naturally, when they see Omega's travelling around with nice weapons and fancy armor, they desend upon you. When you defeat them, they retreat, and who knows... you may run into them again... ok... you know you will... I don't even need to mention that...


Lex is one of Mayden's right hand bodyguards... mainly because he stands on the right hand side of him. When you free Sachan at the end of the first demo, he comes and prepares to take you all to Mayden. Mayden assigns Lex to help spearhead the operation to track Omega and Sachan down before Sachan can reveal the truth behind Operation Final Cleansing and throw a wrench into Mayden's plans.

King Menst:

Menst is the recently elected king of Solbrai, a wealthy and powerful nation. Although he is a good leader and cares for his people, he is an overall coward and would never put the lives of his people above his own.


He is the leader of the Espon. Harjit is his right hand man, and he trusts Harjit's instincts with little question, even something like bringing in Omega and other former Grads into their base of operation...