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Random Info


This page consists of some random and hopefully interesting facts and information about Soul Quest 1 and 2 and the making of them. I'll update this page as I get new ideas.

Who am I?

My name is Joey, alias CyberMan16 and I'm 16, from Nova Scotia, Canada. I came up with CyberMan16 when I was trying to get a name for MSN Gaming Zone, which was one of the first things I ever signed up for on the internet, and I modified it from my friend's email address, since for the life of me I could not find a name that wasn't taken. And the fact I'm 16 has nothing to do with my name, hell, I made it when I was 12. 16 just sounded good. I came up with CyberMan16, and kept it as my official alias, or if it should be taken, then I use Angel_of_Death instead.

RPGMaking Background

I first heard about RPGMaker from Akenseth, a guy who goes to my high school. He bugged me about it for awhile, and I remained uninterested until I decided I'd give it a try, having failed my attempts of using level editors for Command and Conquer games. He suggested I use RM95 at the time, and I didn't get too far, didn't understand much, I only came up with the name Laro and the opening of the game in RM95. I abandoned it for awhile, then I decided to get back into it again after using RM2K in a school project (long story) So I downloaded RM2K, and started expirementing with it, which evenutally became Soul Quest.


This is the story behind the names of the Soul Quest cast.

Soul Quest 1

1. Laro: When I was expirimenting with RM95, after some deliberation, I came up with this name for the main character, and decided to keep this name when I started using RM2K. It fit nicely with my style of naming: Not too simple and common, like "Mike" or "Bob", but not too complex, big and fantasy/Lord of the Rings like Gandalf or Voldemort. (Yeah, I really can't think of any good examples)

Carson: Meh, I just came up with it. I thought it was a good name for the character, so I used it. I pretty much came up with it right away.

Adel: After starting at the keyboard for awhile, I decided combining the letters into "Adel" would be good, although I was unaware of the sorceress in FF8 who shared this name. I didn't get that far into it yet.

Alena: Came up with it in a snap. Didn't take me long to think about it.

Drek: After thinking of some names and changing them around a bit, I decided to use Drek, since it fit the character.

Mavis: I heard that name on All in the Family (Hey, my dad watches it... good show, you know) and I kept thinking about it, and decided I'd use it for that character.

Spanky: Spanky the Slime. Come on, man, how could I not use that?

Chase: Meh, thought it was a cool name, and it was one of the names I had been saving for just such a character, so I used it on the spot.

Siyon: Siyon was a name I had used for a villain when I played with Lego men as a kid, and that name stuck for everything else I did in the future, like school short story assignments and stuff. Naturally, when I started using RM2K, I immediatley used this name for the villain.

Elenis: Came up with it instantly. It was as if I had it in my mind for awhile before that, but it was no trouble getting it.

Verne: Just came to me, and I thought it would be a sufficient name for the character, so I stuck with it

Soul Quest 2: Omega's Past

Omega: Hey, I liked the name Omega, so I wanted to stick with it. Sounded good in the title and everything.

Sachan: When I started working on the sequel, I came up with this name right away, and liked it ever since

Coles: At Blockbuster Video, I was standing in line, and a man was registering since he had never been there before, and said his name was Coles. I thought that was a perfect name for him, and kept it.

Kina: Came up with that one pretty quick

Harjit: He was the name of a character I made up for a video game I had made up when I was really young, which I had originally gotten from a short story i readin elementry school. I decided now would be a good time to use it.

Mayden: I was thinking about what to name the villain in the car one day, and we drove by a Mazda, and I modified the name from there.

Espon: Modified from Epson, the manufacturer of my lousy printer.

Everything else I pretty much sat down and came up with.

Random Facts

Soul Quest almost didn't make it. After getting pissed off with a program on my computer, I decided to unistall the program, and in doing so, I somehow deleted a very important driver, which required windows to be reinstalled, but the driver I deleted also controlled the reading of CDs, meaning I couldn't reinstall it either. I had the computer taken in, and mircaulously, the he didn't wipe out the harddrive. But it gave me quite a scare of all that work going down the toilet, and not to menion the boredom of being off school for a week. stuck at home with no computer.

Another occurance gave an even closer call. My computer was totally falling apart. Things weren't working, the memory was suddenly shot, and for some reason, my harddrive was rapidly losing space for no reason, as well as some other wierd occurances. I couldn't zip up my game, as it just wouldn't do that for another unexplained reason, so I saved all the files to about 17 floppies, had my computer fixed, which turned out to likely have been a virus and the harddrive was wiped out, then redownloaded RPGMaker and rebuilt the Soul Quest folder. Then, low and behold, the newly installed virus detecter found something: W32.Wierd virus, on the RPG_RT (The thing that launches the game). I deleted it, killing the virus along with it, and replaced the RPG_RT file with the one from Final Fallacy (hey, they're all the same) and everything was fixed, and without reinfecting my computer.

Soul Quest 1 was worked on from early June 2001 till August 2002, although those technical difficulites wasted about a month of work, and other personal delays delayed about a total of another month.

Soul Quest 2 was started over 2-3 times, mostly due to the virus and the fact I wanted to start it over anyway, since I didn't have much work done on it anyway. I kept the original design for Zugri and the mountain, although I wish I could remember how I did the first design of Mayden HQ. Oh well, I maybe the current one was better.

Omega was supposed to be a hidden character in Soul Quest 1, but just never got a part. The sequel was supposed to follow the storyline as if you did not find him in SQ1.

Playing as Omega was supposed one of the "Hall of Secrets" which I was going to put near Relic Village, butit simply didn't fit into the game. It was supposed to have random extra features that could be unlocked by finding additional locations where the chicken was chasing the person from Yazman village, but I never found room for extra ones of those either.

Soul Quest was going to be called Timant Quest, until I thought "Nah, that sounds gay" I decided Soul Quest sounded more appealing.

The part where you're going through the Rocky Plains on your way to a friend Of Chase's almost didn't make it into the game. A wierd bug made it so the camera wouldn't follow you, and you'd walk right off the screen. This had me totally stumped, and I thought it was a bug with RM2K itself, until I realized I had set the pan screen too high, so it wouldn't follow your character.

Soul Quest 1 and 2 are not comedies or spoofs. I put humor in everything I do, and Soul Quest 1 was an expiriment, so naturally I added humor whenever I could. Soul Quest 2 is slightly more serious, won't have AS much humor, and is no expiriment, it's my real talent. The next game I plan to make, if I decide to do it, will be on RPGMaker2003 whenever it gets translated and WILL be a spoof.

Since Soul Quest 1 was an expiriment, I didn't put much thought into the storyline. Siyon was actually supposed to be simply trying to take over the world, and the Timant Spheres were added to the story to accomodate it. After the first demo, I decided it needed more depth, and I decided to squeeze in Siyon's actual plan, which fit in nicely.

Things that did not make it

In Soul Quest 2, there was supposed to be a mission before Astantine Forest, most likely it was going to take place on a ship where you were supposed to capture a member of the Espon, who would rant to Omega about how mistaken he is and that the Espon are not evil, before being turned over to Mayden. This was to add more suspicion to Omega and to the atmosphere and thicken the plot, but I felt it was going to be a waste of time, and I didn't need to have a huge dungeon sequence for a simple event that may not have even made a difference on most people's opinions, and just stuck with the scenes with Harjit and Barnes instead.

In Soul Quest 1, Siyon was supposed to be running out of Mt. Tren before he shot down your airship, but for the life of me, he wouldn't move. No explaination. I tried every trick there is, slipthru, I fiddled around with move event, it just would NOT work. A very simple operation, yet it wouldn't happen, so I had to have him just stand there instead.

In Soul Quest 2, I was supposed to have your characters jump out of the hole in the airship before Astantine Forest, but they wouldn't do it. I could get the events to move around, do everything else, but they would not jump in the hole, not with slipthru or anything. I also found that Sachan's event wouldn't move AT ALL, even after expirimenting with it, so I had to cut it out. I hope to fix it one day.

In the part of SQ1 where you're in the ship, trying to destroy the monster controlling thing after you get Drek, you were supposed to have to escape the ship before it sank, but it just felt made the sequence feel so long, it was a boring map, with little to do, and I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

In Relic Village in SQ1, I took alot of time trying to figure out a purpose to have Spanky as a part of your party, so I had several ideas, one was you were going to be exploring a cave and Siyon would show up with a group of soldiers, and you'd have to fight them with a timer counting down to Spanky who was going to collapse the cave and the more enemies you were able to kill, the better bonus you'd get (similar to a minigame in Legacy of Fafnir, to be used with permission of course) Then I decided to have Siyon attack Relic village instead, and you'd have to find all the enemies in the town and kill them. I actually did start work on this, but it was totally lame, it simply did not work out, and I decided not to have anything for it at all, and continue the storyline.

There were going to be several more parts like in the intro where I narrated what was going on, but I'm a bad voice actor, and the sound files were too big.