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Laro is the main character of Soul Quest. He led a normal life, lived at an Inn, and was being trained in the ways of a swordsman by battle instructor Carson. All this changed when for some reason, Siyon appeared and tried to capture him...

Weapon of choice: Sword

Quote: "Was that real, or did I eat something from under the counter again?"


Carson is Laro's instructor. Laro, being orphaned at a young age, was under his wing and was like a big brother to him, and must now help Laro from falling into Siyon's hands...

Weapon of choice: Spear

Quote: "Yeah, aren't they some freaky cult involved with satanic rituals, human sacrifices, necromancy, HQ of Rosie O'Donnell fanclub...


Another one of Carson's students, Adel has pretty well learned all he can, but must join up with Laro and co. to survive from Siyon...

Weapon of choice: Axe

Quote: "Well, that's the worst squid ride I've ever been on..."


A fully graduated student of Carson, she aids him and wants to get back at Siyon and liberate her village, but when she gets there...

Weapon of choice: Staff

Quote: "No offense, big guy, but you're the LAST thing I'd expect from an elder..."


A marksman Laro encounters on his travels. His village is being attacked by monsters who have wandered into his village, which is very unlike them. He is a part of a resistance to protect people from monsters, and get to the botom of why monsters for seemingly no reason entered his village. He uses a rifle and sees himself as the "guardian" of his town.

Weapon of choice: Guns

Quote: "Welcome back to hell."


A Dark Ninja who lives alone in a swamp. Her lifesyle of living in solitude and living off the land is interrupted when Siton starts rounding up certain people like Laro to unlock the Timant Spheres. She now finds herself struggling to live her life while eluding Siyon's patrols who are looking for her, and closing in on her position...

Weapon of choice: Ninja Swords

Quote: "Hey, no one steals from Mavis, unless I clearly say they can!"

Spanky the Slime

Spanky is a slime who joins Laro's cause. Although he is a housepet, he is quite strong, and can talk, too! Despite this, he is difficult to accept as a true fighter, and is considered a team mascot to the group. Oh yeah, he really hates being called a mascot.

Weapon of choice: Claws

Quote: "I swear, if you call me a mascot one more time..."


Chase is a thief who is recriuted to help retrieve some Timant Spheres in Siyon's possesion. He originally went to dragoon school, but left half way through to pursue what he thought would be a more glamerous lifesytyle of a thief. Obviously, he ain't too bright. He uses his swiftness from being a thief and what he learned from dragoon school in his battle techniques.

Weapon of choice: Knifes/Daggers

Quote: "Okay, leaving an expensive school where I was to become a dragoon and a respected member of society for the lowly life of a thief. Sounded like the right thing to do at the time..."


After his father was eliminated, he was hier to the world after all the nations merged as one. However, Siyon abused his power, which caused him to be exiled from his throne. Enraged, he assembled an army of his followers and took control of the capital known as Kalar. He now seeks the spheres of Timant, which he intends to use for... oops, look at the time. Gotta cut to the chase! However, he needs great energy to extract it, and Laro and his friends are just the people to do it... He is a heartless man who is willing to do almost any sickening deed to get his way...

Weapon of choice: Uh, a staff, I guess...

Quote: "World Domination? It's a hobby, okay! That, and ice sculpting! Aren't villans allowed to have hobbies, dammit!?"


A mysterious witch who works for Siyon. Takes care of business when Siyon can't be in 2 places at once.

Weapon of choice: Uh, come to think of it, I'm not sure...

Quote: "The question is...why didn't I destroy your village?"


A thief recruited by Elenis to steal the Timant Spheres possessed by Laro and crew. He was the one who made Chase a thief, and has always wanted to get back at him for putting him in a life of crime and hiding.

Weapon of choice: Machete

Quote: "Let's see, I've stolen numerous artifacts, several Christmases, your wallet..."