Why Arad & Beersheva?


The following is my answer to the question: "Why does the persecution seem to be centered around Beersheva and Arad -is it happening elsewhere in Israel?"
  I believe that one of the reasons that the orthodox are emboldened to do what they do is because, for years, they have had no opposition and no light shined on their misdeeds.  The believers here have been laying low, because they know they will be targeted.  Years ago, the orthodox picketed our friend's printing business in Jerusalem and then firebombed his apartment.  Every one kept quiet because they did not want to be accused of promoting anti-semitism.  There have been molotov coktails thrown and shots fired and arson- burning down conregational buildings over and over.  This kind of thing has been going on for years and the believers kept it hush hush.
Well, we (Eddie and I) got a very clear word from the Lord that we were to document this behavior and get the word out.  Being quiet about bad behavior just enables it to spread.  Worse, it ignores the very structure the Lord set in place to keep order - the authorities in society: the police and courts. As Rebekah once said, "Truth does not cause anti-semitism -- bigotry does."
Many Israeli believers are still not reporting the abuses in the mistaken belief that we should all keep quiet and try to live in peace with the persecutors.  Meanwhile the orthodox are getting really arrogant about their ability to do damage to people and property without any consequences.  They don't realize they are sowing anarchy among their own families and Israeli society.
We are seeing the results of God's exposure of evil - the ordinary person on the street is suddenly made aware that they can choose their own path.  There is an alternative to the overbearing Haredi rule in the Land.  Some have actually chosen to follow Y'shua as a direct result of seeing the behavior of the Haredim.  The society is being polarized just as it was in the days of John the Baptist.
The Nazis (& most dictatorships) had a five-point program they followed: (I am paraphrasing)
1. Decide who to target.
2. Slander, discredit and criminalize the target.
3. Dehumanize the target - allow attacks against their homes and businesses to go unpunished, and praise the citizens for taking action against the target.
4. Arrest, detain, or deport the target without due process.
5. Kill them.
In Israel, we are at #4.  The orthodox have tried to do #5 several times, but God has not allowed it yet
One of things that must stop in Israel: some believers, out of fear, actually accuse the persecuted of provoking the persecutors. 
Pray for more boldness among the believers here and pray for the Holy Spirit to convict of sin and righteousness especially among the government officials and the Haredim

The Lord is shining His Holy Spirit radiance on Israel and exposing the evil.  May He continue to do so and bring His Covenant People home to Y'shua!
Blessings!  Lura