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Soul Quest 2: Omega's Past


Soul Quest 2

Soul Quest 2: Omega's Past is a sequel/ prequel (mostly prequel) to Soul Quest. In this installment, Laro meets his long lost brother Omega, who tells him of where he's been, his upbringing to be a personal soldier to an insane businessman, and his journey to stop this madman before all life on earth is extinguished. Laro also tells of a bit of his past as well.

You can expect a much better game in SQOP. New characters, a couple old ones, a character switch system, a gripping story, new music and (at least one, I hope to include more) chipsets.

SQ2 will be released in at least 3 demo installments, so I won't make the mistake of trying to polish and entire game, which was biting off more than I could chew.