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The life Of CyberMan16
Friday, 28 November 2003
Shark Rocket!
Again, Dane Cook rules.

There's this stupid kid who keeps asking me for a free Sprite when I'm at work. Everytime he asks, I tell him no. Whether I mentioned this before I don't know, but he's come on about five times now. On Wednesday, he came in again. I was sick of this stupid 8th grader, so I asked the manager if you can kick people like that out. At that point, the kid asked the manager for a free Sprite. He gave him a stern talking to, and he joined his friends in the playplace. The manager had to go and kick them out of there because one of them brought food into it. He would go over a few times to yell at them.

At the same time, this really psychotic bitch/control freak I work with was there. She wasn't working that night, just eating. She of course confronted the group and told them off. Later, a girl from the group asked for a manager. Heh, okay! You'll get kicked out! She went on to him about what she had said and that she thought that girl would beat her up. The manager spent awhile trying to convince her nothing would happen and he'd call the cops if anything did.

Meanwhile, that dumbass comes up and pleads for me to give him a free pop. What follows is just sad:

Kid#1: Can I pleeeeease have a free sprite?
Me: No!
Kid#2: Can I use this gift card?
Me: That's a SuperStore gift card.
Kid#2: Yeah, well, you guys are a super store, aren't you?
Me: ... man, give up.
Kid#1: Fine. Can I use this gift certificate?
Me: ... You swiped that from under the register.
Kid#1: How'd you know that?
Me: It was there all night. I've been meaning to move that.

I also found out there's a staff Christmas party in two weeks. I am told that many people will attend, and will have people from McDonald's all over the county. I guess I'll go. It's gonna be held at the casino, so that will be quite the event.

Posted by super/rpgmaker at 9:58 PM
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Tuesday, 25 November 2003
Badger badger badger badger...
I really gotta stop watching that...

Well, I've had a busy week at work. I'm looking at a massive paycheck, and of course, with alot of work hours, means alot of stupid instances. I will now name a few:

1. Some woman came in during the big rig delivery of supplies. When this happens, we close the drive thru because the truck blocks it. A lady comes in and hands me these Halloween gift certificates for her children. She starts "Yes, I have these coupons I'd like to use. They're for my kids, but there is NO way I'm bringing them in here, it's not my fault your drive thru is closed." ... Umm... lady? IT'S NOT MY FAULT EITHER, YOU DUMB BITCH. I explained that to her in a more polite manner, but she still reiterated that she wasn't bringing her kids in here.

2. We're selling hockey cards now. At least I think they're cards. I don't know, they may be pure gold, the way they sell. One guy comes in, asking for a small pop and 5 packs of cards (99 cents each, and he can only get 5 per pop or fry) he then gets his friends to pitch in a pop, and purchases the maximum amount of hockey cards (25) for about 30 dollars. He even tries to trick me into giving him more cards, claiming he didn't get the cards for a pop he had (That wasn't even his)

I know there's more than that, but... whatever. I saw the Cat in the Hat on Sunday. Hilarious. Mike Myers was perfect as him, I can't believe they planned on getting Tim Allen to do him.

Finally, my teacher outdid herself today by, while I was talking to a girl next to me, she shouted "stop flirting". The whole class went silent and stared at me. I was just stunned, tinknig "... I know she didn't just say that"... but oh, she did. I wasn't too embarrassed. All I was saying to her was a story about this really annoying guy in our class. Which was bad, becuase since the person in question was in class, I couldn't very well tell what I was merely saying. Still, that just crosses the line. I'm fine, though. The girls in the class will forget about it, the guys in my class probably won't blame me one bit, and my friends think I shoulda punched her out. Oh well. Off to

Posted by super/rpgmaker at 11:16 PM
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Monday, 17 November 2003
Roman Polanski is one sick bastard.
Seriously, dude, I'm sorry if your wife was butchered by Charles Manson, but a movie with naked five year old boys and naked eighty year old women is NOT the way to tribute her memory.

So I was scheduled to work three hours this weekend. Three hours turned into seventeen. When I arrived, I found out about a six hour shift I could take that night. So I did. Then this really annoying girl named Shirley asked me if I could work an extra hour for her, which I agreed to. I need the money, but damn, she really pisses me off sometimes. She's always trying to ditch her work on other people, be it an entire shift, or minor things like pouring dirnks. I swear if she says "Joeeeeey... are you busy?" one more time...

Also, please don't go to McDonalds drunk. We had some idiot come in, who could not possibly be that much of a loudmouth asshole without some kind of influence. He started "Hey man, what can I get for a buck twenty?" "Um... an ice cream? Pie?" "No, I mean burgers, something with meat" "Uh..." (I try to work out the tax on a hamburger in my head) "Come on your fucking employee, THINK!" "No, a hamburger is a $1.25. "Dammit! I'm five cents short!" "Here, here, I have some change under the till. We'll take that." So I give him his burger, not before throwing the change at me, spouting random gibberish like "McDonalds, Eat Fresh!" (slogan to Subway, if you don't know) and yanks the bag from my hand when I gave it to him.

Now I need to go watch some Homestarrunner.

Posted by super/rpgmaker at 10:43 PM
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Friday, 14 November 2003
My English Teacher Is Still A Bitch...
So in English... yeah, I hate that bitch. She was grilling me in front of the class for putting my number in the wrong part of a paper I sent in. God, what's the point of those stupid numbers she assigns for the students? No one else does that, if you want to organize people, DO IT ALPHABETICALY.

I went to a dance last night. Alot better than last time. I had a couple dances, and as usual, it was full of interesting (well, at least to me) events. Firstly, I was dancing with this girl, and, well, not that it made a difference, as the song was about to end, her friend ran by, grabbed her, yanked her off me and whisked her off. I just stand there, "uh... what the hell just happened?" Yeah, I didn't care. I've had worse. Ever been set up to dance with someone, then as soon as the girl saw you, she shouted "NO!" and ran like hell? I have.

As for the rest of the night, I kept myself entertained by talking to my friend's friend, listening to their conversation about chocolate covered fetuses. Yeah. And also talking to this friend of mine. She stopped going to dances, but now that she's on the student's council, she has to work at them. Boy, I don't know what she was on, but she was strung out. She acted awful... weird. I'm used to this, so I didn't mind, but man... take a vacation already... and stop turning everything I say into something sexual. That's a guy's job.

I went out the last few nights and on the way home, my mom pulled over under the overpass not far from my house. At first I didn't know what she was doing, but she then asked if I wanted to drive home. Sweet, first time driving in about a month. At least I can keep my experience up for a month or two, and my mom will have enough money to help split the insurance costs so I can drive again.

Lastly, I went to check my schedule tonight. I have two 6 hour shifts. That's much better. Hopefully I'll get more call ins too.

Posted by super/rpgmaker at 11:52 PM
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Tuesday, 11 November 2003
I hope anime rots in hell.
God... just when I thought it couldn't slip any lower... I saw 10 seconds of YuGiOh.

I had to do a 9 hour shift on Saturday. Fun. I had no choice, I checked my schedule the previous day, I'm only getting THREE HOURS NEXT WEEK. Seriously, that isn't right. I've had total crunches when it comes to hours, but that's ridiculous. I know there is an hour shortage with most employees (and an unfair amount going to others) so hopefully, it'll get back to normal soon. I'll talk to the manager if there is no improvement next week.

So, I went in for 9 hours. I was scheduled for 7, but they called me in early. Man, why did they pick the guy with 7 hours to come in early? We opened a new playplace, with Gamecubes, air hockey, etc. We had a couple employees dress up as the Hamburglar and Grimace (the big purple thing, apparently he's a taste bud...) and an actor as Ronald McDonald. Yeah, glad that didn't last too long... I'm not a huge fan of kids...

Today, we had the Rememberance ceremony, which screwed up our schedule, so we just hang out at a local grocery/cafe and get breakfast from McDonalds. I also got 86% on that English test. Good, but I still hate the teacher. I also saw Matrix Revolutions on the weekend. I think I got elipisy from it...

Posted by super/rpgmaker at 12:34 AM
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Wednesday, 5 November 2003
Nice driving, Alex
You and your G-Ride. You don't deserve to call your car a G-Ride... stupid Geo Metro...

Today one of my friends has his triple free, so he got to go home early, leaving me with no ride home or to lunch. So Alex drives me, along with a few other friends. On the way out he NAILS the curb, hich is people had been sitting there like they usually do, would have met a cerain death. Yeah. I get to the grocery store where we dine on chicken wings for 25 cents each. Another friend wanted to break his record of a pound in 20 minutes. He'll do it someday.

I go back in his car, since Alex's car really doesn't support five people, by rights. We get back, and this guy who hangs out with us left his bookbag in the car, so we put it in a puddle. He deserved it.

Back at school, I have an English test. The test reflects the evil attitude of the teacher. There were three multiple choice sections, and an essay. The essay was the easy part. The questions were so obscure, using words we didn't understand, and two answers would be VERY close, so you couldn't tell which one was right. She told me, when I gave me some help (which was done in a very cocky fashion) that I was poised to lose every point in the true or false question. Why? She said to write either true or false, I wrote (in the tiny spaces) T or F, and said that she had marked off people in the past for doing that. Man, what is wrong with you, you sadistic bitch?

After the test, Alex drove me home. He didn't do anything overly stupid this time. Hopefully this weekend, I can see the new Matrix movie. Yay.

Posted by super/rpgmaker at 11:00 PM
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Monday, 3 November 2003
All hail the Oppressing Thumb!
Inside joke. Don't ask.

Today was amusing. We had a history test, and that's quite the fun class to have when you sit next to a girl with no inner monologue. She'll spout random stupid things, like when we talked about the Watergate scandal, they placed bugs there. She pipes up and says "Bugs? What do you mean, they put bugs there?" We all look at her, I sigh and say "Not real bugs... radio transmitters..." She bursts laughing (which she does alot) and goes red. But afterwards, when mentioned that phone calls there were recorded, another girl said "Why didn't they use cell phones?" God my class is dumb...

At work over the weekend, it was quite a hectic night. It was rush hour, and after working with thjat for an hour (with a kitchen staff that was slow as hell) I was put on drivethru. Myself. I had to get all the food and pass it out, which if you want to keep the average drivethru times low, you must be damn fast. I just went into hyperdrive, pretty much shut down any distractions and just flew. My old manager called that being "in the zone".

At the same time, two other people are yakking over the headsets. One in the window where the orders are taken and money is paid, another in the kitchen, so we can all know what's going on with drivethru. The girl and kitchen guy kept yakking, occasionally cutting in to me, to grill me that orders are taking too long, and I should send orders to the parking lot to have the order run out to them when it's ready, which I did. Even though I had gotten backed up, since I was put there, I had lowered the average by 5 seconds, which is hard to do. She's a psychotic bitch, but has been nice to me lately.

Then I was put on the first window to take the orders and money. First time I've done it. It was okay, but she kept cutting in on my headset to tell me things. I'm thinking "Dammit! Shut the hell up for five minutes and let me work!" I also had to work with this guy who was working the counter. Nice guy, but he's a moron. He kept asking me to scoop fries for him, which I had no time to do. He also wondered if he'd get a free meal on his break (I did, because I wasn't scheduled to work that day, but was called in) since he had to work a rush hour. Uh, dude, they PAY you to work rush hours. That's your freaking job, man!

Posted by super/rpgmaker at 10:14 PM
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Friday, 31 October 2003
Trick or treat! ... go to hell...
We had about 20 people in total come for Halloween. Very odd, since it's a very nice night. Well, more for me, I suppose...

I talked to my dad about insuring the car today. I heard from a person at school that his insurance is $625 a year. That did it. I am now convinced we are getting ripped off, and I want to look for a new company. My dad hates insurance and is considering the idea, but is reluctant to rock the boat and destroy any relations with our current insurance company of many years.

He won't, however, let me pay a hundred a month (the current state of insurance) myself. He says I need to save up for university and there's no way I can. So I know what I must do: appeal to my mom. She often tells me "We'll figure something out". I know I can't do this alone, and seriously, if my dad has his way, although he does want me to drive, I won't be able to until I'm in my twenties...

Posted by super/rpgmaker at 11:12 PM
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Thursday, 30 October 2003
That has to be the worst email I've ever received
Dear god... never send me anything again, Blaire... :S

I finally got my upgraded lisence. Now, all the crap I've had to go through to get my lisence is now over. Now I need insurance, which won't be easy to convince my parents to allow me to get. My dad's a huge pessimist on the issue, and it will be difficult to convince him, even though I will pay for it.

Work's been good, but we've had a real cutdown of hours... more like 7 a week. I'll have to work something out to get more hours. I'm not going to go looking for another job, as this'll go back to normal in due time.

Not much else to say...

Posted by super/rpgmaker at 11:33 PM
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Sunday, 26 October 2003
Gravy + eye= bad

Well, I was supposed to go get my lisence upgraded on Friday night. We drive to the city only to find upon arrival that my liscence was left at home in another pair of jeans. Worse, my father with an explosive temper was the one who took me. I must say, I was impressed by his performance. No kicking random objects, no actual increase in volume of voice, was decent to other people when we tried to see if the papers I did had would get me my license (it didn'y work) and he cooled down in record time.

I felt worse than he did. I wanted to punch myself, and learned an important thing: Life does not teach lessons. Life gives you the test before the lesson, and once you fail the test, you don't want to hear the lesson. We grabbed some KFC and went home.

When I got home, my mother was very upset. Apparently she just cracked from a hard week. I picked a bad time to be an idiot. She calmed down, and was alright. I hate her job. She's a medical secretarty who puts up with the MOST IGNORANT PEOPLE IMAGINABLE. Anyone who's reading this, next time you go to the doctors, if you can't get in right away, don't blame the secretary. Does she look like a doctor? No. The doctors have other people to tend to, so shut up.

At work, I had to deal with some very iffy customers. People wanting fresh fries, no salt, etc. just irrate me. Unless they put something on my burger I don't like, I never complain. I had to make a large fries and had to scrape every last fry in order to make it. I gave it to the lady and she said "Oh no, I don't want that junk!" "Uh... excuse me? You ordered this, didn't you?" "Yes, but I don't want those tiny pieces!" "Um... well, you can wait a minute for some more fries..." "Oh no, I've waited long enough. Hmph..." God, what's your problem? Shut the hell up! They're fine, stop complaining, and besides, the middle pieces will be bigger, your majesty.

Oh yes, they really must get rid of that gravy thing. It's a hazard, I've gotten a nasty burn or two, but today the machine (which is on a high shelf) sputtered and splashed in my eye. Yeah. I was okay, but that thing's very dangerous. It often squirts crooked and burns many people.

Posted by super/rpgmaker at 8:00 PM
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