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This page tells of any possible bugs in Soul Quest. If you find any, please report them to me immediatly. Also, make sure you have the latest version of Soul Quest. Currently, if you downloaded my game the first day it came out, or maybe the day after, it's probably the bugged up version I already fixed, so download the new one instead.

1. For some reason, Drek, Mavis, Chase and Spanky may start out at level 1. Why this would happen is beyond me, there is absolutely no reason why such a thing would happen. This shouldn't happen when you play, but it happened to me once for some reason when I was testing, but didn't happen again when I tried it again. They also may have more skills than they should, so all of them should have 1 skill when you get them, except Spanky. If this happens, contact me immediatly. You may try to fix it in the editor if you wish.

2. For Soul Quest 1, some people may get an error metioning something about a file called "blue". This is the system graphic for SQ1. Make sure you have the latest RTP, and if that doesn't work, open the Soul Quest folder and check the system folder, and see if "blue" is in there. If all else fails, open up Soul Quest in RPGMaker and change the system graphic.