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Soul Quest 2 Screenshots


Clouds. Go me.

A new chipset, finally! I'm quite proud of this one.

Now on to Omega. Don't let the screenshots fool you,this game is mostly about Omega. What you have seen is about all you will see of Laro.

This rope thingie will be explained when you play.

World map... what more do you want?

You'll remember this from the first one. After the sequences from the first 2 are over, this is about the rest you'll see of Laro.

A town.

Figure it out for yourself.

Screenshots from the second demo

Uh... yeah.

Should I tell you what this is? ... Nah...

Need I say more?

New attacks!

A very poor quality screenshot of the character switch system. I wanted to have a mini profile... thing with it, but the picture was too big, and resizing it screwed up the text, so it wouldn't work.

The city of Solbrai.

Castle Solbrai